About ten days ago I got hit by a nasty virus. This left me crying for a couple of days with intense headaches, and then some helpful little guy came in and began stabbing my left eye, while reenacting the scene from home alone where the little fat guy gets his head torched.

Then I got a horn… that’s what it felt like anyway, and after considering and accepting the man-points I would lose, by waking up the wife so she could drive me to the hospital, I decided to err on the side of caution. The very competent doctor took one look at my horn and went ‘yeah this is going to suck for you mate’.


I had gotten myself ambushed by Shingles (aptly named Hellfire in Danish) just as the first virus was peaking, and Shingles being dormant chicken pox virus really bloody sucks!  Then a few days later the Shingles apparently spread to my eye, and I got rushed to the hospital because there’s a small but very real risk of blindness when that happens.

Luckily the doctors cleared my eye, and because the first doctor caught the infection early, I seem to have gotten off lightly (fingers crossed). This means that I now just have to deal with lots and lots of pain, which is something I think I can deal with for now (more fingers crossed).

I look like this

I could have looked like this.

The actual sensation feels something like having really sore zits over a large area of my head, and then having some guy sanding it every 10-15 minutes. In addition to that there’s intense spikes of pain along the nerves leading to the infected area (in this case my eye), and since it’s nerve pain the painkillers do fuck all to blunt it.


So moving along to Warmachine related content, the two weeks leading up to the WTC qualifier this weekend, where I should have done all my thinking, tweaking, and testing, were spent doing things like franticly rubbing my eye despite being told not to, applying ointments to my head, and eating more pills than actual food.

This means that I have pretty much no idea what I’m going to use as my second list, and that’s assuming I can even handle the travel and tournament play. I do feel slightly better than I did yesterday, so if tomorrow sees more improvement I might make it there. There’s also the fact that my head hurts just as much when doing nothing at home, as it would do while playing Warmachine.

I put some paint on my Slaughterborne conversion though (WIP)

The list I had initially made for the tournament is just not going to work though, because it’s way to resource intensive for the player I’m most likely going to be this weekend, so now that the fever is gone and the pain is ‘sort of’ manageable I’m going to have to think up something interesting which is also dead simple to play.



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  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. Man I hope you are going to get better real soon. And I hope that Ill be able to see you in Poland as a true fanboy :)

    • The tournament is a three man team tournament, with the first and second teams forming the two WTC teams. This means that there are four open spots which will be filled by the two teams themselves, and Denmark is a very small country with a limited number of high level players.

      Even if I fail completely at the weekends tournament, there’s still a chance I’ll be offered a spot, and even if I don’t I would still consider coming (because it’s so close to Denmark) and doing some reporting instead.

      Long story short, I’m looking forward to seeing you there :D

  3. Would be awesome if you could manage to come! That 4 hour drive wont be the same without you ^^

  4. I hope you feel better soon

  5. Wishing you all the best towards a speedy recovery mate – we’re all rooting for you! :)

  6. I have decided to go ahead tomorrow. I might not play my best, but at least I’ll give it a shot! Thanks for the support guys.

  7. In the car going to Roskilde. Jan is sick, it took me three attempts at the gas station to remember that I needed to buy a plastic bag (and I still left without one), and Simon is being badgered into handling the matchup phase for which he is ill prepared.

    No regrets, full steam ahead, pop feat and charge!

  8. Well, we did it. We powered through and won the qualifiers, in no small part due to the many encouraging messages.

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