Active Duty Roster: 3

Last week I played eight games, which is way more than I normally do, and it feels really good to be back in the game. The games have all featured my Active Duty Roster lists, though some of them without actually having the Vanguard available.

  • Scaverous Vs. Iron Mother (Loss)
  • Asphyxious3 Vs. Harbinger (Win)
  • Asphyxious3 Vs. Ossrum (Win)
  • Asphyxious3 Vs. Skarre2 (Win)
  • Scaverous Vs. Syntherion (Win)
  • Asphyxious3 Vs. Morvahna1 (Win)
  • Scaverous Vs. Jarl Skuld (Win)
  • Scaverous Vs. Severius1 (Win)

It’s been a good week and I’ve learned a lot. I find the combination of Scaverous and Asphyxious3 really enjoyable, though my Scaverous list still needs some work. Here’s a short list of what I learned this week.

  • Every Scaverous list should have Aiakos as a combat solo

During the three games he’s been in (I changed up the list after the first defeat) he’s harpooned a Modulator, killed Syntherion, almost one-shotted Jarl Skuld (while enabling the assassination with Deathbringers), and forced Severius1 to drop Eye of Menoth and put Defenders Ward on himself instead of doing something useful.

Aiakos is deadly on his own, but using him with a Warcaster that extends his non-linear threat range to 15.5 inches turns him up to a bazillion. Gone are the worries about powering warjacks and keeping him alive (he’s just three points), so you can focus on delivering the little psycho to whatever needs a beating.

  • ADR lists have real trouble without their Vanguard

Practicing with your ADR lists is really hard when it’s not actually used in anything except the masters format. It feels a lot like cheating if I tailor my lists using the Vanguard options in pickup games, but the lists have some glaring weaknesses otherwise (I’ve ended up playing Scaverous without upkeep removal twice now).

I guess there’s nothing to do about it, besides actively communicating my desire to use that system when doing pickup games, or specifically trying to get in games against others that need experience with it. Please make it a standard in all games next year PP.

  • The Withershadow Combine probably belongs with Scaverous.

I’ve played about half my Asphyxious3 games without them, but I’ve missed them every single game with Scaverous. This warrants at least a few games where they switch allegiance, just to see how much it really changes, though of course it changes the entire list composition quite dramatically as well.

Active Duty Roster

The Asphyxious3 list has performed well above what I expected of it, and Asphyxious3 turned out to be a real boss in my games. The list is meant to be my Cryx Harder list, which I feel it does very well indeed.

Asphyxious the Hellbringer
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
– Vociferon
Bane Thralls (Leader & 9 Grunts)
– Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Blood Witches (Leader & 9 Grunts)
– Blood Hag
Satyxis Raiders  (Leader & 9 Grunts)
– Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
Soulhunters (Leader & 4 Grunts)
Darragh Wrathe
Gorman di Wulfe
Satyxis Raider Captain
Machine Wraith
Machine Wraith

Effigy or Valor / Arcane Wonder

Bile Thralls (Leader & 5 Grunts)
Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader & 9 Grunts)
Saxon Orrik
Ogrun Bokur [Asphyxious]
Machine Wraith

The list still has two options for upkeep removal, though neither are as reliable as the WSC (nothing really beats ‘automatically’). It does have the option to field up to 24 incorporeal models, which could be potentially game breaking in some match-ups, but time will tell on that one.


One image to say it all!

Without the WSC to Puppet Master for morale checks, and with two full units of non-fearless living models in the list I’m considering the Effigy of Valor instead of Arcane Wonder. The Effigy is a less powerful but more defensive option, but losing a major unit to morale issues is problematic to say the least.

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Black Ogrun Boarding Party (Leader and 4 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius
Bane Lord Tartarus
Pistol Wraith
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw

Arcane Wonder

Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Blood Witches (Leader & 5 Grunts)
– Blood Hag

It’s time I tried out the Black Ogrun Boarding Party with Death Ward as my meat wall. I’ve been playing the last three games with Bane Riders, which has been neat in the survivability department but less than stellar in the offense section. The BOBP have plenty of issues to deal with, but they’re almost as durable as the Bane Riders, and at half the cost, allowing me to neatly fit in the WSC.

The Vanguard is somewhat problematic though. The minimum Blood Witches can replace the BOBP against tough lists, and fitting in Bile Thralls is easy enough against lists where I don’t need my Pistol Wraith and double Sirens, but I’ve yet to nail down the final nine points.



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  1. Re: the extra room in Scaverous’s vanguard.. maybe give Croe’s another shot? That old TK / Backstrike combo is situational, but can be crippling in some matchups… which is kinda the whole point of the vanguard in my mind.

  2. Have you listened to Trent’s thoughts on the Ozmachine podcast? He is pairing Lich3/Scaverous in ADR and quickly found the Lich is so strong as a Hordes drop that he’s simply never going to drop Scaverous into them.

    If you shake the mindset that Scaverous is some kind of Hordes matchup and start tailoring more towards a Warmachine drop then it focuses the options a little more (example – no Blood Witches and/or you consider Lich to also be the anti-Tough drop). It also means no Croe’s because you’re looking for them to match up against Hordes almost 100% of the time to leverage their abilities.

    WE/SJ are still live in the Warmachine drop but it also gets you rethinking their wider application and whether they may get Vanguarded in or out as required.

    Or whether you almost go from scratch with the Lich3 list as a “Cryx harder” build putting you more on a path for “Cryx different” with the Scaverous main list – Bane Riders, BOBP etc. Angle towards higher ARM or multi-boxes and skew some list chicken as well as the extra kicker of the ADR Vanguard choices. Double the fun?

    • Asphyxious3 is ridiculously strong against most hordes drops, but I don’t feel like going all out ‘Warmachine drop’ with Scaverous makes sense in the matchup phase… I’ll give it a listen and maybe change my mind :D

  3. Scavernous needs WSC.
    While Bane Thralls are classic its not amazeballs.
    What works stupidly well with scavernpus are a certain mmedium based unit that you didnt pick.
    I will let you see how dumb it really is.

  4. On Valor vs. Wonder – If you do go the Valor route, it’s also cover. That can be great for 3Gaspy (especially in cases where you’re leaving AV for the Raiders), Vociferon and a whole host of interesting support solos/UA’s that tend to flood ADR.

    Agree also on Combine with Scaverous, they’re just so bloody good with him it’s hard not to include them. Puppet strings for the Excarnate purges, he lacks his own upkeep removal, Death Ward on himself in tank mode being upkept for free is fairly necessary and of course the feat + spells. Hell, I’ve even pulled off the odd Dark Industries with him simply because of what TK ends up translating into for a very difficult trick.

    Surprised you aren’t finding Riders enough on the offense section – TK alone is pretty money on them, and he certainly has all the debuffs they could need for DEF/ARM (Feast actually being more viable now that Wonder exists + feat). It might need some juggling in terms of the Vanguard, but dropping a Siren gives you 11 points to play with should you put them back in.

    Otherwise this might sound crazy…but Rorsh & Brine? TK gives them some bonkers threat range.

    But I think the best option for your points, is probably Boomhowlers. Some people just can’t deal with them as well as they might like, and you might appreciate screening in a pinch. Easy swap for the BOBP + something like a PW as well in the main list.

    Ugh too many thoughts as always :)

  5. A Reaper or Malice for Aiakos might be fun when you also have the WSC. There is always the possibility of giving him a shooty jack as well. If you insist on only using him as a combat solo, it gets a little harder. I will think about that for a while.

    • Malice could be fun… worth considering.

      • Could be funny using the Revenant Cannon crew. Two cannons and Cpt. Rengrave is 8 points. I’m not sure it’s worth it, but the combination of TK on these guys turn 1 and turn 2, makes them threaten 8″ + 2″ + 2″ + 14″ = 26″ from deployment. Having Cpt. Rengrave in the list would give you two shots at RAT 8 POW 14 with ghost shot, and if you would be willing to use the Armory objective, they would gain boosted damage rolls. Normally I wouldn’t think of them for a list, but with the possibility of Vanguard, they might be worth considering :)

  6. Have you considered cephalyx?

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