Danish WTC teams are locked in.

Teams Red & White are now locked in. Many of these players won’t mean much (if anything) to most of you, but I’ll give you a little tour anyway! I’ve also volunteered to make a team introduction video, but this year I have more time to finish it, so hopefully I can come up with something more refined!

  • Jan D’Souza, Team Denmark White.

D’Souza attended last years WTC with Cryx, and did incredibly well using Skarre2 and his patented ‘make them time themselves out‘ Goreshade2 list. This year he’s volunteered to pick up a new faction, as double Cryx turned out to be a massive drawback in the match-up phase of WTC 2013.

  • Simon Sørensen, Team Denmark White

Simon has found a new home burning heretics in the name of Menoth, and also seems to be immune to the embarrassing face and bowel diseases which plagued our team during the qualifiers (damn you divine health!). Simon is also a veteran of the WTC 2013, and Menoth seems to agree with him in a way Khador never really did, turning him from a skilled player into a truly terrifying one.

  • Laurents Rønved, Team Denmark White

Yours truly made up the last of the first three man team which qualified. I’m also the only one on Denmark White who’s actually allowed to play Cryx, so I really have to buckle up this year and not embarrass us, because of…

  • Benjamin Kristiansen, Team Denmark White

Another Cryx player who will have to find himself another faction before October, which means that three out of five players truly belong to the Dragonfather at heart! Benjamin came in second at last years Danish Masters, and is currently honing his skills in the US until summer.

  • Mikkel Ernst, Team Denmark White

Mikkel is the wild card on the team, bringing Zerkova to an application game, but that kind of ‘cojones’ is to be rewarded, and he did promise not to actually bring Zerkova to the WTC. I don’t know Mikkel all that well as a person, but I’m looking forward to learning what makes him tick.

  • Søren Husum, Team Denmark Red

Søren is my all time favorite opponent (sorry guys, but he is), and never once in the two years we’ve been playing has a game ended exactly as it was supposed to.  I still vividly remember losing with Deneghra2, when Sørens Titans began throwing his own Slingers and killing my Soulhunters, during Deneghras feat turn where they were supposed to be helpless.

  • Paul Bridge, Team Denmark Red

Paul is the king of Faction Attention Disorder, so predicting what he’ll play in six months is pretty darn hard, but our very own British import hooligan will return to make the WTC unsafe for everyone again. This year I’m going to use him as a shield against Leif, the drunken Norwegian guy, so I can avoid getting dry humped down a ramp!

  • Stephan Garmark, Team Denmark Red

The man who changed Cygnar as a faction by sheer force of will also returns, completing the original Team Denmark White from 2013, though this year we’re spread out on the two different teams. Søren, Paul, and Stephan took second place in the qualifiers, and recruited…

  • Peter Bom, Team Denmark Red

I’ve only faced Peter once before, and he was the unfortunate volunteer who tested my dedicated anti Lylyth2 list (with Lylyth2) at the tournament in Lund, which ended really poorly for him, as it should when you face something specifically built to bring down your list. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in a more equal match up, and Peter was on team AWS who took third place in the qualifiers.

  • Søren Kongsgaard, Team Denmark Red

The final member of team Denmark Red is the accursed Haley1 player who beat me at the qualifiers (next time!!!). Sørens team finished way down in the qualifiers, though by no fault of Sørens as he went 4-1, but that doesn’t matter much when you get invited anyway.

I’m hoping to see a lot of the people from last year again as well, as some of you guys were awesome, and some of you were downright amazing! Russians, if you come back bring more of that whiskey-vodka stuff, that was some great shit!


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  1. I’m really excited to see what kind of lists come out of you “buckling up this year.” Your usual fare is a bit more of a polished oddball list so I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide on and how you really polish it and run it through the grinder to arrive at your finalized list. Reading through your adventures with Terminus was really enlightening to the process of making a list as absolutely polished and perfect as possible.
    So good luck to all of ya, even if I have no idea how to pronounce ‘ø.’

  2. The ø is pronounced not entirely unlike the u in fur.

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