Goreshade3 spoiled

Goreshade3 is nothing like I expected, and at first I was a little disappointed, but hey let’s look at what we got shall we! Edit: Rewritten after receiving the full spoilers, and the image confirmation!


Focus 7 as expected, combined with ARM 17 means he can tank fairly well if needed, and combined with Occultation he can be darn hard to kill at range for most factions. This also protects him from Eiryss in most games, because Eiryss isn’t usually in the same list as other upkeep removal tricks (and she doesn’t ignore stealth). Defensively this means he’s solid when camping, but this guy has a lot of upkeep spells and will probably not be turtling much. Terror and Undead add further layers of defense as well.

Offensively he has a nice personal assassination potential, with a solid MAT, Scything Touch and Auto-stationary on his weapon. He has a lot of threat range, and being Undead this can be increased to 14″ with Darragh Wrathe, and 17″ with Madelyn Corbeau which is just lovely. His ability to cast a spell for free, though hard to activate (and strangely limited to living models), could add to his assassination potential, as he could use it to remove Focus/Fury from the enemy while dealing damage to hopefully cause damage or another transfer.

The fact that he’s Ghostly adds a lot to his assassination potential, allowing him to charge through terrain as long as he can draw LoS, and his status as Cavalry allows him to ignore small and medium bases for LoS purposes when declaring a charge. Cavalry status also allows him impact attacks, which means that he has a way to circumvent infantry screens.


Spells are sort of weird but pretty darn good. Occultation could benefit himself or Bane Rider, and when going in for the kill they can be switches to Scything Touch. Goreshade3 will never leave home without a Skarlock, as it seems the Skarlock can cast almost every spell on his list (not Mockery of Death, as it’s CTRL). Infernal Machine is one of the best Warjack buffs we could have hoped for, and I look forward to running the Deathjack with Goreshade 3 so he can get all those lovely spells out while camping.

Siphon bolt is a strange fantastic spell, and with Deathjack and Goreshade3 (unlikely that the Skarlock will ever get close enough) you can pull every single Focus/Fury point of a Warlock while dealing damage, which could easily mean their death. Against Warcasters it’s less interesting, but reducing their armor by three is going to hurt them as well, and some squishy casters will die to three boosted POW 12 hits, when their power field drains one each time. If you manage to get a free spell, you could potentially remove four Focus/Fury while dealing a lot of damage.

Siphon bolt is a god damn fantastic spell (the previous spoilers didn’t feature the Focus refund). Turn the enemy caster stationary, and remove every single Focus/Fury from him, while dealing massed POW 12 hits as well. This spell has the potential for being really bloody broken against Warlocks, which is something I like very much!


Now why would all the Siphon Bolts hit you ask, well obviously because of his feat. The feat is really bloody weird, but you can potentially make an entire enemy list stationary with a bunch a kamikaze Satyxis Raiders. I do however fear, that using the feat in such a way would be counterproductive in most cases, but causing stationary to high defense models can be a game changer, and on assassinations it’s just nasty (properly used Goreshade3 will arrive and place 8 attacks automatically at PS 17). Personally I think a lot of Goreshade3 lists will feature a couple of Machine Wraiths, as their high speed and ability to get into the right places, offsets their medium bases (which will produce less stationary models in some cases), but other quick and cheap models will work as well.

List building

Have to think more about this first, but… I’m thinking Bane Riders, Blood Witches, Deathjack maybe, Skarlock certainly, a couple of Machine Wraiths, Saxon Orrik, and most likely¬†Darragh Wrathe. More on that later, now to go check what everyone else is thinking!



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  1. You missed one thing. He’s Ghostly.

  2. Do you get as giggly as I do thinking of blackbane’s raiders with him? You already described them as a disruption unit, now you can add stationary to key targets while your at it! Also in this fantasy I put scything touch on them, hope for a crit, and giggle more at the idea of having fire, corrosion, and stationary on a single model. Anyway, can’t wait to see what you cook up for him!

  3. he’ll like blackbanes too

    • Not sure about that. They don’t do much for him besides being good target to blow up.

      • yeah, but running them up plus 3″ for the mockery should set up the feat very well even better than machinewraiths, maybe supported by occultation if you haven’t got better targets. But we all have to do some testing first, though, many things come into mind i would even consider the kraken for a test, he loves stationary models and will end every casters existence after goreshade sucked away all his focus/fury

  4. I’m a bit surprised to see Mockery of Life isn’t small-based grunts only. Granted it’s only one box healed, and the revived model forfeits its action, but I feel like I can already hear gnashing of teeth about “immortal” stealth Bane Riders.

  5. I agree Lamoran, Siphon Bolt got a LOT better for me when I noticed the refund. Didn’t like it before, but that is neither here nor there. As for Mockery of LIfe I am not sure what to think. Do you guys really think its that good? Only costing 2 is great, and you can cast it for free potentially, but forfeiting your action is pretty huge. I never ran Goreshade 2 though so I have little experience with this type of effect (never got my 50 pts of banethralls so couldn’t justify it :) )

    • You can potentially MoL an entire Cavalry unit back to life, as long as their leader is alive. Charge in the unit of Soulhunters/Bane Riders but keep one model back, and have Occultation on it.

      The following turn either the DJ or Skarlock has to hit with a Siphon Bolt, taking Goreshade3 to 8 Focus, and allowing him to MoL all four missing models in the unit. Sure they’re missing their action, but you now have a fast first wave, which also doubles as fast third wave.

      In most cases you won’t spend all that Focus on doing that, but if you have a house to hide Goreshade behind, and just made 75% of the opponents army stationary, it might be worth it.

      I think the most likely use will be to cast it once or twice in a turn, bolstering the ranks of whatever unit is in danger of being wiped out, but cavalry in particular will love the spell.

  6. Hey look G3.
    Not sure exactly how he is going to pan out.
    Occultation is almost always going to be on him.
    Scy touch? Hmm Bane Cav now hit like Colossals down in a turn.
    Infernal Machine? Omg yes, a caster for DJ.

    Seriously though G3 just made EVERY SINGLE arc node into peyriss. You betcha.

    Gimme. Gimme. Gimme?

  7. Lamoran, the model that casts the spell gets the focus, not the owner of the spell.

  8. Mockery should be quite good with Soulhunters as they have the ability to heal. All in all, he’s a very nice toolbox that can go in many directions with list building and I really love the spell list. Seems like I could just slab him on a Scavvy list and get right on to gaming.

    • I’m very strongly considering a double Cavalry build for my first test. I’m pretty sure that Goreshade3 will end up being one of my most liked casters, as he has excellent support while retaining a high personal ‘getting it done’ potential.

  9. Am I the only one thinking about throwing 9 scrap thrall runing in the opponent face then feat. I know they can be easily killed but for 3 points its worth a try.

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