Q&A: Attending international tournaments

Last week someone asked me what it was like attending the big tournaments, and meeting all the names in international Warmachine/Horde, so I thought I might demystify the whole tournament scene a bit. I’ll use the World Team Championships in 2013 as my main example, since it doesn’t come much bigger than that (except this year which is going to be huge).

Initially it can be quite overwhelming when you arrive at a venue designed for several hundred players, and doubly so if you’re arriving alone, but once you’ve settled in it’s not much different than games day at your local club (yes really). I highly recommend traveling to your first ‘big one’ with some friends of course, but if you’re not scared of shaking the hands of a few strangers you don’t really need them.

One corner of the venue being set up…

I remember drinking heavily with the Americans the first night, teasing Will Pagani about his take-backs who were all the rage on the forums back then, and giving Keith Christianson  shit about calling our team racists (Denmark: White) when our  captain was colored. The Irish also got in the mix, and only after I returned home did I discover that I had gotten drunk with iAvian from Overload Online, and faced him on the field.

It was more or less like an evening with the guys at home, and the second evening we were there I got caught by the Russians, who decided I needed some cheering up after losing two out of three games on the first day. Their idea of ‘cheering up’ was handing me a glass of something home-brewed which I was supposed to sip, but they forgot to tell me that so I slammed it… I vaguely remember wrestling my team mate Simon, and a Norwegian guy dry humping me down the street.

Craig Conroy when we knew he had won… then he killed me and bought me a beer.

I really think everyone should go to at least one major event in their lives, because not only did I make a lot of friends there, I made some memories that will last me a lifetime. Sure I enjoyed chatting with Jake Van Meter in the airport, and I enjoyed beating iAvian (after I figured out who he was), but what I remember best is team Russia getting me so drunk I couldn’t stand, and they’re the guys I have on Facebook now.

Bottoms up!

Don’t come to the big tournaments to win, but come to meet players from all over the world and have fun… and if you happen to learn something, or even do well for yourself, then that’s just icing on an already amazing cake.


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  1. I think that this is something that a lot of non tournament goers don’t get about “The big events”. It really isn’t that serious! Even if the standard of play is excellent, the camaraderie comes through even more.

    I have had the pleasure of having the ETC on my doorstep for the first two years of its existence. I met Laurents (top bloke) Befriended some belgians (Never went thirsty the whole event :) ) And with the aid of the German team cunning stunts, we turned a norwegian in to a gambling addict! I was walking around with a smile and a massive hobby boner the entire time.

    Now what is going to be interesting is this years WTC. I have somehow bought my way in to the solo masters and this will be my first ever “away” event. I will be out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I’ve never flown with models. I very rarely get to go abroad on my own. And since the first ETC’s, the game has developed so many “celebrities” I don’t know how to act around them Will I act all star struck around Mr pagani? Will I foolishly try to drink leif under the table? ! It will be a weekend of firsts in so many respects.

    • NEVER try and drink Leif under the table… that’s crazy talk, and even the Irish know better!

      The only real advice I can give you, is to bring your dolls on board as hand luggage, because anything in normal luggage is doomed. Tell security what you have in the bag, and ask them to be careful when sending it through the scanner as your ‘dolls’ are fragile :D

  2. I have bought a special cabin bag so I can do just that. Thanks for the heads up!

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