Tournament travesty!

Saturday I got up way too early, because the weather in Denmark really sucks at the moment. I left with plenty of time to spare, in case we had to take it slow, or if the express ways were closed because of accidents. The tournament was a small one, and most of the players were in fact from our local meta, but we had all agreed to travel up there in order to support their local community, and because it’s not that far (110 km / 70 miles).


I picked up the three others who were bumming a ride, and we all tried to comfort (in the most manly way of course) Simon who had dropped, and all but destroyed, his Conquest while trying to navigate the sleet storm. We then made it to the express way and headed north into the storm with plenty of time to spare. Martin (Duskern) had been checking the forums for a cancellation, because you know… weather… but the forums were as clear as the weather was not, so away we were!

Denmark is a small country, but our weather is something to behold, and fairly quickly the sleet turned into real snow. I consider myself a fairly good driver, and I didn’t think the roads were actually that dangerous, but we did pass a couple of overturned cars so I might have been mistaken. The Volvo (aptly named Voldborg, after the iconic Danish meteorologist) proved victorious though, and we were about 10 miles from our destination when Martin announces that the TO had just canceled the tournament.

After Martin managed to convince us he was not joking, we pulled into a truck stop and just sort of looked at each other. Then we began calling the other cars, some of which were coming from hundreds of miles away, and it was sort of surreal sitting there in the snowstorm telling people, that the TO couldn’t be bothered to call a damn cab to take him the five miles into town, when people were basically already there.

Teeth were gnashed, posts were made on the forums, and then we decided we were going to hold our own damn tournament. I turned the car around and drove back to Aarhus, while the boys got busy on the phones redirecting cars and finding us a location. It turned out be less of a tournament, and more of a games day, but we had fun and that’s what bloody counts!

Game 1: Skarre1 Vs. Sorscha1

I had brought a list which consisted of Skarre1, two Krakens, a Skarlock, and one set of Scrap Thralls (35 point tournament), but he couldn’t really pick his other list since my Asphyxious1 list would have destroyed it (Assassins, Nyss, and assorted other ARM 11 models). His list had Behemoth, 2x Steelhead Halberdiers, and Steelhead Cavalry so it could dish out some serious damage and it was the right choice.

Poor quality image, but that is the entire list!

Om nom nom!

In the end Sorscha underestimated the four inch reach and got caught by a Kraken, and against Dark Guidance and boosted attack rolls that DEF 20 didn’t help her much. The Kraken used a single attack to pick her up and put her in the furnace, but if I hadn’t gobbled her up I might actually have lost, because Behemoth was tearing my other Kraken a new one (and he was to busy making room with his guns to fight back).

Game 2: Asphyxious1 Vs. Hexeris2

This time I had to pick Asphyxious1 because his other list would have destroyed two Krakens and gone for beers within five minutes, so he knew what I would pick and brought out the AoE nightmare he calls Hexeris2. I cant get his points to fit, but it was a Mammoth, a Cyclops Raider, Incindiarii, Paingivers, Slingers, and an Extoller as far as I remember.

As I was about to learn, the Mammoth with Black Spot is nothing short of ridiculous, and Incindiarii with snipe is just wrong. I talked to him about the list afterwards, because I think his list might be a little slow, and that was exactly the one thing I thought might save me in this game.

Iron Lich Asphyxious
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Satyxis Blood Hag
Soulhunters (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Darragh Wrathe
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Saxon Orrik
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren

This is a list I’ve been playing around with for a bit, trying to get some games in with Asphyxious1 without revealing to much of my plans for the WTC qualifiers tournament, but somehow it’s still undefeated so maybe I should just bring this one instead. I’ve been pushing Asphyxious1 on new players for years, but I’ve never really taken the time to get to know him, so here’s me trying to remedy this.

I won the first turn, and I could try staying outside of his threat range, but with access to snipe I would have to stay so far back that I would have no chance at winning on scenario, which I deemed my only real option. Instead I rushed him, running a few Soulhunters up far enough to be within range of the Incindiarii, and a few Blood Witches up far enough to be within range of the Mammoth, assuming they got Snipe.

Kris asked me if I had forgotten Snipe and was a bit evasive on the answer, because if I told him my plan it wouldn’t work. I needed him to advance and shoot, instead of running forward, because I was going to jam the hell out of him, which wouldn’t work if he ran the Mammoth (Incindiarii were less important, but still). Kris took the bait, killed three Blood Witches and one Soulhunter, lightning another on fire and leaving it with one box.

The second Soulhunter died to fire, but the remaining ran/charged into the lines, killing exactly nothing, while the Blood Witches mini-feated and ran in. Saxon Orrik shot a Slinger, which was my only kill that round because the Pistol Wraiths where getting in position. I also moved up Asphyxious so he could destroy the Mammoth if it advanced, but hid behind a forest to avoid getting lit on fire for no good reason.

Kris spent his turn wiping out my Blood Witches in an unbelievable barrage of blasts, with a combination of Black Spot on them, and the Extoller granting the Mammoth magic guns. A single AoE missed the witches entirely, but drifted into a nearby forest and killed the Pistol Wraith I had hiding there. In short my entire right flank just vanished, but luckily he failed to kill more than one Soulhunter on the left flank, and Darragh Wrathe managed to score a point despite being knocked of his horse.

Gotta win this now!

My sole Surviving Pistol Wraith has to Death Chill the Mammoth or it’s game over, so he does and the first step is complete. I have two Soulhunters left so they charge, one killing all the remaining Incindiarii after Asphyxious had put Parasite on them, and the other killing the Extoller and engaging the Mammoth from behind.

Asphyxious had moved up to dominate the flag (Incursion), and feated defensively after putting Parasite on the Incindiarii. Darragh Wrathe was grabbing the other flag in case Kris managed to get something in to contest with Asphyxious, but the game was pretty much sealed when I got Death Chill on the Mammoth (and it was more than nine inches away from the flag).

Kris looked at the table a bit, then rolled a Frenzy check for his Raider and failed. He moved up Hexeris to Hellfire Darragh Wrathe but missed, so we shook on it because there was no way he could get in to contest that flag now, so unless he could kill Asphyxious it was game over anyway, and the Mammoth was Death Chilled without Line of Sight (and engaged from behind just in case).

Game 3: Skarre1 Vs. Krueger2

Right then… ‘insert bazillion excuses here’. Game three was against Jan, fielding his Krueger2 list, and I had Asphyxious1 which I’ve beaten him with every time we’ve put down those two casters. Being a douche I therefore picked Skarre1 with the double Krakens, but I really did think it was a better choice.

The game began with me baiting Ghetorix with one Kraken, while setting it up so the second Kraken could kill Ghetorix, and get in position to block scenario on the feat round. Ghetorix then fails miserably and leaves Kraken1 alive, and I thought I’d won right there. Kraken 1 eats Ghetorix, while Kraken2 is sort of stuck behind some woods, but manages a few shots, one of which is the main gun which manages to kill one from the small set of Shifting Stones.

At this point I was turning on auto pilot, as he couldn’t harm me during my feat round, he would have to counter feat, and I was still in a position to shoot or melee him the following round. This is a game though, and Jan is a great player, so he abused my mistake in getting Kraken2 stuck behind the woods (no LoS to charge), and he simply pulled back and feated. My shooting was less than stellar due to Storm Wall, and in the following round the Stalker killed Kraken1.

From that point on he slowly but surely chipped Kraken2 down, and me (having no points for Saxon Orrik) walked a seriously frustrated Skarre1 around, fighting in heavy terrain. The final round began with four models left on the table, which was Krueger2, Skarre1, and a two Druids. I was behind on scenario, but I had one shot, which was a boosted Hellfire to Kruegers face. He was in a wreck, so I had to roll 13 to hit.

I charge a Druid to get in range, kill it, and throw my game at the feet of lady luck! The roll to hit comes up 15, and the game gets really bloody exciting. Krueger has taken a bit of damage, so I have to roll another 13 to kill him, or I’ll lose on scenario. I pick up the dice, and I roll… a 12. Jan wins the game with two boxes left on the table, one of which belonged to a Druid going ‘guuuys… guuuuuys!? Helloooo, where did everyone go?

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  1. I appreciate you trying to make the Mammoth look useful by bringing one of the few Cryx units it works against (it’s terrible vs raiders and banes). You kind of negate that perceived usefulness with a pistol wraith, but oh well.

    • Also man that TO sounds like a dick – maybe there was more to it than just not wanting to drive 5 minutes?

      • He said he was unable to make it to the city because public transportation had called it a day. I’m guessing he doesn’t own a car, but he could have called a cab (an option that has been brought up several times during the ensuing discussion, and which he has so far failed to comment upon).

    • Well, it’s not like it has a lot of competition for the title of ‘best Gargantuan’ now is it :/

      I’ve seen it run pretty well in a Morghul1 list, as the added speed makes it out-threat most enemy heavies, and almost every Garlossal in the game. The increased damage also enables it to one round pretty much anything in the game, and it can still shoot all the little grubblies while waiting for the heavies to get close.

  2. Wait first you start playing Venethrax, and now Gaspy1? Did you start feeling what I have been saying about how much of a beast both of those guys are?
    Oddly enough our gaspy1 lists are nearly.identical, except I use raiders over soul hunters and bring cankerworm.

    • I’ve always believed that Asphyxious1 was a strong caster, but I mainly picked him up because I wanted something a bit different, and because I wanted to field my Soulhunters a bit before Bane Riders arrive :)

  3. Gaspy1… King of the teleport to contest campers. If I could count the number of times I’ve got a zone like that…
    Gaspy1… Sustained attack.

  4. Meant to type dominate not contest. Derp Derp

    If could just find the points for ripjaws… God gaspy1 hearts ripjaws.

  5. Having just gone 4-0 with pGaspy this weekend, including TWO games where I faced eDenny (winning one by assassination with CPs at 4-0 and the other by scenario 5-0) I can finally attest to his awesomeness as a tournament caster. He does incredible things for his army, can do huge work by himself, covers weaknesses and holes in lists like a champ, tanks, punches, spells, wins. In both vs eDenny games Parasite/Feat deleted a unit of Nyss Hunters = money in the bank.

    As long as you can MAT buff with self-supporting troops and solos, he covers all the bases.

    And he wrecks house against Colossals.

    @ Lamoron – really pleased to see you give him a well-deserved run! Your thoughts on a more appropriate off-list caster or was pSkarre doing enough work to justify staying as a pairing? Changes at 50pts? I ran pGaspy/eDenny and found it worked very well.

    • Skarre1 was mainly there for fun (double Kraken in 35 points was hilarious). I still feel that Deneghra2 has a place in every tournament setup, and Asphyxious1 can run well without all the characters she likes, so that’s the setup I’m working on at the moment.

      Asphyxious1 / Deneghra2

  6. I love Gaspy1. He’s the caster that originally got me into Cryx in the first place, way back in the original Mk1 Prime days. He’s still very powerful and his strength lies in matching that power with flexibility.

    His weakness is that he doesn’t scale particularly well. A lot of the more popular casters have strong scaling elements (any CTRL-wide effect is a good example) and the feat isn’t strong enough on that CTRL-wide power to make up for the likes of pSkarre, the Dennys, eLich (scales with bringing more things to die), etc.

    That’s not to say that all casters require a scaling element to be powerful. After all, Butcher3 and Vayl2 both attest to that. I just think that his sweet spot is at 35. Also, I really need to play him more. Maybe at Templecon I’ll take him around the Iron Arena a few times.

    • I think he has a some variant of scaling, in that higher point games tend to bring more heavies, and more specialized infantry with either low ARM (dies to the Feat) or low DEF (which dies to his massive ARM swing). Other than that I agree completely :D

  7. Hexy list was :

    eHexy +6
    Raider 5
    Mammoth 20
    min. incindiarii 6
    min slingers 4
    extoller 2
    willbreaker 2

  8. Thank you for this great and interesting article.
    I read your article with great interest since, I had also been on my way to attend this tournament, when i found out it had been cancelled. I do however live only a few miles away from the tournament location, but since this tournament would have been my first tournament with my own miniatures (I have once been a standin player with at borrowed army), I had been looking very much forward to this tournament.

    It is therefore very interesting to see what I might have been facing. I had been wondering whether people would bring gargantuans/colossals since it was only 35pt, but it seems that there would have been lots of them. Bringing few expensive models do unfortunately make sense, since 7 minuttes are quickly used. Since I had also decided to bring The Iron Lich, I am pleased that I made the right call.

    I really hope this annoying incident havent scared you away from attending tournaments in the north in the future.

    • Well it’s unlikely that we’ll put together four cars again any time soon, but maybe if some of you guys come down a few times to show some goodwill it could calm the waters a bit :)

  9. Just a quick question, after reading this article I went to read your soulhunter article and you said in there that you don’t recommend the soul hunters with pGaspy. Has your opinion on them changed or did you just really want to play them?

    • A comment on the forums made me reconsider, so now I’m testing his theory, and so far it’s solid :)

      • what was the theory? After seeing the points made regarind Asp1, I’m actually getting drawn a bit to him. He really has some stuff going for him.

        Seems like every time you get a new idea, I see the light. Makes me wonder if I’ll ever think up something original of my own :D I don’t like copying lists, but I might try out Asp1 in 50 points with a modified list.

        I actually own soul hunters, but I have only assembled two of them. Might be a waste of time though, as I don’t know if I will ever get to use them again now that the bane riders are comming /:

        • Well, the guy said “it’s not what he does for them, but what they do for him” and so far their high speed and large bases, combined with terrain navigation, has been working great.

          Creativity, is the act of concealing your sources… and if I ever have a truly unique idea I’ll die a happy man, but I’m very good at improving other peoples ideas :)

          • I’ll try to keep that in mind :) Right now my focus is still on eSkarre and Terminus. I think I’ll keep it that way for the time being, and see if not giving in to my caster attentive disorder might improve my playing in other areas. I do have some plans to try out new stuff. I’m brewing on a Coven list atm and ofc Gore3.

          • You did extremely well with the Coven, and played some of the best games I’ve seen you play to date.

          • Thx man :) Gives me some hope for trying to run them in the competitive meta. Not because they are the best choice, but because I like them, and would like to try something out of the ordinary. Besides, not seeing them very often at tournaments might give me an advantage against some opponents.

  10. Finally got around to writing up game three :D

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