Travesty at the WTC

I’ll write up all the good things about the WTC tomorrow, and there were many, but I have to get this of my chest and set some records straight. Sunday evening, during the last game of the WTC I had the ‘pleasure’ of playing against one of the worst opponents I’ve ever encountered (in the round against team Scotland).

The game itself sees him playing very sloppily, forgetting to declare special attacks and abilities in time, but as a good sport I allow it of course. We’re not playing for medals, there are no millions on the line, and he seemed like a nice chap. Then he declares a charge against my Cankerworm that doesn’t bring his Angelius in melee with the Soulhunter (since he was charging the Cankerworm so it was a legal charge, just not in melee range with the Soulhunter), but then changes it’s position. I inform him that he can’t do that, to which he answers “everyone plays like that“.

I inform him that nobody I know plays like that, but he ignores me and continues to repulse the Soulhunter. Now I don’t want to end the tournament with a fight, so I tell him once more but he still ignores me and I foolishly let it slide. He takes more and more take backs, and I foolishly let them slide, because honestly I think we’ll win the round anyway, and I had called judges several times during the weekend who agreed I was right about the rules, but allowed my opponent to redo moves based on lacking knowledge (an logic I can’t understand).

I’m getting more and more annoyed as he corrects placement effects after checking line of sight, after discovering that he has placed his ‘arc node to be’ lesser in melee range of a Bane Rider, and several other fuckups. I’m drained after the weekend, I’ve had shitty luck and poor rulings, so I simply don’t have another fight in me. My opponent walks his Ravagore through a Ghost Raider and kills Skarre. We shake on it but just as I release his hand I remember that the new Incorporeal rules will reset the Ravagore after the free strike, so we’re actually in an illegal game state as he doesn’t have enough move left to reach LoS.

His answer to that information is ‘too late, she’s dead‘. I gawk at him for a few seconds and go ‘really, you’re not going to let me rewind that?‘. He denies it and as I’m about to finally call a judge, even though Skarre is on fire and it probably won’t matter (it didn’t as I had already rolled and the fire didn’t go out), he says “you can’t expect to get take backs at this level of play“. Now I have a VERY long fuse, and I would rather lose a top level game than cause a serious argument, but that my friends, was over the line.

I have two choices left… I can punch the fucker in the face, or I can leave the venue. Calling a judge at that point is moot, as I had lost anyway due to not calling a judge when he began cheating in the first place (if you do take backs but disallow my illegal game state issues, I consider it retroactively cheating), so I leave and vent my anger on twitter. In the four years of playing this game I’ve only encountered two people like this, and think it’s a fucking travesty that I have to either deal with them, or be a dick to every other player I face.

These are not games for millions of dollars people, and it wasn’t even a game for a trophy… the only thing on the line here was how large an online penis you got to have the coming year, and Team Denmark White would have been 4th in the tournament due to our insane Strength of Schedule. I guess the joke is on me for wanting a nice friendly game, and not getting up in arms against my fellow players over small mistakes.

I for one am done with team tournaments, because I want to be able to walk away from a table featuring a complete fucktard without my team suffering for it. I know it won’t have ANY impact on anything, but I hope that it might spark a tiny debate in the community.

/Lamoron out

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  1. It is sad that someone can behave like that on the world level tournament, where you represent not only yourself but also your team and country. That said he didnt not really win as making miscalculations is big part of the game and what he did is just like rerolling snake eyes or any other bad dice result.

  2. Long time listener first time caller. Hearing this makes me sad. I had the honest pleasure of playing against another of the Scot lads (skorne) at the UK Nats a few weeks ago. It was a great game for me and I’d like to think for him too. They are not all bad :).

    There are always dickheads in any hobby, I know one or two local to me and I do my best to not let them ruin my fun. The solo play walk-away mentality is great and I feel the exact same way. If I can see I’m going to have the opposite of fun, the game is never important enough for me to suffer through it.

    Hopefully the player in question sees this and takes the time to evaluate how he plays in future.

  3. I would have curb stomped the fucker with you, if I’d been there bro

  4. Awww, just admit you missed me :)

  5. I know this probably won’t change anything (as you were posting about being burned out on tournament play even before the WTC), but it really sucks that one bad apple is ruining the whole scene for you.

    When dealing with a jerkass, just remember: real men’s warjacks are made out of metal for a reason. And real men’s socks are made out of cotton for the exact same reason.

  6. Make sure the organizers of Team Scotland know. I know that Team Canada’s members were in part chosen because we knew they would be good representatives of the country. Maybe Scotland feels the same way and he can be kept off of future international teams.

  7. Best to let the organisers know. Sounds like an absolute dickhead. The worst part is he probably thinks he didn’t do anything wrong and will continue to play like an asshole. Did the Chain attack boys get the game on camera?

    Sorry you had such a crappy experience :(

    • No camera. Even weeks later I get the occasional wave of ‘should have just punched him’ regret, but not punching him was still the right choice no matter how much he deserved it :D

      • I haven’t beaten anyone in more than 20 years, and a guy who cheats at miniature dolls isn’t worth breaking that streak. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, so if I actually decided to break that streak we would probably have been on international news :D

        • Big measure of self restrain I must say.

          It already pisses me off when people act all snobby during a game (enfaces on game). But having that kind of behaviour after you let him do all those take backs…

          I can’t say a table flip here would have been uncalled for (after putting your minis aways ofc :P)

          But again, good on you for not punching the f#ckers teeth in. Would just have been worst for you unfortunately.

  8. That’s the kind of person that should be leaving the venue, not you. Either ejected by a judge, in an ambulance, or screaming. On fire. :)

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