Naval Company v.2

I’ve been doing some tweaking on the Naval Company list (TNC). It’s beginning to look more like a regular list, but then again it’s also performing better now. I would really like two more points in the list for a Skarlock, but the Necrotechs just keep being vital to winning.

Wraith Witch Deneghra
– Deathripper
– Deathjack
– Leviathan
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius
– Leviathan
Necrotech (Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall)
Necrotech (Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall)
Warwitch Siren

The list is making my opponents do all kinds of strange and unusual things, and in the world of melee infantry we don’t often make people jump through hoops in order to avoid losing their key models, but that’s exactly what this list does. I didn’t quite understand what was happening at first, but I’m slowly getting used to the idea that I can make enemies take cover and spend their resources defensively (or not at all).

Target acquisition complete, commence fire!

The list easily loads up both Leviathans while still having Focus to debuff or throw a Hellmouth. These were the main issues with the first versions, and while three Leviathans in theory solved a lot of problems, I ended up only actually using two of them in most turns, which was just a waste of resources.

The Deathripper

The list only has one Arc Node, and that’s a real bother. I know that the Deathjack can cast spells, and just this Tuesday I had him casting Ghost Walk like he was a 12 point Skarlock, but in most games I don’t have the luxury of losing the Arc Node, and enemies know how valuable it is to my game plan.

Because TNC makes my enemies come to me, it hasn’t really been a problem keeping the Deathripper safe. It dies in every single game of course, but it usually dies on my terms and in a position that somehow benefits me (Deneghra likes standing in his wreck on feat turn).

The Deathjack

Traditionally I’ve disliked the Deathjack because it’s been difficult getting a return on such a huge investment, but in this list he’s been exceptional. The key difference is TNCs ability to make enemies come to me, which allows me to spend the Deathjack on the counter-punch while using Deneghras feat to prevent retaliation (effectively giving him the two rounds of punching I normally can’t squeeze out of him).

His ability to heal also has some nifty synergy with the two Necrotechs, and again the ability to make enemies come to him allows for a lot more healing than usual. The ranged presence also allows me to remove the worst threats to his survival, or take away the support my opponent needs to one-round him.

Nyss Hunters

Nyss Hunters with Marked for Death on their targets are just nasty. In this list they hold back a bit more than usual, and rarely are they up front because then I’ll lose them for no good reason. I usually have the Helljacks as my first line, and Nyss Hunters as a flanking second line, which allows me to clear out jamming units on feat turn with an intact unit of Nyss Hunters (since I have no Bile Thralls in the list).

I really like them in the list but the morale issue is bugging me. In my last game they threw my slight attrition advantage away by rolling box-cars on their terror check, and I always have to consider what I’ll do if they fail. The real problem is that no morale-proof unit comes even close to doing what they do for the list, so I guess I’ll just have to live with it and keep applying Puppet Master on important rounds.

Playing the list

Considering that it’s my own design it might sound strange, but I haven’t completely figured it out yet. This is a short list of the things I’ve discovered about it so far, but it’s a learning experience to say the least.

  • I don’t have to feat in order to inflict damage, though not feating usually leads to surviving models running into my lines.
  • I can dictate many match-ups simply because I play a gun-line with a control feat, much like Haley2.
  • I have a tool-kit with a tool for almost every situation, but I can’t spend to much time thinking up plans.
  • The Deathjack is a defensive opportunist in this list, only coming out when there’s a juicy reward.
  • It’s really hard figuring out how much Focus to assign a Leviathan, as the third Focus is often wasted.
  • Aiakos does nothing in this list except power the Leviathans, but maybe that’s actually okay.

Another interesting thing is that TNC makes list chicken really interesting. IAvian over at Overload Online wrote a really interesting piece on it the other day, and I find myself agreeing with him on several important points.

(…) many players see Cryx, and drop their anti-Cryx without thinking too hard about it. More considered players will often think about it, and then drop their anti-Cryx anyway. Why? Because your basic infantry skew will simply roll over their other list a lot of the time. ¬†When one has a anti-Cryx skew list, people often design their other list as if it never has to fight Cryx. And it meant that I was winning list chicken 80% of the time

I’m not entirely sure what this means for me, as I haven’t been in any match-up phases with my Skarre1/Deneghra2 setup yet, but I’m pretty sure most opponents will be forced to drop their anti-Cryx list because of Skarre1, which could potentially lead to some very interesting match-ups if I choose Deneghra2 instead.

If nothing else I’m having a blast trying to Cryx differently, and I feel like I finally have two lists that are worth playing competitively while being interesting enough to preserve my sanity during the months ahead of me. I’m also looking forward to hearing the American podcasts choke on TNC, because you know they will.

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  1. A question: Have you considered subbing out the Deathjack and Denny’s Leviathan for a Kraken? You don’t lose anything in the way of shooting (you actually gain some range), the Kraken can do the same 2-turn beatings for melee dudes without getting hit back thanks to its 4″ threat, and this substitution earns you the 2 extra points for the Skarlock that you wanted.

    • I tried it a while back. The Kraken in fact has lower range on most of it’s shots, equal or lower damage on all of them against the usual targets, and a host of movement/placement issues to deal with. The Kraken has a lot of things going for it as well, but in this list I need the single target ranged damage output more :)

  2. Really like the way this list is evolving (though ugh trying to stay away from that second crabjack kit and Necrotechs…) and I think this latest incarnation is nicely balanced.

    I think I’m going to try some variations involving Nightmare and WE&SJ as the main beatstick option to see if the saved points and durability vs. shooting is worth it, but I know giving up the Hellmouth option and sheer muscle of DJ is a hard sell in return.

  3. I’ve considered WE&SJ many many times. The focus efficiency is higher, the resistance to shooting and magic is higher, and the utility is different but also very good. The only thing Deathjack really has going is better accuracy, melee durability, and access to Hellmouth. The melee durability is huge though, and Hellmouth equally so.

  4. Question, do you ever have problems keeping Denny safe in this setup? Seems like you leave her only defenses to being incorp and positioning. And in my meta being incorp isn’t much of a defense at all. With a Leviathan in her battlegroup and the possibility of a second hellmouth with DJ it looks quite tempting to spend her focus.

    • Oh she’s dry almost every round except the first. I haven’t had her ‘prematurely’ killed yet, as she’s usually in some form of cover, a wreck, behind two Leviathans, or out of range.

      I did have problems against Haley1, since I couldn’t spend any Focus on feat round, or the Stormwall + A&H would kill her, and I needed to spend Focus in order to kill the Stormwall, but that’s the only time I’ve really had problems with it.

  5. Weirdly enough, I’ve been chatting with MidnightCarnival about trying to run a variation on this list as the Body & Soul T4 list:

    eDenny +6
    – Node 4
    – DJ 12
    – Levi 9
    ILO 3
    – Levi 9
    1x Min Drudges 3
    1x Min Overlord 3
    2x Siren 4
    Skarlock 2
    Total = 43

    (With the last 7 points being available for some combination of Cephalyx, McThralls and a Necrotech to bulk up the disposable bodies in the list).

    The reasoning here is that with upkeeps in play, a lot of matchups get very interesting. You can’t slap MFD on pHaley herself, but you can certainly get good usage out of Curse on the Stormwall, Pursuit on a key unit and the like. ILO is simply to fill the T4 requirement and doesn’t exactly easily “replace” Aiakos with the need for souls/siren babysitting to get max output, but there are other upsides too, like the Stealth, resilience to disruption and no going Inert…

    A +1 to go first and a potential first turn Pursuit move for eDenny are both super legit for one of the best scenario casters in the game.

    Anyway just thoughts as always :) I love this build in general for shaking up the Cryx scene…

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