Deneghra2 – Naval Company

Tonight I took my new idea out for a spin. It seemed silly when I thought of it, and it seemed even more silly when I put it on paper, but I just had to try it. Naval Company seems a fitting name with three amphibious Helljacks, a pair of crocodiles, and a pirate predator.

Wraith Witch Deneghra
– Nightwretch
– Nightwretch
– Leviathan
– Leviathan
Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius
– Leviathan
Necrotech (Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall)
Necrotech (Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall)
Scrap Thralls (3)
Scrap Thralls (3)
Scrap Thralls (3)
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren
Wrong Eye
– Snapjaw

The list has a screen of Scrap Thralls, some really heavy shooting, and very few targets for massed low power shooting (well… targets that matter anyway). It can use the feat to debuff DEF, while advancing and shooting, lining up for a charge the following round. The list has no protection for Deneghra at all, and she will run herself dry on Focus almost every turn, so it’s going to require some attention to detail.

Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn
– Chimera
– Imperatus
Dawnguard Sentinels (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Mage Hunter Strikeforce (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Mage Hunter Commander
Stormfall Archers (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Mage Hunter Assassin
Mage Hunter Assassin

This would be my first game against Issyria. I lost the roll but got to go first because there was some lovely cover lined up on one side, which suited me just fine as I would get to dictate the engagement somewhat due to my ranged presence (what a feeling!).

Proxies: All Helljacks are Leviathans, all Mechanithralls are Scrap Thralls, and the Deathrippers are actually Nightwretches, because I can’t frigging find my Nightwretches after not having used them for years.

Having no idea what I was doing I just sort of spread out a bit, knowing that I would like Deneghra to end on the hill in round two, and that Aiakos should be kept safe out on the right flank until the feat was out of the way (Aiakos here represented by a member of the Black Frost Shard because I still don’t have my Aiakos, even though I’ve now talked to them more than once and confirmed my address several times).

I took a chance here, and advanced my jacks up into MHSF range, knowing full well that it would most likely cost me at least one of them. I wanted to pull the feat out of him as soon as possible, and I was confident it would end up in my favor. I had not considered exactly how far 16″ actually is, so with Crusaders call the left Leviathan got a Mage Hunter Assassin to the face as well.


The left flank Leviathan goes down as Issyria feats and four MHSF + MHA takes it down. The center Leviathan tanks like a champ and only loses it’s melee arm, and it has a Necrotech ready to fix that problem, but it still loses about half it’s boxes… not a great start, but it could be worse. The rest of his army spreads out, but it’s payback time.

Pew pew laz0rz!

I turn Deneghra Incorporeal, assign very little Focus except for Aiakos who fills up his baby, and then I run in a Arc Node and Hellmouth the right flank, killing three MHSF and four Sentinels (epic!). Aiakos’ Leviathan clears out the zone, while Scrap Thralls run into position everywhere to exploit the feat round. One Scrap Thrall kills the MHA because even POW 8 is enough to kill them, and because they’re all solo characters I get to see if he dies before committing more.

Snapjaw charges into the left side of the MHSF and kills a couple, then Submerges in order to avoid Issyrias payback, since most of her melee models are now locked by the feat. The battered Leviathan shoots a few more Sentinels, and the left Necrotech turns the wrecked Leviathan into one measly Scrap Thrall.

Self explanatory…

The right MHA charges into my Arc Node and one-shots it, while the Chimera moves in for a blinding light on Deneghra which misses since she’s on a hill. Issyria tries clearing out a bunch of the Scrap Thralls that have engaged the remaining MHSF, which causes even more casualties as they explode and chain explode, also causing the MHSF to break due to casualties.

He puts a few shots into the battered Leviathan who ends up with three boxes left after a Stormfall Archer lands a brutal shot, and Aiakos’ Leviathan gets a few chips in the paint as well. The big annoyance is Eyriss2 who runs in and prevents me assigning Focus to both Leviathans the following round, which I knew was coming but couldn’t really prevent.

Cleanup in isle 3!

Again the Scrap Thralls prove themselves invaluable, when one blows up Eyriss2 (rolling box cars to hit just to add insult to injury), while two others take down the second MHA with POW 8 hits. On the left I completely forget about Admonition on the Chimera, and instead of surrounding the Chimera the Scrap Thralls charge in and roll spectacularly poorly on damage (6d6 damage = 9).

I send in Wrong Eye to kill the Chimera which then walks away (duh!), but the Nightwretch aims and does a bit of damage, and the Necrotech then charges in and removes every system that matters (combat mechanics ftw!). After the Scrap Thralls have bombed Eyriss I power boost the healthy Leviathan, which aims and clears the zone, and I run in Deneghra to Dominate.

Snapjaw moves up and kills quite a few models, ignoring Imperatus, and breaking both the Stormfall Archers, the remaining MHSF who had rallied, and killing Aiyana (great success!). I know he’s going to die, but I’m ahead with 2 points and it looks like he’ll have trouble contesting and killing what I have left, while putting enough into the zone to avoid Deneghra2 just teleporting them out again.

Again yes…

It turns out I placed Snapjaw out of melee with Imperatus, which turned out to be in my favor as Imperatus couldn’t kill Snapjaw with an Ancillary attack after the rest of the list left Snapjaw with 3 boxes. My opponent then had to choose between killing Snapjaw or contesting the zone, and if he didn’t kill Snapjaw he would get his caster eaten…

Imperatus kills Snapjaw but cannot reach the zone as predicted, but the Stormfall Archers are rallied with Inviolable Resolve, and nuke the battered Leviathan while moving two models into the zone. His Arcanist runs into the zone as well, and the Chimera kills my Necrotech rolling 6 to hit and 6 to damage with it’s broken melee arm (for shame!).

All done!

There are now three infantry models contesting the right zone, and the battered Chimera with a Sentinel is holding on to the left one. The remaining Leviathan aims and kills the three models in the right zone, while Wrong Eye dispatches the models in the left zone with ease, turning the game into a scenario win.


I can’t really evaluate a build using one game as the baseline, but the list actually did exactly what I hoped it would. Having a ranged presence like that, combined with Deneghras feat and spells, could be really bloody good in the long run, and the horde of Scrap Thralls is really funny, because they only have to worry about blowing each other up, since the list doesn’t really care about POW 8 blasts.

  • Having a ranged presence that cannot easily be wiped out is great!
  • Having two self-powering heavies is great.
  • Having a screen of little kamikaze bots is fun.

I did lack some upkeep removal, but there’s no room for it in the list, and most of the really nasty upkeep spells affect units. I’m not sure the list can chew through an Arcane Shielded Stormwall, but against the lists this one is supposed to be fighting I think it could work.

  • It’s very unlike any list I’ve ever run.
  • It’s a list I can field with pride

I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere! The only downside is, that I have to buy and paint two additional Leviathans, and finish converting/magnetizing the weapons for the one I already have.

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  1. If you desperately need an Aikos, you can get mine, and just give me the one they eventually send you :)

  2. Any concerns about keeping denny alive vs the types of players you will be up against at WTC?

  3. What puts me off is the question: “Is 9 shots a turn really worth the lack of caster protection and melee punch?”

    • The answer to that question is a resounding ‘maybe’. It’s not just 9 shots, it’s the ability to force enemies forward, which combines well with the feat where I can lock the enemies down and deal with them.

      The list also ignores a lot of the things other factions use against us, and armor skew combined with a control feat and ranged attacks should in theory be a good thing.

      I’ll return to this question with an answer, when I’ve had enough games to accurately evaluate the pro’s and con’s :D

  4. Your list looks quite interesting. But what do you do against gargossals and other high-ARM / Multi-Wound?

    • 3 leviathans, loaded with 2,3 and 3 focus, with curse of shadows applied to the target, will put ~30 damage on a arm22 stormwall in one round, dropping it the next round (since it has to wait a round due to feat). If that’s not enough, I’m sure Snapjaw will do his best to chip in. ;)

      Against “regular” arm20 colossals they do single shots on pow 17 instead, dropping a neat 45 damage on it in one round.

      I’d wager that the mountain king would still be a problem, though. If anyone has ever seen one of those, that is.. ;)

  5. Exactly what I would have said. Sure there are things they cant chew through, like Stryker1, but it’s a two list format and my other caster is Skarre1 :)

  6. An interesting list for sure. Do you think it will stand a chance against the cookie cutter pHaley list? I think the next game with this list will be interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how the list fares in the next couple of games. It’s always interesting when you play something completely new and untested :)

    How do you keep eDenny safe with this list? I’ve been playing the new body and soul tier a couple of times. It’s a total dude spam build with 3 full units of drudges and 2x Necrosurgeon + min mcThralls. It actually works quite well, and I’ve had some really good games, although not that many lately due to unforeseen circumstances. The biggest challenge for me with the list, is keeping Denny safe. It’s not always a possibility to park her behind cover if you get a side that doesn’t have any, so going forward for the feat is always a risk, as well as spending any of her focus. I guess I’m a bit of a newbie with Denny2, but this seems to always be a problem for me when playing her :)

    By the way. If you need to, you can borrow the two Nightwretches from me for the WTC ;)

    • Will it stand a chance against the cookie cutter Haley1 list… well time will tell, but even with all the guns I’m leaning towards a no here.

      Keeping Deneghra safe is an entirely different challenge in this list, and probably the main weakness, but I’ll have to see how it plays out in the long run.

  7. What do you do against something with a long range shot? Both pSkarre and edenny might not like a long range high power shot? Do you legion might be a difficult matchup or that edenny dear turn + levithans crushing legion heavies might be more than enough?

    • The Skarre1 list runs straight through most Legion lists, so I’m not that worried about them. Bethayne is a problem, but the usual Bethayne lists will cry snot when faced with the Naval Company, and Saeryn lists will most likely have the same reaction.

      Keeping Deneghra2 safe from Ravagores will be a problem though… but at least she can go Incorporeal and remove the fire, if she survives the first turn of burning.

  8. I’ve had a lot of thoughts on this list, which I think is certainly an interesting direction to be taking. I know a lot of people will try Kraken over 2 of the Leviathans for a similar construction, trading out some of the shooting for more melee and durability.

    I also looked at the above list and thought about trying something similar with the Coven. You still keep Curse & Ghost Walk, and while the feat isn’t quite so controlling, it certainly offers more protection vs. shooting at the price of melee.

    Where it gets interesting though is the details.
    – Occultation Biles are definitely a thing, and answer a lot of tricky questions.
    – You lose Hellmouth and Venom, but with so many jacks, eDenny isn’t exactly swimming in opportunities to cast them much either.
    – More focus (+higher focus stat) and cheaper spells gives you quite a juicy economy of force, allowing you to fuel the heavies more effectively and maintain the shooting output without sacrificing spell support.
    – You may not have Incorporeal, but you do have Stealth still. With the feat you are generally less concerned about shooting as well.
    – IM allows the heavies to motor up the board quite quickly for early game positioning.
    – Veil also further blocks LOS. You can happily squeeze the Leviathans into it for DEF 14 without a hitch and using the other movement tricks, it keeps those Leviathans out of trouble.

    Now admittedly this might be better served with the Kraken over 2 of the Leviathans, but it’s just some thoughts.

    • I actually did consider WCoG for the job before Deneghra2. My worry is, that without a reliable way of increasing accuracy and delaying movement for a round, the list would simply get overrun if the Bile Thralls die.

      The other deciding factor is Marked for Death, because removing stealth can be critical, and additional DEF debuff is nice as well. I think a WCoG Leviathan list could work, but probably not for the match-ups I need it to cover.


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