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WTC weekend: part 2

The weekend is over, the last swede has just been sent home, the wife is sleeping, and I have time to write a little bit about the experience. This weekend was one of the very best experiences I’ve had in my time with Warmachine…

WTC weekend

Yesterday our little WTC training weekend began, and I’m having a blast! The sun is shining, beers are flowing freely, the food is great, and the people are even better.

Emotional trauma: WTC testing

Today I began testing my lists against their worst match-ups, but knowing that you’re on the tracks voluntarily doesn’t make the train hit any less painful.

My first games against CoC

Sunday I had my first two games against Convergence of Cyriss. I know very little about the faction, and the first game brutally illustrated how much I had left to learn.

Q&A: Attending international tournaments

Last week someone asked me what it was like attending the big tournaments, and meeting all the names in international Warmachine/Horde, so I thought I might demystify the whole tournament scene a bit.