Danish Masters 2014

This years masters tournament in Denmark got of to a rocky start. The original organizer rage quit Warmachine due to a ‘difference of opinion’ in the WTC selection process, which he himself initiated, and suddenly the masters group had to rush in order to find a new main organizer, new venue, and basically start all over.

It’s a miracle we even had the tournament, but then again it did end up being just about half the size of a normal Danish Masters due to all the drama, so a grand total of 18 people were supposed to attend, and one got sick on the day of the tournament. With seventeen players someone had to take a ‘bye’ and I volunteered.

I thought I was volunteering for zero control points, zero strength of schedule, and that I would only have four games to use all my lists, but I was later informed that I got all kinds of neat bonuses. I can see why this makes sense for a player that doesn’t get to play, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been the one to get it. This was a weird beginning of a very weird tournament, and it just kept getting weirder.

Game 2: Goreshade2 Vs. Kaelyssa
(Søren Husum, WTC: Red, 7th place)

Heresy of Shadows Vs. Force Wall, and I gawked a bit when I saw that drop. I knew he couldn’t drop Rahn because of Arcane Consumption, but I was pretty sure I would see Vyros drop in this match-up but he didn’t. Force Wall is a bloody nightmare for a SPD5 army though, and this is AFTER I had my first turn.

5″ advance for the entire army is… not a lot

He had the initiative the entire game, dictating where and when he wanted to fight because of the scenario and my extremely slow speed, and to make matters worse I rolled dice so poor that even my opponent commented on them. I slowly turn the game around with attrition, but the battle mages run rampage with fisticuffs, wiping out 10-15 Bane Thralls before I manage to kill them, AND I had to use the Kraken to do it because my Bane thralls couldn’t land a hit.

Looks like it’s in hand right

I’m down to 1.30 on the clock, but Husum is all but wiped out when the judge calls dice down, which takes us both by surprise because we didn’t actually know that was in the format. We look a bit bewildered and call over the judge, because as far as we can tell we just both lost the game (Husum has 8 minutes left on the clock). We’re informed that we go to tie breakers instead, which means that I win, but if Husum had known about this he could have easily won by backing up his Phoenix outside LoS in the woods.

  • I win on army points.
  • Husum would have won if we knew.
  • I would have won if we had finished the game.

All in all this was a very poor ending to a very close game. We spend a lot of time musing over the event, but in the end I think we decided to let it slide because of the complete mess the new TO had to deal with, and it was supposed to be in the info-pack. Still I move on to the third game with a sour taste in my mouth, having gotten a bye and won on a silly technicality.

Game 3: Skarre1 Vs. Kreoss1
(Simon Sørensen, WTC: White, 3rd place)

I have never played against Kreoss1 before, but he seems fairly straight forward. I do however grossly underestimate the issues my army has to face when everyone is flat on their back. I decide to rush him and tank the round of damage, which turns out to be a spectacularly bad idea.


I get roflstomped back to the stone ages, and I can’t even feat and destroy him with my diminished forces because everyone has to get up first. I rolled a six on Focus the turn before but Kreoss has Lamentation up, so I can’t spell assassinate the fucker to death either, even though he’s on zero camp… or can I?

Boosted POW 18 to face… BITCH!

I have a Bane Rider get up and move into position. I’ve shaken knocked down with Skarre and Saxon has given her Pathfinder, so she walks into range and Sacrificial Strikes Kreoss with the Bane Rider, rolling spectacularly and leaving him on 1 box. Then I cast Blood Rain for six Focus, boosting to hit a choir boy next to Kreoss, failing to kill Kreoss with damage but corroding him.

I’m about to flip the time and hope he melts, when I remember that Darragh Wrathe wasn’t knocked down either, and he’s just in range to end the game with a Hellfire (though we checked and he would have melted). This one left me low on nails, and I would most certainly have lost if the assassination failed.

Evening of fun!

After the games we had an evening of beer, banter, and rampaging monsters in King of Tokyo. There was a pool table, air hockey, old school arcade machines, and a pile of other interesting things to do. In the end I just shouted MEKA DRAGOOON! a lot and drank myself silly.

Just getting started

I got to bed around midnight, but the nearby chainsaw-nerd hybrid kept waking me up, despite ear plugs. The two others in the room evacuated, but I just didn’t have it in me to get up and find somewhere else. I did manage to grab most of what I needed, but I was still a little groggy on Sunday morning (I’m a wuzz, I know).

Game 4: Skarre1 Vs. Haley2
(Søren Jensen, 4th place)

This guy was a newcomer to the (theoretically) big scenes, but I’ve had my eye on him for a while. He and I were both undefeated, but thankfully his setup didn’t include Haley1 or my tournament would have ended there. We ended up in a very predictable Haley2 Vs. Skarre1 game, and it instantly turned to shit for me. We roll to begin and I really really want to win that roll. I roll a six, he rolls a six, I roll a six, he rolls a six, I roll a two, and he rolls a six… FUCK!

Yes that’s the same table AGAIN…

He runs up and I run into the feat turn. He blows my army to shit and there’s very little I can do about it in return, as my troops blunder around getting in each others way. Søren expects me to feat defensively in order to conserve some troops, but I have another plan brewing, and since I rolled a six on my Focus I decide to lure up the Stormwall.

It bears mentioning here that my brain had not included me in that planning, and I just suddenly realized that Temporal Acceleration and the Warjack bond stacks, so I was within Stormwall range. I gulp a bit and pray that Søren is a good enough player not to go for it, because it’s an unlikely kill but silly spike rolls happen. Søren doesn’t go for it, but we rolled the dice after the game and I would have died to some extremely spiky dice, so good thing he’s such a good player!

Payback time!

I have my feat and I have some shiny new Mechanithralls. Skarre rolled a 1 on Focus last turn so she’s not going to do much, but with a feat, the Blood Hag with dispel, some new Mechanithralls, Cankerworm, and few above average rolls (finally) the Stormwall breaks.

From that point on it’s a matter of keeping my wall of models alive while dominating my way to the win, but the guys insist on going nuts and wiping out just about everything that isn’t a regular old Gun Mage. I win 5-0 on scenario and I’m ready for the finals, which very sadly happens to be against Mikkel, whom I’ve never actually beaten.

Game 5: Skarre1 Vs. Vlad2
(Mikkel Ernst, WTC: White, 1st place)

Fucking fuck! I really should drop Deneghra2, because I know he’s going to drop Vlad2, but I don’t feel like I have the mental resources to handle my Deneghra2 list. I pick Skarre1 again, having seen Mikkels Vlad2 list annihilate a Goreshade2 tier list just the day before. He wins deployment (sigh) and I’m in for another spanking, though he’s never faced the Skarre list before.

He moves up

I mess up

I fail to brain and rely on the woods on the right flank to keep my Soulhunters safe from the Doomies. Doomies get Pathfinder from Saxon and the first two run in to act as charge beacons, costing me 4/5 Soulhunters, a pile of Ghost Raiders (I planned for that) and Blackbane (not part of the plan!). The Blood Witches get mauled, while a couple of Kayazy Assassins with feat bring down two Bane Riders and the Necrosurgeon… all my recursion gone.


Mikkel makes a mistake though, and becomes a wee bit to confident in his victory. I feat and hit back, and I inflict massive damage despite my limited number of models. I sadly can’t manage to clear the zone on that turn, but he still hasn’t cleared his side either.

Back in the game

Mikkel has a round of very limited impact on my list, and due to rolling well on Ritual Sacrifice I keep working him. He gets ahead with two points and I catch up. He gets to four and I have one chance at winning this. If I can clear the zone and somehow miraculously survive with a model in his zone, I will take the masters.


Not only does every remaining model I have fail to roll above average on the damn Spriggan, but Skarre herself fails miserably. I can’t clear the zone so I can’t win even if my models miraculously survive a turn, but I still run what I have left into his zone because you never know if today is the day he rolls twenty straight ones, but he doesn’t and he takes the title. I had him sweating and shifting around, so that’s an improvement, but that Vlad2 list is a nightmare for Cryx.

The end

Mikkel takes first and I take second. I would have liked to win of course, but Mikkel is a better player than I am, and he fully deserves the title, as I feel he is the best player in Denmark these days. It was a weird tournament, and I faced all the top players, so I’m satisfied with my performance, and there’s always next year!


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  1. Nice write up. And you Danes clearly take a lot of pride in your painting – very nice work :)

  2. Great tournament write up!

    It gives me small comfort to know that nerd drama is a universal constant not bound by geography.

    During the final round, was there anything in particular Mikkel did that took you by surprise (sleep deprivation aside) either with his strategy or list composition? Was this simply a case of a bad match up? Did he feat the turn he got the alpha on your forces?


    • Yes he got the alpha with his feat, but that was planned from my side. Either he would get a poor alpha or I would get to drive him back and gain ground, or at least that was my plan…

      I didn’t see the running Doomie charge targets coming, but that was enough to seriously put me on my heels. Nothing else he did was really surprising, but he just did everything right and no really bad dice saved me :)

  3. The round timer for Deathclock is the sum of the clock. For 50 points, it’s a 120-minute round (60 per player). If the sum left on the clock is greater than 5 minutes when the round ends, both players lose. If less, finish the game.

    If you never pause the clock it never comes up.

    (Including this for anyone else who may be unsure how Deathclock round timing works.)

    • I don’t really like the masters format either, because I think the game should be enjoyable instead of just hardcore ‘toilet breaks are on your clock” style, but that’s another discussion all together.

      It was a poorly designed attempt to run a masters format while allowing people to be slightly casual, and I applaud the attempt, but it ended up being very silly.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. I played Haley and the matchup kept me awoke for a while last night thinking: Why oh why did i either a) forget to put a token for disruptet down on your knocked down cancerworm or b) forget to disrupt him with my stormcaller right next to him, since i intentionally neglected to hit canker with my hunter right next to him, who instead shot the final bane rider out of pos to do anything next turn.

    Also, why did my pod leave Saxon with 1 box, why wasn’t your witches 1mm further away fom saxon, so they couldn’t get pathfinder and not get into melee to remove AS from stormwall. Why couldn’t i just roll sixes on both mechanithralls running through mage storm and WHY did you have to roll sixes 3 out of 4 times on extra fokus. All those why’s and if’s :) Great game, great opponent and cool to finally face pSkarre and see what she can do for her army.

  5. Having to do it over would you have chosen the same lists.
    Looking at your matches I couldn’t help but feel
    “Needs more machinations”

  6. Manipulation not machinations
    Stupid auto fill.

    Someone start playing scavernous seriously already dude is god mode.

  7. I’ve never had an issue with timed matches with him. Hell half the cygnar players get it done with Haley2. She is just as beastly.
    I think you got a case of self fufilling prophecy going on.

  8. No Denny2 (Naval Company) going out for a spin? I take it it’s more a matchup thing etc, but I would have been curious to see had you dropped it, how it would have fared?

    Then again, that is just me partly enjoying the resurgence of crabjacks lately…

  9. Lam- what is the correct answer to drop on vlad3? I’m getting thrashed.

  10. It was an enjoyable tournament. I end on enjoyable since I lost all my games (besides the bye ^^), but I still had a very good time. It’s always really amusing hanging with most of the people in the entire danish meta at once :)

    My goal was to do better than last year, but I think I got screwed over a bit by a heavy painting schedule up until the day before the tournament. I hadn’t played any games in a couple of weeks before the event, which is bad when you get rusty as fast as I do. At least I got 52 models painted in 1,5 months or so, which I think is a personal record for models painted before an event :)

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