Bane Riders: Art & Fluff


The Bane Riders are on the front page, and the text is as follows: Bane riders are chosen from among the most vicious and spiteful of bane spirits, their minds intact enough to be given positions of prominence among the armies of the Dragonfather. Astride their undead mounts, these malicious thralls can become wraith-like to move through trees and buildings until the moment they strike with their bane blades to cut down enemies their leader has marked with unholy curses.


The models look pretty good, but I think mine will get some weapon swaps. They’re also obviously Undead. but what else can we deduce from the text?

  1. bane blades, would seem to confirm Weapon Master and Non-reach weapons.
  2. wraith-like, to me indicates eDeneghras Wraith Walker ability, as Ghost Walk doesn’t vanish the moment they strike, and pure Incorporeal seems a bit nuts. Edit: It has been suggested that they have an built in Incorporeal ability that only works during their activation, which would also make sense.
  3. curses, in plural seems to indicate that the Bane Riders can manage without Tartarus. I’m guessing three different curses that mimic Tartarus but doesn’t stack.

We have a set of heavy cavalry that can go Incorporeal every other round, and hit’s exceptionally hard (a possible damage buff curse is not out of the question either). We can add Ghost Walk from a spell, and additional range from Darragh Wrathe, not to mention that we now have something that will actually benefit from the Wraith Engines silly ability to buff Incorporeal armor. Think armor 16-17 with pSkarres feat up, Beyond Death from Darragh Wrathe, and +2 armor from the Wraith Engine.

The synergy with Soulhunters is also easy to see, as having 10 cavalry models charging through enemy lines is just yummy. I call pSkarre Kraken/Cavalry list as something I’ll be trying when they arrive. I get slightly dizzy thinking about the number of weird game plans you can have with durable incorporeal models. This also solves most of the Covering Fire issues we had, as we now have something with a high damage potential that can make it through (or even ignore) the damage.

Combined with Aiakos, the next year looks very promising unless these guys are completely boned by stats or cost, which is still a possibility.

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  1. *Throws away Legion models he was painting out of boredom*
    FINALLY! COME TO DADDY! good call on the incorporeal/wraith walk guess. I initially just went with ghostly and was perfectly happy. dividing the curses into something like darkshroud, +attack, and +speed would almost make too much sense. making them self sufficient, adaptable and worth the points we’re gonna have to shell out. I can hear the outrage of my group.

    • I’ll be disappointed if its just ghostly, because then they won’t fix the problems I hoped they would for the casters I want to run (pSkarre being the exception, as she’ll love them either way).

  2. Pirate Queen Skarre
    – Kraken
    Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls
    Soulhunters (Leader and 4 Grunts)
    Bane Riders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
    Bane Lord Tartarus
    Darragh Wrathe
    Skarlock Thrall

    +5-6 points of assorted support.

  3. Coven

    Occultation to get there.
    Curse of Shadows so you can safely impact attack models on your charge.
    Feat to help keep them around for a second go.

  4. Bane riders spoiled on endgamegaming. Prepare to be … underwhelmed. Ok but just kind of meh.

  5. Not sure I am as excited to see this unit as I was before this spoiler. I hope they make an attachment or a hero or something to help this unit get better. I’m speechless

  6. Uhhhhh the units pretty fantastic.
    Arm18? That’s super resilient, especially when death ward and beyond death are a thing. Pskarre feat?
    SPD 7 but access to curse, death ride, TK and reach? Hello! These guys threat as far as satyxis do.
    Mat10 hitting your target is not going to be an issue.
    Pow15? Or should I say pow20. That’s dice plus 1 on a lot of heavies.

    Impact attacks will net you a few kills on the way to your real target. Curse ensures the back rank gets there too.

    Personally I’m planning on replacing bane thralls in my pdenny list as the muscle. She can basically guarantee they get multiple charges.

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