WTC faction distributions

So the teaser is out, and I thought I might compare it to last years numbers, with a special eye on Cryx as always.

WTC 2014


Circle, Cryx, Cygnar, Protectorate, Skorne, and Trollbloods are more or less unchanged. Khador is the first big surprise with almost double the numbers of last year, and Legion dropping 4% makes me a happy little camper. Convergence of Cyriss enters the stage with 3% which is a really high number for a new(ish) faction with limited options (well done PP).

Mercenaries drop a percent, which is pretty significant when it’s a third of the players, while minions have doubled in strength. Surprisingly Retribution is down a couple of percent, which considering the new releases they’ve had is a total surprise for me. The only reason I can possibly come up with is, that Retribution isn’t really an underdog any more, and some people like being underdogs.



Now THIS is interesting. Some quick and dirty math puts the number of Cryx players at 41-42, and 25 of us brought Skarre1. I know I’m bringing her because she’s a hard counter to armor skew and heavy infantry, but I guess we all are! When taking the number of players into consideration we still have Vayl2, Haley2, and Harbinger as more popular choices, but not by much.

Comparing the numbers is making me dizzy because of the difference in the total number of players (math and I have disagreed a lot over the years), but Asphyxious2 has dropped a bit while Deneghra2 seems to be more or less where she was last year.

I also see that five other players have brought a Skarre1 / Deneghra2 setup, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what kind of Deneghra2 list they chose to pair her with. I can feel the WTC energy building now… it’s getting close!


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  1. Quite interesting that two players went full dwarf :D

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