WTC weekend: part 2

The weekend is over, the last swede has just been sent home, the wife is sleeping, and I have time to write a little bit about the experience. This weekend was one of the very best experiences I’ve had in my time with Warmachine, even though the quest to beat Christoffer Wedding failed miserably.

Weekend results: wins (games)

The white scores are team Denmark: white, red scores are team Denmark: red, and blue scores are the swedes. We had an unaffiliated player drop by for a game, so that’s why the math doesn’t add up entirely (in case you actually bothered to check).

  • Christoffer Wedding (6/6)
  • Mikkel Ernst (4/5)
  • Laurents Rønved (3/5)
  • Andreas Holm (2/4)
  • Søren Husum (1/2)
  • Jan D’Souza (2/5)
  • Benjamin Kirkegaard (2/6)
  • Magnus (1/3)
  • Simon (0/4)

I won three games, but I should have won the fourth as well. Lady luck intervened on Magnus’ behalf, and left the Harbinger alive on 2 boxes when she should have died with a couple of attacks to spare, but it was my own fault for letting it get to a point where I needed to ‘go for it’ anyway.

  • Game 1: Skarre1 Vs. Severius1 (win / scenario)
  • Game 2: Deneghra2 Vs. Haley1 (win / assassination)
  • Game 3: Deneghra2 Vs. Asphyxious2 (win / time)
  • Game 4: Deneghra2 Vs. Harbinger (loss / assassination)
  • Game 5: Skarre1 Vs. Morvahna1 (loss / assassination)

The final game was my shot at fulfilling the danish dream of beating Christoffer Wedding. It was Skarre1 Vs. Morvahna1, and I came DAMN close to pulling it off. In the end I ran out of time to play smart, and the loss of my Blood Hag (quick work Nuala that was just inside stealth range) allowed him to get Regrowth back in the game so the attrition battle started shifting (at the end he was left with three models that weren’t regrown Bloodtrackers, and two of them were shifting stones).

It was a really good game, where the balance shifted almost every turn, and both players were twitching and biting their fingernails, so at least I got to make him sweat a little… and we made him vacuum the place before we let him go home (okay so he offered, but it sounds better this way).

Get the corners!

Andreas Holm had a whole 24 hours to wait before his ferry left, so I offered him a couch for the night and some random trash talk. We spent a few hours debating my Deneghra2 list, and while I’ve gone 50/50 with it against good players, and in bad match-ups, I feel like it’s missing something.

The main issue I had was, that I often wanted to shoot and pop a Hellmouth in the same round, so I didn’t feel like I was getting much use out of the third Leviathan in those games. In other games the third Leviathan turned out to be instrumental, but I want to see what will happen if I can fully load two Leviathans, while casting both Marked for Death and Hellmouth on the same round.

Wraith Witch Deneghra
– Deathripper
– Deathjack
– Leviathan
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius
– Leviathan
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Warwitch Siren

I’m not even remotely sure this will work, but in theory the list can fully load two Leviathans, run the Arc Node, cast MFD, and have DJ pop the Hellmouth. This would need to be the feat round of course, since none of the spells are likely to hit without that -3 DEF, and I can’t really find the points for a Skarlock (the Necrotechs have been so very important in most games) so the node will have to make due without Ghost Walk.

I’ll give it a few games and see how I like it, but it appeals to me that I can choose between fully loaded Leviathans with Curse of Shadows going up at the same time, or double Hellmouths with one fully loaded Leviathan. It does not appeal to me that I’ve only got one node, but we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. I have to say I do like this setup better. You have the potential to double Hellmouth if need be (puppet strings on either DJ or Denny depending on the need to boost) which is always nice (particularly desireable if the Leviathans can’t/won’t be shooting anything useful) and that also shores up the anti-infantry component nicely. DJ is excellent muscle vs. the colossal lists as well.

    Mind you I can see why you’d be concerned without the Skarlock, as given the focus hunger of the list, GW just isn’t practical. Do you think (maybe) it will be worth swapping the Siren out in this rare instance? You do get to keep Venom and the Siren isn’t giving focus to DJ or the Leviathans anyway. Admittedly you do gain some vulnerability to disruption and the Siren is a little easier to protect, but might be worth a shot if GW is too sorely missed…

    Just thoughts as always. Really liking the development of this list :)

    • EDIT – Thing is, powerboost on that node is the only way it’s going anywhere fast T2 onwards. Tough call indeed…

      • I’ve been considering dropping the WSC as well, but I feel the re-roll and upkeep removal is as important, and in most of my games with the Leviathans the Skarlock has mostly done nothing at all.

        In a lot of games those points could have been worth more as a Skarlock, because a Leviathan ‘only’ needs two Focus to shoot three times (leaving one open to run the Arc Node), but it’s impossible to know which one will be needed the most in a game, and I feel the Siren covers more bases than the Skarlock does… time will tell though.

  2. “unaffiliated player” :D Seems so official :D But it was mighty fun getting my ass kicked and hanging with you guys. I think it was a needed kick in the balls to get the fire burning again. I have been pretty motivated since so now I just need to get some games in again!

    • I need more games against Asphyxious2, so let’s throw down a couple of times if we can find the time. I just got hired to do a short project for Danchurch social, so the next month will be busy.

      • That’s a great idea. I haven’t done so good with that specific list yet, but I’m hoping more games will help in that department.

        • I’ll help you then. Asking about your choices and moves should give both of us some insight :)

          • That’s a very good idea and I think that would be a great way for me to get some more insight into various areas of this specific list, as well as the game in whole.

            I always learn a thing or two from every game I think, but often the games where to step back and have a more analytical approach on how to play a list, can help form the foundation of your game in a positive way.

          • It would be a plus to have a quiet setting, but it’s not a necessity. It would most likely last a bit longer than a normal game, so we should do it at a day where we both have the time so we don’t rush things.

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