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Dear readers. I would like to introduce you to Mattias, because this week we’re going to try and build him an army. Mattias is 36 years old and from Helsingborg in Sweden, where he lives with his wife and two small children, and he’s brand spanking new to the world of miniature wargaming. In his daytime Mattias runs around in the woods hunting bigfoots and deer with his bare hands, or at least that’s what I imagine him doing as a warden in two of Swedens nature reserves.

Bild till insamling

Mattias, ruggedly handsome and outdoorsy!

Mattias caught my eye on the Swedish Warmachine forum called ‘‘, where he called out to his fellow swedes with the following message. I’ve translated it since I doubt most of you can read the gobbledygook that is Swedish, but I’ve included the original message for good measure.

Mattias: Jag är riktigt fattig, eller ja inte fattig men jag har inte mycket pengar att lägga på det här, enligt min bättre hälft så har jag exakt noll kronor att lägga på det här… Så nu tänker jag som följer: Ni ska få äran att hjälpa mig att bygga upp min Menoth Arme, ni skänker mig en figur och ni får äran att ha ert namn på min tävlings t-shirt i utbyte! Vilka är med??

Translated: I’m like really poor, or well maybe not poor, but I have very little coin to put into this project, and my better half tells me I have exactly no coin to put in, so here’s what I’m thinking. Maybe you guys could help me build a Menoth army, by donating a model, and in return you’ll get your names on a T-shirt I’ll wear to events?

I kept an eye on his request for a bit, and when no one else responded I felt obligated to do something. I contacted Mattias and asked him if he would be willing to amend the terms of donating, as I was pretty sure I could rally some of the Danish players if we could troll the Swedish in the process.

Mattias agreed to my terms, which were that every Danish player who donated would get his name/handle on a model, and every model donated from Denmark would get the Danish flag painted in some prominent position. It does deserve a mention here that Mattias has never actually painted anything before, because as I said he’s new at this, though he has been into roleplaying games for a long time, and we all have to start somewhere.

The Danish community responded in force, and despite our very limited numbers we’ve put together enough money to donate a unit of Exemplar Errants with UA, and maybe a unit of Choir if Mattias can find a good deal somewhere. This got me thinking that maybe other countries would be interested in helping out, and I contacted Mattias again and asked his permission. After receiving several very touching messages and permission, I hereby present:

The World Community Army

I’ve never asked you readers for anything, I don’t run commercials, and while I do have a donation option on the site I’ve never actively encouraged anyone to donate, but for the first and last time in this sites history I’m going to ask you to open your digital wallet, and do a perfect stranger a solid.

  • 5 dollars: This puts your name on a special page here on The Overseer.
  • 10 dollars: This puts your name/handle and flag on a model of Mattias choice.

It would be a nightmare trying to coordinate the donation of specific models from specific people, but if you donate more than 10 dollars I’m sure Mattias will find something suitably large to put your name on. All donations should land in my PayPal account (donate button can be found to the bottom right of the front page), and names/nationalities will be taken from the PayPal details.

If you want another name on your model, prefer being anonymous, or feel like sending Mattias a message along with your donation, then by all means send me a mail on lamoron.overseer (a gmail account). I know this is primarily a site for Cryx players, but let’s show the world that Cryx players are indeed the friendliest and most helpful players on earth!!!

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  1. Yep, me too. Good luck to this hard working outdoorsman. With all that orange going on though are you sure he isn’t Dutch?

  2. F@#£¤$G awesome guys, we’re getting this rolling!

  3. There. It’s done :)

  4. Donated as well.

  5. As far as my calculations go, we’ve now capped a total of 100 dollars donated/pledged. A massive thanks to the people who’ve already hit that button, but there’s some way to go before we can call it a day :D

  6. Would be lovely if a few more people donated, we’re only about half way to a decent sized army :)

  7. Made a donation too :)

  8. I’ve got some unused Protectorate Miniatures still in their boxes. Maybe I can give my “donation” in form of a good price.

  9. Time for a new article.

  10. perhaps it is but for now hes away on vacation with his wife trying to finish 8 euro meat platters in man vs foodesque struggles

    Im sure hell get back to playing with toy soldiers as soon as he gets back to denmark

  11. This is the worst vacation ever though. Nobody speaks English, it’s raining most of the time, and if I make it home without killing a bus driver it’ll be a miracle (it rained into the last bus, and the row of seats behind us came loose, and hit me in the back of the head when he had to brake hard). I’ll try and get something up as soon as I get home!

  12. Hi guys! I don´t know how I can show my gratitude for all that you have done for me and this project. In the end I hope I can present you to a really good looking army that also wins a lot of games. Today that may seem far away, but I´m working on it! I hope you will follow this project on the blog that I`ve started for this.

    Thank you so much! //Mattias

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