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WTC Qualifiers: Denmark

This weekend Denmark began it’s final WTC 2014 selection process with a team tournament. The tournament was for three-man teams, and the team finishing first would get to pick the two additional players for the first five man WTC team.


About ten days ago I got hit by a nasty virus. This left me crying for a couple of days with intense headaches, and then some helpful little guy came in and began stabbing my left eye, while reenacting the scene from home alone where the little fat guy gets his head torched.

Spotlight: Bane Riders

I know you wanted this sooner, but you know I actually have to test things a bit first… but now I feel I’ve got them figured out, so settle in guys because this will be a long one, and let me present one of the most important releases Cryx has had in years.

Q&A: Lamoron, why do you hate on SoS?

If it were up to me we would redesign the entire process and figure out something smarter, but while we’re stuck with these two silly choices I’ll go with the one I can influence myself, and the one that gives rookies control over their own games.

The Lund Emancipation: Report

I’ll begin with the boring stuff, then continue with the slightly annoying stuff, and then finish with my tales from a brilliant tournament.

Lund Emancipation: Ready!

I am now officially ready for the tournament in Lund. I only got in three test games with my Skarre1 list, but all things considering I’m happy with my setup.