Lock, Stock and Two Smoking brushes

I’m done painting, and with pleeeenty of minutes to spare (I’ve got work tomorrow before we leave). Tomorrow evening at 8 pm Danish time the mini-bus leaves for Poland, and my new ‘tracked’ Leviathan will prove it’s mettle (I ran out of legs so I had to improvise!). The paint-job is terrible but perhaps I’ll get around to adding some detail after the WTC (unlikely), or simply finish the last spider-jack kit and do that one right…

On the front page I’ve created a twitter feed from a list of Cryx players I know to be attending the WTC, so you can all follow the progress of the Dragonfather this year. I’ll try and upload as many pictures and news as I can, but I’m fully expecting the local Wi-Fi to crash and burn regularly (PROVE ME WRONG POLAND, PROVE ME WRONG!). I’ll be using twitter as well, but my updates are to be found in the talkie box on the right, on the front page, as usual.

I’ll try and document the Cryx meet-up Saturday at 9 pm local time, and if possible the mobbing of several key Haley1 players as well. I’ll try not to document the erotic wrestling, but if I do badly the first day I’ll be very drunk and less likely to care about your feelings!


Team Denmark: White incoming!

Here we bloody go!


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  1. Good luck man. Break all expectations and win the whole thing for me.

  2. Best of luck man! I’m cheering for both red and white :)

  3. Good luck, pity that WTC is not in the Warsaw, i would be really happy to drink with you :P

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