My first games against CoC

Sunday I had my first two games against Convergence of Cyriss. I know very little about the faction, and the first game brutally illustrated how much I had left to learn. It ended up being Deneghra2 vs. Syntherion, and I lost on assassination, although I’m unsure the term is accurate when I only had my Skarlock on the field when Deneghra died.

Still having to proxy half the list… not going to buy two Leviathans until I’m sure I need them.

The game unfolded more or less as I had planned, but I had grossly underestimated the amount of focus CoC actually has available, the sheer number of boxes repaired on each turn, and the destructive power of the Prime Axiom at range (with hot shot). I was pretty close to a 50/50 Marked for Death fueled assassination, but the Skarlock was out of range to apply Ghost Walk to an Arc Node (bah!).

At this point I thought it was looking pretty good actually, even though my first Leviathan just died next to my objective.

I shot the Prime Axiom half to death, but he repaired it back up to 75% while it was locked down during feat round. Then I shot it some more, and WE&SJ finished it, while the remaining Leviathans finished of another heavy. He retaliated by killing WE&SJ, and destroying a Leviathan. Then I fucked up… instead of going for attrition and nuking him right back (at this point we both had two heavies), I attempted to clear the zone and take it home on scenario.

I threw his one heavy out of the zone, but it scattered back and landed with a toe just inside… I then tried beating it to death with one Leviathan which failed, and then I got run the fuck over in a synergy driven pain train. I’m not sure how the game would have ended if I had just been sensible and beaten the heavy to death instead, but it was certainly a mistake to throw it.

Payback time…

Aaaanyway the Syntherion list was supposed to be his anti-cryx drop, so we took another game, but this time it was Skarre1 (and I knew a bit more about what I was up against). I won the roll and took first turn, and when the Skarre1 list has the first turn it looks like this.

Middle of the board…

He tried slowing the list down with rough terrain patches, but since I discarded the idea of a jam-past that didn’t matter much, and most of the list ignores it anyway. I moved up slightly and mini-feated, forcing him to either get in the zone and take a feat charge, or stay back and let me jam-past him the following turn.

This is ‘moving up slightly’ by the way…

So he feats and charges into me, killing quite a few models because all his heavies get magical weapons, but Cankerworm is epic as usual and prevents the Prime Axiom from getting to the zone (he died of course, but the Axiom was the only model with a chance at surviving with a toe in the zone).

He also lands magnetic coil on my Bane Riders, and kill the one I had planned to charge with the Blood Hag to remove just that debuff (note to self… backup Bane Rider in range next time). The problem here is that he knows I can clear the zone and dominate, and kill the objective, so if he stays in the kill box I’ll automatically win if I clear it.

He moves Syntherion up and camps at ARM 22 (it still amazes me that he can basically fill up all his jacks using two Focus), but his magical weapon buffs on the heavies is ‘turn’ instead of ’round’, so Syntherion receives Feat + Dark Guidance Soulhunters to face because the free strikes can’t hurt them.

What did I learn…

I have to assume that every jack will be fully loaded every turn. I have to assume that every jack will be fully operational every turn unless it’s dead. I have to mind my positioning as absolutely everything in that list can get magical weapons, but in the end it’s a horrible match-up for Syntherion, which is good for me of course.

I hope to get in some more games the following weeks, because there’s a lot to learn about that itty bitty faction…

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  1. Are the Colossal Wreck Markers supposed to be the 4″ AOE rough terrain templates? I don’t really see the 4″ ring drawn on them otherwise.

    I’m glad to hear Skarre1 is such a good matchup against Convergence.

  2. Axis in theme would probably do a number on your Skarre list–especially if he brings a couple Angels to handle Blackbane.

    My first Lucant game was against Goreshade3 and that whole “turn” limit on the magic weapons really made me sad. He killed four, but three returned, and won on Balance of Power 6-0 on top of 4.

    I grossly misplayed it starting with deployment

    I think Syntherion is better match up in that game. Magic Ciphers ruin Blackbane’s and Magnetic Hold make Satyxis weep (especially if applied first turn with the discount).

  3. You now how when you have Necrosurgeons going the first 3-6 living models don’t count? And how if you make a placement mistake your opponent can overwhelm one while leaving the other low or empty? And the ARM 12, 5 boxes die randomly to drifting AOEs?

    Enigma Foundries have none of those problems.

    Axis can have 4 in theme. I think it beats Cryx at Cryxing though I haven’t had the opportunity to try it.

  4. I mean the destruction of the first 3-6 don’t count.

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