After the WTC: Musings

I’ve been doing some heavy thinking lately. I’ve been building up a store this year, and the company hired me as a manager for a few months to finish the project, which means that I’ve had very little time to practice for the WTC, and absolutely no time to experiment and enjoy the game.

I miss the way things used to be. I miss writing articles, I miss championing the rarely used options, but most of all I miss the refuge Warmachine used to provide. These last few years Warmachine has become an obligation, because of the World Team Championships, and I need a break.

I’m neither as good a player as I used to be, nor as motivated as I should be for something like the World Team Championships, so I’m going down there to have an amazing time, but when it’s over I’m going to take a break from team tournaments, and find my way back to the game I love so much.

I hope to see you all on the other side!






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  1. I hope you find your way back to your hallowed ground, so to speak. It is always fun reading your articles and trying to get into the mindset you utilize to play the game.

  2. Looking forward to the crazy lists and articles on all kinds of weird stuff :)

  3. Well I for one am excited about the ensuing adventure. Good luck to you and know that you have the masses of the Dragonfather behind you.

  4. Im ready for a game, when you return from the WTC-side ;)

  5. See you after the WTC. I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and I look forward to musing with you further on Cygnar matchups.

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