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This seems like a damn solid release. It won’t be in every list, but it’s borderline auto-include in some lists, and useful in others, which is exactly what a new release should be! I for one welcome a new tool in our arsenal, that will give several of our casters a tool they’ve needed for years.

Lund Emancipation: 3

I had my first game with the Skarre1 list, and while it was against a rookie opponent I got a feel for the list as a whole, and this was my reaction…

Lund Emancipation: 2

Today I wanted a game with my Asphyxious1 triple Cavalry list, but instead I ended up getting spanked in an Deneghra2 Vs. Lylyth2 match I should never have been in.

Preparations for Lund Emancipation

In the beginning of march, three brave Danes will travel to the frozen plains of Sweden to regain their honor.

First look at the limited edition sculpts.

I just received this, along with all the other backers for the Privateer Press Warmachine Tactics project.