First look at the limited edition sculpts.

I just received this, along with all the other backers for the Privateer Press Warmachine Tactics project. I thought all of you slackers who didn’t cough up the cash, might appreciate a look as well, so here they are, the models you will have to steal if you didn’t back the drive.


Journeymen Warcasters… hell yes!

I have to admit, that those are some bad ass sculpts. Aiakos looks a bit lumpy, but that might just be the angle (the Harpoon covers part of his face), and lumpy only brings him down to ‘must have’ anyway. I think that model would benefit from a slight repose (more action), and perhaps a plastic rod to see him leaping, if that’s possible with such a small model.

Aiakos, with or without a jack, will be one of the things I will find very hard not to include in every list (damn you character restrictions), because he’s like a Totem Hunter on cocaine, and who wouldn’t want that! BRING ON APRIL FOR GODS SAKE! Finally I would like to add, that Sturgiss will be one of the nicest models ever to remain unassembled in a pile somewhere.

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  1. Colour me impressed by the sculpts..

  2. Aiakos looks like he’s bordering on needing a medium base. Cryx seems to be bad about that lately. Scaverous anyone?

  3. aikos looks a lot stockier then i thoght hed be

    hes kinda squat in a way that i didnt expect from the concept art and jumping around fluff figured hed be more lean

  4. I kind of get this mental image of him jumping looking like the Barbarian from Diablo.

  5. well in reality he jumps like the gummibears
    pops some strange berry concoction and bounce all over the place on his bum

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