WTC 2014 – Denmark

I’ve decided that I won’t write up my games this year, as it would inevitably end up being all about the negative aspects of the final game. I would however like to thank Dan Cunningham (Noddin Dog) for a great game, and compliment him for waiting the entire fifteen minutes it took me to enlighten a couple of judges, and Robin from Germany black who lent me a shoulder to cry on when I kill boxed myself for the first time ever.

The trip itself was pretty bloody amazing though. We left Denmark on Thursday evening in a minibus, with most of both danish teams (a couple of them flew down there instead, since they’re from the other side of the country), and had a spectacular thirteen our drive down there.

Loading the teams!

Every two hours we switched drivers to keep them fresh, and my wife had baked us all cupcakes for the trip. The players are mostly people I know well, but I’ve never actually spent time just talking to some of them, since it’s usually across a table full of miniatures, so it was refreshing getting to know some of them in a different context (though of course the WTC kept coming up as well). The Swedish teams were hours ahead of us, and were kind enough to warn us about the polish express ways, but I have to say that the term “bumpiest express way ever” didn’t quite do them justice.

It seemed like an advanced sort of ‘moat’ around Poland, so only those who wanted it bad enough would enter. After about 15 miles the roads cleared up, and the rest was smooth as a babies bottom. We had a stop in Wroclaw which I found interesting, as it’s the only Polish city I’ve ever actually been to before (about 20 years ago), so it was interesting how far it had come in those years, though the ‘style’ remained the same.

Old school gas station

Stretching them legs.

We started the competitive aspect of the trip early, by taking bets on the snail race that had begun on another stop, but sadly Mikkel didn’t notice and accidentally crushed a competitor to death. After about ten minutes no clear victor had emerged, though the middle snail seemed to be winning when we left.

Second from the right was mine, though I backed the wrong snail!

Finally we arrived at the conference, disco, skiing, and health center. It was not entirely as advertised on their homepage, but it was sort of fitting and felt like the kind of buildings I remembered from 20 years ago. Inside it was totally old school epic, but a bit dusty.

Reception obviously… except it wasn’t.

Hotel room was like a 50s gangster movie if you ignore the TV

Taking a nap after arrival

Magnus was not done painting

After we got everything settled and everyone else was arriving, we went to socialize a bit. There were already games going, and we found a bunch of friends from last years WTC, including the Russians! The Russians had brought Absinthe though, and me never having tried that before got really bloody wasted!

Didn’t dare check if he was going commando under there.

The Swedes joined us in our room for Absinthe.

So did Norbert

Some Swedish/Russian male bonding

Some Norwegians dropped by, including Leif, the guy who dry humped me down a ramp last year and was found in the woods without his shoes later on.

Very late and very drunk we headed of to bed. Several of us had a wee bit of trouble standing up straight, but as it turned out Friday was NOTHING compared to Saturday, though more on that in a minute. We got up and shook our hangovers with some excellent food, which was a theme for the entire weekend. The Polish might not have lived up to their promise about working WiFi, but man the food was awesome. Then we went to venue and the mayor of the town had turned up to wish us luck.

The first day we played against Netherlands Blue (win), Germany Black (Loss), and England Prime (Win). I didn’t do well, but I got thrown to the wolves against England Prime in order to secure some good match-ups, and it’s a team effort at the WTC. I still didn’t feel all that great about my performance, as I kill boxed myself against Robin from Germany, for the first time ever. Several people were still very drunk from Fridays drinking, and one of the judges even barfed on another.

The evening came around and after some excellent polish grill food, prepared and consumed outside, it was time for the Cryx meet-up… but the bar was closed. Instead I tried finding some of the Cryxians in the disco-bar, which sadly failed spectacularly. It ended up being me and Simon Robinson (Bender) who hung out at the WiFi spot and trash talked for a while.

Bender is great!

The team retired to our room, snuggled up and debated the days events. We had fought some hard games and we actually ended up sharing the strongest Strength of Schedule with the American team who came third, so if we had won our last game only the ‘games won‘ tie breaker would have secured their third place. All in all I think we performed well against such a strong line-up, but I can feel myself getting annoyed so back to the good stuff!

Story time at room 606

I was completely exhausted after Friday nights drinking and some extremely hard games that day, so I decided I would take a nap before joining the others to socialize. It turned out to be a bit more than a nap, but I woke up about 3. AM when the others came back shit-faced. The guys were desperately trying to consume large amounts of water in order to negate the hangovers to come, which was failing spectacularly, and in turn led to Simon going ‘I need to puke before bed’

With that out of the way I decided to go find our missing captain. It was still about three in the morning and we had more games the following day, but I got a bit sidetracked when I encountered Peter from Denmark: Red completely failing to enter his room. As any friend would, I decided to film him instead of helping!

I finally found our captain, who promised to finish up the schnapps he was having, but instead he ended up being involved in the play fighting accident that sent the chain attack guys to the hospital when Scott fell down some stairs. Benjamin came ‘home’ at about five in the morning and we had to get up three hours later.

The second day we fought Canada (Win), Austria Red (Win), and Scotland (loss). Against the Austrian team I got sacrificed again to match our Haley1 player against their Cryx, while I had to fight a Sorcha1 list I had almost no chance against. With about 30 seconds between us, I fail a 13+ Sacrificial Strike against Sorcha1 for the win, and the Austrian Cryx player leaves Haley1 with one box after failing a 15+ Sacrificial Strike for the win.

Team Cryx are sad pandas

Enough has been said about my final game against Scotland, but team Denmark White ends up in 10th place, which only one person had predicted (Simon Robinson), though a 4th place would have been pretty sweet for my ePeen. Sadly Simon is violated by his dice in the last round, and Benjamin loses when he leaves Deneghra1 on 1 box after similar dice rape, but that’s the way of the game. Personally I rolled abysmally the entire weekend, but since I got sacrificed a couple of times it didn’t matter all that much.

Immediately after the ceremony we packed up and drove home, even though we were supposed to hang out and socialize because we were all drained from the weekend. It was an epic trip with a bunch of awesome people, and even though I’m not going to play next year I might find an excuse to go there with the teams.



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  1. I so regret not going, even though I couldn’t afford it! I love the videos :D That’s fucking awesome shit man :D

  2. This is pure win and looks like you guys got alot of good and a few bad memory all in all awesome sauce :D

  3. Seems like an epic trip despite the issues with your last game.

  4. I so hate the fact I wasn’t able to socialize or play with any of you guys, I dont know if that’s any conselation but my last game destroyed my humor aswell (not because of the player thou). First I rolled tripple ones on gerlak (DG) that was going to munch a lot of pirates with no though (Hag) and than I miss the boosted shot with Aiakos (8+) to hit Gotren :(

    I so hope we are gona be able to see eachother or even play against eachother at some event at one point! I strongly invite you guys to our Team Master and the Master we will hold in Tricity (it’s a lot closer!). Maybe I could get some mates and hit Danish Open aswell :p

  5. That hotel room door video made my morning! Thank you.

  6. Best thing about it is that even if you understand Danish, what he says Makes no sense at all.

  7. Nice write up. It was great to see you after some years. Hope to play you on the next WTC.
    All the best from Poland.

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