WTC 2014: Cryx lists

This will be a big one, so grab your beverage of choice and strap in tight. I’ve given every setup a color indicating how interesting/uninteresting I think it is.

  • Pink (ULTRA boring)
  • Red (Boring)
  • Orange (moderately interesting)
  • Green (Interesting),
  • Blue (Very interesting)

These color-codings have nothing to do with power level and is only a measure of my interest in their lists.

Two solid lists choices here, with a Asphyxious2 lists that differs slightly from the norm by including the Deathjack. I can see this working because he can shield the Deathjack with Caustic Mists, or use him to bunch up enemy models for a soul gathering purge.

The other list is a fairly standard Skarre1 list with a Kraken and a pile of lightning fast Infantry/Cavalry to grab the board and apply pressure. It’s not what I would have gone with, but it looks solid and without any glaring weak spots. All in all a solid setup from Trent.

Two Cryx players in the team is going to be interesting in match-up phases. Roberts first list is a Deneghra2 tier4 Body & Soul using the double jack / minimum drudges setup (more or less), which again is a solid choice. His second list is more interesting, and mirrors some of the thoughts I’ve had about Goreshade3.

I do feel this list has some issues. First of all the Mechanithrall units are minimum units, but the list has nothing except Mechanithralls to harvest for corpses, so growing the units will mean using the ‘magic Santa sack’ trick (mockery of life to create two Mechanithralls for each that dies), and Saxon Orrik might have been better than the two Brute Thralls.

Skarre1 running a shock trooper list here, with a 20 Bane Knight core and two very fast units on top. This looks much like one of my earlier Skarre1 lists, but I found the speed difference between Bane Knights and the Satyxis/Cavalry to be counter productive, as I often ended up with feat timing issues. His other list is an standard Asphyxious2 list, with only the double Arc Nodes being anything like a variation.

Something interesting! Deneghra2 is running the Deathjack, a Kraken, and Nyss Hunters. This looks much like one of my earlier ideas for the Naval Company, and is probably a better ‘take all comers’ list, but the list is TINY and Mr. Bornatowicz better not make any mistakes during play.

Bernhards second list is a Terminus Bane Knight build that feels somehow unimpressive, and I think he might run into the same issues I’m going to have in the match-up process because his lists are so different. Thumbs up for the Deneghra build, but you’re going to have issues mate.

Klaw was stuck running everything last year, and what an amazing guy he is. Klaws first list looks hilarious with a absolute HORDE of models under Skarre1, and Bloodgorgers take the field as well. I’m not sure how he’s going to avoid timing out here, but if he can manage it this list should give everyone a headache. The second list is another standard Asphyxious2 list though (bah!).

I think maybe something is wrong here, because this guy only has one list, and it’s a standard Asphyxious2 list.

A Witch Coven tournament list without the Kraken… colour me skeptical. The list looks like a crazy fast assassination list, but I’m not sure it’s going to stand up to the current meta unless Vladimir is an exceptional player. Vladimirs second list is a Deneghra1 Bane spam list with a Seether, and while Deneghra1 + Banes will always have a chance, I think maybe this is Vladimirs first trip into the big leagues, and I think he’ll need a beer come Saturday night.

So this is me, and I’m going to have a tough time with the Deneghra2 setup. Like Bernhard I’m running a TINY list and making mistakes will cost me games. The match-up phase will also be interesting for me, but there’s always the dark horse factor of a Cryx list with lots of guns.

Another Skarre1 dude-spam list… this is getting a bit old, and yes I know I run one as well.  Eds Terminus list is interesting though, with Deathjack on Terminus and a Kraken on Aiakos, and just 14 models in the entire list! I probably would have put the Kraken on Terminus in order to benefit from Ravager, but then again I probably wouldn’t have run this list in the first place.

Another team with double Cryx, but this guy has some REALLY interesting lists. The first list is Asphyxious3 with a really fast Satyxis/Cavalry build, and his second list looks a LOT like my Deneghra1 Nyss/Boomhowler list, except Matt is running it with Deneghra2. This is one player I’m going to have to keep track of, because I could never manage that list on the clock.

Deneghra2 with both Nightmare and Wrong Eye seems interesting, but without a ranged element in the list I think he’ll have trouble forcing people into his threatened area. It’s a solid assassination list and that’s probably what he’s going for, but it’ll be interesting to see how well it does.

The second list is Skarre1 with Deathjack and Kraken, backed up by a group of Satyxis. It’s not exactly standard and I’m unsure about the Deathjack in that setup, but it’s a lot of armor to throw in someones face with a defensive feat, and both Kraken and Deathjack can punch through enemy armor without needing the feat.

Yeah I can’t pronounce his name either. Standard Asphyxious2 list here (again) and a Deneghra1 Nyss/Boomhowlers setup. I don’t know if these Nyss/Boomy lists are inspired by mine, but I really like the look of them and I’m going to see if I can’t pick up some tricks from the players, because they must know some trick to running lists like that on the clock.

Olli is bringing a Deneghra2 list with double Bile Thralls, some Banes and Deathjack, but he’s also bringing a Goreshade3 list with a Leviathan run by Aiakos. I’ve been considering a double Leviathan Goreshade3 build but his looks interesting as well.

Standard Asphyxious2 list again… I’m really getting sick of seeing them, combined with a Skarre1 30 Bane Knight list. This guy is going to get his own color of boring… He’s probably a really nice guy, and I hope to see him at the Cryx gathering on Saturday night, but those lists… sheesh.

Leave it to the French to brighten up my day. It’s an old Deneghra1 gun line with Rorsh & Brine, which I’ll be following closely to see how well it does these days. His second list is a Skarre1 Kraken/Satyxis list, but it has Soulhunters and bringing Rorsh & Brine earns him an automatic green anyway.

Well would you look at that, a NON-standard Asphyxious2 list… the world must be ending! A unit of Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders and Captain Rengrave makes this list interesting, and I would love to hear about his reasoning for this choice. The second list is yet another Nyss/Boomhowler setup with a Deneghra, but although this is the third one of these I’m still going with ‘interesting’.

A Skarre2 list with Satyxis, Cavalry, and heavies seems very interesting indeed. The fourth Nyss/Boomhowlers setup makes me begin reconsidering the ‘interesting’ tags I’ve handed out before, but one last benefit of the doubt here, because of the off chance that I’ve inspired them.

Holy shit, I need a better color than green! This guy has a Deneghra1 list with both Ghost Raiders and Revenant Crew, using both Rengrave and Riflemen. Alright so his second list is a Goreshade2 tier list with Bane spam, but his first list earns him some special mention.

I’m not entirely sure what the Deneghra1 list is supposed to be doing, but I guess the plan is to swarm the enemy in Ghost Raiders, making it hard to remove the Revenant Crew quarter master, and generally mucking things up like mad while the Banes make their way across the field. It could work.

Greece deserves a medal, as the Revenant Crew also turns up in a Deneghra2 list here. It would be blue except his second list is a fairly standard Asphyxious2 list, and not even the Revenant Crew can make a setup with a standard Asphyxious2 list very interesting.

Go Greece! Now I think Greece will have a rough time this year, but having all three Cryx players get interesting or very interesting ratings is impressive and should be applauded. This lad is bringing Skarre1 with what looks like a fairly average Skarre1 list until you reach the horde of Scrap Thralls at the end. Bringing 9 Scraps in the middle of a Bane horde could make for some really funny games. His second list is Asphyxious3 with double Stalkers and Bane spam.

You’ll have to look far and wide to find a player with a more ‘wizardly’ name! The first list is a Deneghra2 list with Aiakos running a Kraken, and his second list is Skarre1 running a Harrower. The lists look solid with a little twist in each, and it’s rare to find Skarre1 running a jack costing more than her WJ points (until the Inflictor arrives anyway).

Goreshade3 speed spam, with double Cavalry and Ghost Raiders. I’m pretty sure this is a great list with a huge assassination potential, though the lack of a viable target for Infernal Machine makes me wonder a bit. The second list is Deneghra1 melee recursion wave, but it has Nyss Hunters and Steelhead Cavalry as well.

I must wonder about the lack of Steelhead Halberdiers in this list. If I had a melee recursion theme with double Necrosurgeons and Mechanithralls, while using Steelhead Cavalry I would most certainly find room for at least a minimum unit of Halberdiers, and most likely a full unit. This just seems weird.

Bringing the WCoG earns him an automatic green, but the list is pretty weird. Three Arc Nodes, no heavies, Bane Thralls without UA, and a full unit of Bile Thralls. I don’t understand this list at all, but maybe I’m missing something. The second list is Deneghra2 body and soul.

A backup player with a Skarre1 Bane Knight list and a Deneghra1 Nyss/Boomhowlers list… I can’t be bothered to go back and edit all the people I designated as interesting because of this setup, but it seems like it’s everywhere now!

A standard Asphyxious 2 list makes this red, but his Deneghra2 list saves the setup a little bit. Double Leviathans and Aiakos makes the list interesting, though banes without Tartarus or UA seems like a bad choice. I also feel like making some Latvia jokes, but I’ve been told they’re racist!

Not bad. Another Skarre1 list with feat timing issues, but a really strong list non-the less all things considered. The Deneghra2 list has a lot of Bile Thralls and 20 Knights, which could produce some interesting synergies with Vengeance moves to allow for purges, and then Knights charging the juicy bits behind the melted goo that used to be the first line.

Skarre1 Bane spam, and more or less standard Terminus Bane spam… fairly strong lists, but really uninteresting.

Deneghra1 Bane/Nyss/Satyxis, and Skarre1 dude-spam… boring but strong.

What a name! Boring Asphyxious2 list but a fairly interesting Skarre2 list here, with Malice showing up for the first time. Nothing especially surprising other than that though.

Double Deneghra shooting lists… I’m intrigued. Nothing especially interesting about the lists, but the decision to run two ranged Deneghra lists could be considered interesting in itself.

Boring Asphyxious2 and WAIT… CAN IT BE!? I SEE A WRAITH ENGINE IN THAT SKARRE1 LIST! I can’t give him a very interesting blue because he has Asphyxious2, but his Skarre1 list has a Wraith Engine and Ghost Raiders + Blood Witches. This was something I considered myself, as the combination of Skarres feat and the Wraith Engines ability to buff Incorporeal makes for some crazy armored ghosts (Darragh Wrathe is missing though).

An old school Deneghra1 recursion pirate list, and a Goreshade2 double cavalry and Satyxis list. I like the Goreshade2 double cavalry list, and my team mate Jan was playing around with it a while back (it works). There seems to be an error in the list though, because if Konrad found a way to buy the Blood Hag without the actual unit the world will explode in tears!

Boring Skarre1 and Deneghra2 Body and Soul… I think Reckless and Cautious got their players switched around, as this guy surely belongs on cautious. Solid lists but nothing reckless about it.

Wee, it’s my Skarre1 list (I got an email thanking me for it, so I knew it would be here somewhere). With my limited time to play I’ve actually been benefiting from Miguels games, since he’s been keeping me up to date on his progress. His other list is a fairly standard Deneghra2 combined arms list.

A slight variation on Asphyxious2 but a Goreshade3 list using a Seether. I guess it’s Occultation to keep it safe on the way in, and Infernal Machine on the turn it engages… probably points that could have been better spent, but we’ll see how he/it performs.

Screw what Russia is doing in the real world, because team Russia were awesome guys last year and I’m drinking with Andrei again this year! The lists are boring standard Skarre1 and boring standard Deneghra2 combined arms though, but with the spanking they received last year I think maybe boring standard is the way to go so they’re forgiven.

A fairly boring Skarre1 dude-spam list is saved by the Deneghra1 Kraken + Bloat Thrall list. There’s also the fact that Alasdair has both a Deathripper and a Nightwretch in the same list, which I thought was impossible since every Cryx player I know is squarely decided in that argument!

Two fairly interesting lists actually. The Goreshade3 list has a ranged feel to it, and the Deneghra2 list has Incorporeal spam going for it. There’s nothing spectacularly new or impressive about the lists, but neither are they bog standard.

Bloodgorgers in his Asphyxious3 list, but a fairly standard Terminus list.

WTCs main source of homo-erotic wrestling, bear hugs, and nipple twisters… Andreas has modified my Skarre1 list to include double Necrosurgeons instead of Saxon Orrik, which is something I considered for a loooong time, but also included two Helldivers instead of the Cankerworm. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes, because I found the Helldivers to be way to slow for the list. The second list is Asphyxious2…

Boring Asphyxious2 and Boring Skarre1…

Hell yes! Not only does his Skarre1 list have a Leviathan and Black Ogrun Boarding party, but double Ripjaws and Scrap Thralls as well. The list looks absolutely horrible, but here’s me tipping my cap and hoping he takes best Cryx general because if you thought this was madness you’ve clearly not seen his second list!

Asphyxious1 with Ghost Raiders, Revenant Crew, Rengrave, and a Bloat Thrall. I’m personally buying Maurus a beer for each game he’s won on the first day, because if he can pull this one home the forums will have something to debate for the next six months at least!

A couple of interesting lists actually. Deneghra1 has Aiakos running a Harrower, which I think is an excellent idea to be honest, the rest of the list seems to fit very well together. His second list is a fairly standard Skarre2 list, but since Skarre2 is really rare it counts as interesting.

The Finnish guy on team UN brings boring Skarre1 and Boring Asphyxious2… this makes me doubtful about rooting for them to win.

Boring Goreshade2 tier, and boring Skarre1 dude-spam.

A very interesting Asphyxious3 list with Ghost Raiders and double Bloodgorgers, and what looks like a fairly standard Deneghra1 gun line… until you notice that his Leviathan is not run by Aiakos but by an Iron Lich Overseer!!! Jeremy, I salute you for bringing an Iron Lich Overseer to the WTC, because from now on everyone who likes it can state that it sees tournament play on the very highest levels! You rock!

Last words

Man that took a while. I’m unsure what to think of this years lists, because for every interesting list there’s an equally uninteresting setup. Three players brought truly creative and inspiring lists, but the sheer number of Asphyxious2 and Skarre1 lists is shameful (I know I added my share).

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  1. There will be a Cryx meeting after saturday :D awesome, I hope I’m gona be able to play against you in BeerMachine ;) I’m thinking realy serious about what to bring on SoloMasters, we are having 3 roster tournament and I’m guessing you would not approve my Gaspy2 list :P. I’m still thinking about the 3rd list to acompany pDenny shooting list and Gaspy and I’m actualy realy sry that I cant play with you list :/ (lack of BR and SH).

    I wish you and you team all the best in the main tournament and hope to see you at the after party.

    • I’m arranging a Cryx meeting in the bar on Saturday at 21.00 local time. Possibilities include lynch-mobbing Haley1 players and/or Erotic wrestling.

      I probably won’t play in the beer machine tournament, but I’ll be the guy asking if it’s alright to take pictures of your games :D

  2. Being a swede in exile (living in England atm), I’ve run into Matt Townsend a few times at cons.

    That he’s bringing Gaspy3 is not surprising if you’ve seen him before since he’s been a staple of Matt’s for a long time.

    He’s played a similar list with 2 heavies but the second heavy now seems to have moved aside to fit the bane cavalry instead.

    ps. and by all means keep track of Matt. He’s a friendly guy

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I think I first came out with Gaspy3 at Smogcon 2013 so he has been part of my lists for a long while. Erebus was great for the most part but Bane Riders have helped with speed and hitting power over Erebus’ staying power.

  3. Awww. I’m not hipster enough. :)

  4. Phillip Johnstone’s list, as his Coven’s punching bag, all I can say is “interesting” isn’t the word I’d use.

  5. Yay a Coven list after my own heart :) (No Biles is very interesting though!)

    • Interesting indeed. The list seems super narrow.

      • Yeah I would never drop the Biles myself personally. Occultation Biles is is a thing most people really don’t want to have to face, and otherwise the list has no way of handling mass higher DEF/infantry (jacks and Stygian are totally inadequate).

        Its an easy fix from my perspective though because my other list always needs the Combine more so… yeah, straight swap there.

    • Phil has a full unit of biles in both his lists

  6. “What a name!”, hey! It’s what I got when I was born. ;)
    Not really international proof sadly. Might swap to the full “Frederik” soon…

    At least I got orange for Malice.

  7. So it appears that some people have taken offense to having their setup labelled ‘boring’. It was never my intention to anger anyone of course, but The Overseer has always been a place where weird builds have been applauded and standard builds… well not applauded.

    Show up at the Cryx meet in the bar on Saturday at 21.00 and we’ll shake some hands and make it go away :D

  8. Hey Laurents!

    I’ll gladly join you guys at the bar saturday if the WAF is high.

    This year I chose to go with stuff I know instead of re-inventing the wheel like you did :p

    Scoring a green is enough of a reward for me as many french players start thinking they’ve had enough of that unkillable Skarre and outgunning pDenny hahah

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