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  1. Good idea with a place for questions ;) The Terminus spotlight thread was getting a bit derailed with me wanting to get deeper into your thoughts on that particular matchup. Maybe I should just write you a pm though :)

  2. As I get back in to Circle I am not all that excited about playing Kromac. My current tournament pairing has been eMorv (single Stalker+infantry) and eKrueger. I am thinking about dropping eKrueger as I played him for all of 2012. We have very few dedicated Cryx players so I am forced to play my practice games versus Cryx at Tournaments.

    What would you build out of Circle to face against your lists that isn’t Kromac?

    • Tough one. The only three casters I would feel comfortable with, are all in that lineup. I would suggest looking at pMorvahna maybe, as a Gatorman Witch Doctor makes her viable against Cryx, even good against some of our lists.

      The downside there is of course, that you would be running two infantry lists…

  3. I’ve been playing terminus and the deneghra’s heaps. I enjoy them immensely. However I’ve picked up eGoreshade recently and I’m finding him really fun too. My 3 list set-up tends to be terminus (very similar to your list, but a single leviathan in place of Erebus and some random small changes), eDeneghra focused on scenario pressure (raiders, blackbanes, witches etc) and pDenny (shooting lists with mercs). I’m tempted to sub one of these lists for Gore, but it brings up a few hard decisions;

    1, which list to sub? Terminus is probably the obvious answer, however he is the caster I’m most confident with. pDenny? She brings the ranged game, if I swap her I have 3 melee armies. eDenny? She brings relatively confident wins in many scenarios against melee centered armies.

    2, who gets captain Tartarpants? if I keep terminus, they will both be fighting hard over Tartarus. Which one should get him? Terminus loves some long range death shroud. Gores 20+thralls and 10+ knights love curse.

    I’m stuck.

    • Well, as you say Terminus is the obvious swap. I feel they do very similar things on the table (melee, physical, and buff) , and also need a lot of the same characters.

      One solution is to run Goreshade 2 out of tier, and use the ‘Kraken semi-ranged setup’. That would solve some of your problems with overlapping list types, but not with character restrictions.

      I just don’t see room for two melee bruisers in a three list setup, so I guess I’m as stuck as you are. These are the rough ideas I’ve had on the subject:

      1. pSkarre (Kraken), Goreshade2, Deneghra2

      pSkarre does fine without characters, and can be played as a semi-ranged bruiser list. This setup doesn’t include Terminus, but as you already have a bottom tier caster in Goreshade2 I think you’ll have to suck it up and put him aside until your done with Goreshade.

      2. Goreshade2, Terminus, Deneghra2

      You’ll have to make a really strange Goreshade list, or a really strange Terminus list. One of them has to give up everything they usually need, and I’m pretty sure it’ll have to be Terminus, as Goreshade2 needs Tartarus badly. You’ll also have a list that can’t circumvent terrain, unless the Terminus list goes the 30 Bane Knights route.

      • Thanks for the reply! I agree wholeheartedly with pretty much everything you’ve said mate. Option 1 had crossed my mind, and im thinking something along those lines will be my set up next year (with much practice at Skarre, and time to paint her list) but I think its a little beyond me at this point (4 weeks out from our biggest tournament in aus).

        Option 2 was my main line of thinking at the moment, however I was actually thinking of leaving tart in terminus’ list, and gearing gore towards ranged. Something like Gore, Kraken, max thralls with UA, min thralls with UA, max knights, 2x pistol wraiths, many srappies/necro’s. Losing Tart is painful, but I was thinking it’ll become more of a counter attack style force, using my ranged options to lure the enemy closer. Just a thought. Also, over the course of a tournament i’d prob only use this list once, whereas termi will be my go to guy, so i’d rather have him at full force. Just a thought.

        All this really makes me think of leaving shade till next year anyway. So i may just stay with Termi and the Denny lists. Thanks for your advice though mate, very helpful =)

        Now this brings up another question I wouldn’t mind your advice on. Rough guide to my lists;

        Terminus – Leviathan, WE + SJ, max thralls, blood witches, usual support
        eDenny – Max Raiders,Max Blackbanes, blood witches, max thralls, support
        pDenny – Nyss, Pirates, Max Raiders(possibly switched for max croes depending on testing), pirate support, normal support.

        What match-ups am I looking to face with each list? my current thinking is;
        Terminus – my default list used for any non-stormwall cygnar, anything else with no heavy hitters,
        eDenny – cryx, trolls, the big casters (eHaley, eLich), slow armies, melee armies, anything with minimal access to magical attacks.
        pDenny – legion, high def lists, shooting lists. skorne/trolls (if croes join the list)

        Any other advice you can give me on match ups? eg, what do I do for pHaley, Harby, multiple colossals, skorne, menoth, circle, stormwall…. feel free to disagree with everything i’ve written, I’m still lacking so much deneghra practice and not quite sure what she is good with.

        Thanks again in advance for your help.

        • The only thing that really stands out is pDeneghra Vs. Legion. It’s a well known fact that pDeneghra is made out of dry twigs covered in gasoline, and will spontaneously ignite just by seeing a Ravagore on the other side of the table.

          pHaley would probably be eDeneghra, but it’s a really bad match that you will most likely lose (assuming a fairly evenly skilled opponent). Harbinger would be pDeneghra, as having massed shooting really helps keep pressure on her during feat round.

          Multiple Colossals is something I’ve been struggling with myself, and my current solution is… multiple Colossals. It’s mainly multiple Stormwalls really, as the only other double-up I see is dual Hyperions, and that’s mostly a joke when you play Cryx. In your particular case I would go eDeneghra and try to circumvent the Colossals, which could work assuming it’s not pHaley with double Stormwalls.

          Menoth and Circle are factions, and as such it’s hard to give advice directly. I do think a more balanced approach to eDeneghra would benefit you (especially against Circle & Menoth), but the incorporeal spam is very effective in a three list format.

          • awesome, thanks man =)

            Cant believe I forgot about ravagores when I was looking at the pDenny/legion match up. I was concentrating on how awesome her debuffs would be against beast heavy lists, and her shooting based army vs saeryn.

          • She does work wonders against Saeryn, but keeping her alive is tricky and mostly relies on luck (which I think is a requirement any player should avoid like the plague).

  4. Lamoron- as you may well know by now I like to experiment with less good casters. What are your thoughts on pBoreshade?

    Shane- I’ve played circle till my eyes hurt. If I was going to run a caster against current cryx meta opposite emorvhana it would be mohsar. He has all the tools to win consistently if your not a gigantic tard.

    • pGoreshade. I think what I said in the podcast sums it up nicely, because he’s a caster that should be good but isn’t, because he’s about 4-5 Focus short every round.

      He’s playable, and the Deathjack / Nightmare setup is even fairly competitive, but in general I find him to be the only caster in Cryx I would call bad (Sturgiss will dethrone him as king of the rock bottom when he’s released).

  5. Hey, Lamoron. First off, I’d just like to say thank you for this website. Your tips have been a huge help. I’m looking for some advice on Terminus (if you wouldn’t mind that is) since I just picked him up and got him painted.

    1. What warjacks (excluding Erebus) fit him best? Right now I’m tossing around either Nightmare for non-soul DJ, Reaper for board control, or the Leviathan for anti-heavy. (In case it matters, the no Erebus thing is just because I’d rather magnetize a heavy right now and it’s somewhat difficult to magnetize a character)

    2. You recommend undead infantry after undead infantry with Termy (for very obvious reasons), but what about living infantry? Can Termy see any real benefits with Satyxis, Bloodgorgers, or (in some weird list) the Boarding Party?

    3. How does Terminus face down an all-jack army? I mean this sincerely, my meta has a Convergence player who doesn’t believe in using a single unit or solo. No souls to feed the Freight Train engine.

    Thank you for your time and for guiding a new passenger on the Lich Lord Freight Train

    • Quick note: I’ve been toying with 3Gaspy for a few months just before I switched to Termy. I had built a list which supported 3Gaspy, and that is almost my entire collection (so my only infantry are Knights, Soulhunters, McThralls, Biles, Blackbanes, and S Raiders).

      • Ill just add in a little experience i’ve found myself before Lam gives you a better explanation, however for question 2 (living infantry with termi), Ive found blood witches to be quite awesome. They are one of the first units I reach for when I write a cryx list nowadays. A lot of people advocate on thier behalf for the pure fact that they bring the UA with an anti tough bubble. While this is definately awesome, they bring much more to the table as well.

        Gang with 2 attacks – is an amazing ability to have on a 4-6 point unit. effective mat 8 is awesome for a cheap unit that you can relatively ignore if they die. They can be used to good effect on feat turn as they have a higher chance to net you some souls than something like a bane thrall might at only mat 6, with 1 attack.

        incorp mini feat and spd 7- while not great in some cases, incorp can be awesome in many situations. Something about to kill your banes? run 14in and engage them with incorp up so the banes survive another turn. Shooting unit can see through stealth? engage them with witches. So many uses I cant list them all.
        Terminus armies tend to be on the slower end too. Having a lightning fast unit with access to incorp to just run and stand in contest distance of a flag can save games.

        Attack types – yes its true that one of the attack types Is a RFP. This is traditionally bad for terminus as he cant get souls. However, it can be situationally useful against some enemies, and on all other turns than feat turn its still awesome. Suck it eMorvh!
        the other attack type (blood/electro leap) has an outside chance at gaining more souls, which is always a good thing.

        Then there is also the anti-tough bubble. This thing can be a game winner, or a total waste depending on opponent. When termi is collecting souls, very little ruins his day faster than tough rolls, especially if you have paid for ravager.

        Hag also has a dispel stab – as she plays further forward, this is a good alternative to using admonia to strip upkeeps, and its always nice to have redundancy.

        for 6 points for a 7 model unit (with UA), these ladies are a steal. There are a few cons however.

        Abomination – the ladies are scared of Mr T-wrecks. keep them away from him or bad things happen.

        Sac Pawn – doesnt work on them. Usually enough targets for this to not matter, but its here for completeness.

        Personally, the ladies replaced the bile thralls in my list. They get targetted much less (everyone underestimates the ladies) but they can clear similar amounts of stuff (smart opponents usually dont let you purge too many models) as 2 mat 8 attacks with blood leap clears surprisingly well.

        Give them a shot, I personally love them. Would enjoy hearing Lamoron’s opinion too. I cant comment too much on other living infantry, apart from to say i’ve been very tempted to try Nyss with him. Their relatively easy board clearance sounds amazing under feat turn.

      • I’m going to agree with weierdo in what he said. I’ve been thinking about reducing Erebus to a Stalker, removing the Machine Wraiths, and putting in a minimum unit of Blood Witches with UA for those points.

        The release of Colossals means that Erebus is nowhere near as useful as he was before, and the Stalker is slightly faster and almost as difficult to remove (due to Stealth).

        All jack armies should be pretty sweet for Terminus, as they can’t really screen their precious darlings from waves of Bane Thralls. Terminus doesn’t need souls to end games, so I think your problem might be a lack of Bane Thralls :D

  6. Living infantry is a liability at all times. Playing terminus doesn’t change this.

    Lamoron- agree. Sturgis is really bad. PGoreshade isn’t bad, he is just an epic trap on his spell list.
    He can go super solo, but you could also eat paint chips. Neither is advised.
    He could try to go jack heavy, but then again we are back to paint chips.
    He is only good for scenario. Really. Really good.

    Lamoron- what do you think cryx needs most?

    My two cents: cryx really needs an eight wound unit beyond black ogrun.

    • It doesn’t have to be an eight wound unit, it just has to be a unit with durability. I have hopes that the Bane Riders will solve this particular weakness, which makes it doubly annoying that we won’t see them for six months or so.

  7. So, here’s a buying order question. Casters I own: pDenny, Termy, 3Gaspy, WCoG. Jacks I own: Cankerworm and Battlebox, but the slayer is now perma-Erebus. That’s it. I have all the infantry I could want and solos to spare, so jacks are my next buys, just need to figure out which would be the most bang for my buck.

    DJ, Nightmare, and the Kraken are what I’m looking at. I know DJ would see use with 3Gaspy and the Kraken goes with the Witch-Coven, but buying a jack for one list isn’t a good buy in my mind. Which jack would see the most use in a diverse set of lists do you think?

    • The Kraken is pretty darn good with pDeneghra, awesome with WCoG, and very useful with Asphyxious3, so it seems like the obvious choice if it has to be a jack. I will however agree with Wrong Eye & Snapjaw being an amazing choice for many lists, and way cheaper to boot.

  8. Honestly? None. The best cryx heavy is snap jaw hands down.

  9. I have been playing for a while now (about three years but only have played in two tournaments) and until recently with the ATL cryx podcast I am pumped as ever to start focusing on going to tournaments and really bumping up my skills.

    Do you have any recommendations or type of training aid to help a player become better at warmahordes?

  10. why is everyone dissing ghostly? ignoring terrain and immune to freestrikes even if they have magic weapons is a good thing right?

    Incorporeal can pass through other units whereas ghostly cannot? is that the major selling point or?

  11. Hello

    Awesome idea this thread. I presentely have over 125 pts of Cryx as my main army with 30pts of merc/minion to accomodate my Cryx. My secondary army are Trolls (100 pts), but for some reason I can’t seem to get myself into this army. Probably because they are very close to what Cryx does or that I have interpreted them as, heavy infantry base army in close combat, horde army etc. Now before I make another hasty mistake and jump on the purchasing another faction I would like some advice. ( trolls were purchased on a compulsive tangent). I would like something with range, lots of it, and not a infantry based army. I’m not a defensive player, the best defence in my mind is more offence. It doesen t always work, but having fun is more important. What do you think.


    • Legion is probably your best bet. I’ve faced scary ranged armies with less than 20 models total, and armies with 5-6 heavies are not uncommon. There’s also the added bonus of Legion being very very good :D

      • Thanks for the response, I tryed to find some info on the Legion army, but no luck sofar. Do you have a suggestion were I can find info on starting Legion. I do not want to make the same mistake as I did with Cryx and buy the starter box, then reading your post saying not to get the starter box…LOL


        • I’ve gathered some info in the archive on the front page (consuming the Iron Kingdom). I would suggest pThagrosh as a good Legion starting point, but he’s a melee caster with some infantry, so maybe Vayl2 though she’s wickedly complex.

  12. Bob: have a look at eLylith. Granted the internet seems to have turned a bit from her in SR2013 but for a pure legion gunline shes hard to beat. Ravagores Nephilim boltthrowers, nagas and deatstrider stalkers and some shepards for fury management and youre good to go.

    If you want info on Legion check out Jake van Meters thread on the PP forum called Ask Neutralyze about legion its about 80 pages long so there is a lot of legion info in there.

    Other gunline factions are Cygnar and Menoth for different reasons but they aswell as legion offer different builds aswell.

    • Thanks for the help Lamoron & dmeep. I will check those resource out as Legion sounds like the purfect fit. I’m shelfing my Trolls after yet another boring game, I can t seem to feel this army out. At least my 35 pts game with pdeneghra rocked, as I took down pbutcher in turn two with Lamoron’s range list. It still works wonders as feeted and crippling grip pbutcher and sent in 5 banes with ghostly, total overkill.

      • I originally quit Legion because I missed the many options for minor adjustments we have in Cryx, but I have it on good authority that several interesting options are coming for them (I know with a fair amount of certainty, that there’s a character Shredder showing up, and it sounds hilarious).

        (It’s annoying sitting on a lot of information that you can’t really reveal, but this little nugget is just to good not to spoil).

  13. Thank you to everyone who has sent a reply.

  14. Hello Again

    Had a quick question about machine wraiths? Has there been an errata that has come out about them. I played a game tonight and my opponenet metioned that there might be one. Something about when they exit they loose there incorporal? Also do they loose there incorporal when they get a free strike ? Last question, can you machine melf a Kraken ? I like to bring two and they really abuse my opponenets 2 khador non character jacks. At one point my opponenets was shaking his head in disbaleafs. He was a very experienced player so I started to dought hte machine wraith rules.


    • 1. I’ve seen no errata mentioning any change to their incorporeal status when exiting.

      2. If they ‘make’ a free strike they lose Incorporeal.

      3. You cannot meld with a Colossal, since they have a rule preventing any enemy taking control of them.

      Machine Wraiths are pretty darn insane for a 1 point model, and if he doubts the rules you can always show him the card and download the errata :D

  15. Hey Lamoron

    Are Croe’s Cutthroats still a viable unit for my cryx army ?

    Right now I’m looking at scavarous as my potential next caster. I have truly started enjoying the deneghra twins and was wondering if scav would fit with the abundent mercs I,m fielding.

    Terminus is still there, but for some reason venetrax and the gaspy are not my favorites and i’m not playing them.


  16. General question, I’m cleaning my old figurine that I was given and I found Greygore Boomhowlwers & co. ( 1/2 unit ). How viable are they with Cryx forces ? Also how are they useful with mercs armies, as its looking like I got several mercs now. Hordes side I have 39 pts of Trolls and 25 pts of Legion. I have a friend who wants to take them of my hands, so I wondering if I will miss these boys.

    thanks for the help


  17. Good day. You wrote in “Throwing in the towel”:
    “… Back when I first decided on Circle I considered it a Faction that required an extremely creative player, but I was wrong. Circle does not require a creative player, it requires a player that makes no mistakes, and that’s something entirely different.”

    Speaking about the requirements for a player, how would you describe other factions? Namely, Cryx and Legion. Or even casters\locks, if possible.
    This topic rarely, if ever, mentioned in faction\warcaster reviews. Yet, I think it’s very important characteristic. Especially for a new players.

  18. Here’s a question: In some sports, the performers train doing more or less unrelated things in order to improve specific parts of their body/technique for their main field/occupation.

    Example: A competetive swimmer might do weight lifting, focusing on legs, to improve the force in his swim-strokes. A ping pong player might do videogames, to increase hand-eye coordination.

    As a cryx player, which other faction will increase your skill with cryx the most when you play it? :D

    • Uh, that’s interesting. I’m going to say Cygnar and/or Legion here, since both of them sort of negate our main defenses. Back when I had my flirt with Legion, I learned a lot about keeping my important solo characters safe, because suddenly I knew what it was like to have the ability to remove them despite stealth/incorporeal.

      Both factions will also teach you not to rely on a specific terrain piece, as Legion mostly ignores them and Cygnar can bounce all kinds of damage onto models without ever actually having to target them. Other factions can teach you stuff, but Legion / Cygnar would be my answer :D

  19. I would add khador too.
    Khador teaches you how to counter the obvious and the skew, without denial.
    You must be able to handle the obvious and basic even as a master.
    It’s why black belts teach beginners classes. Eventually the advanced things provide little benefit so you need basic skill enhancement.

  20. I have a question concerning the revenant canon crew? How viable and fun is this? Does this force you to play a pirate list. Does this force you to use skarre? I haven t found an article yet on this aspect of the cryx play list. Is this novelty or actual possible list. What do you think?


  21. You’ve mentioned your thinking about a gaspy3 double cav list. Have you put much thought into this yet? I ask as I’m stuck on mine. I’m going to try using scavy as my second caster but he is taking BLT the combine and most likely Aikos. That leaves gaspy3 with DW, gerlack and any Mercs he might need.

    • No, I’m waiting to see how Goreshade3 turns out before I invest any time in the Asphyxious3 build. If the current spoilers are true then Goreshade3 will be extremely well suited to running double cavalry.

  22. Simply put: what do you think of Goreshade the Cursed and where would you use him?

  23. Have you had any more games with the FCoD since your last report with it? And in the new meta do you think it still has a place in a tournament setting if you were to pair it with a list that is strong against collosals (like pGaspy for example).

    • I’ve had a few games with it since, but sadly I don’t think it’s viable. The problem with bringing a matching anti-colossal caster is, that my opponent will then know which list I’ll be forced to take, and I’ll almost automatically lose the match-up phase.

      If you listen to the Podcast I did with Walter, I’ve placed Mortenebra as a bottom tier caster, and I considered her a top tier caster before the release of Colossals. The simple sad fact is, that her tricks won’t work on Colossals, and the FCoD relies purely on tricks to win :(

  24. Lam-what do you truly think of the Skarlock commander? I want to like him but comeon … That stat line?!
    Question two: do you think skew lists are dying a well deserved death? My experience says yes.
    Question 3: Make a future prediction on who will be the hot casters in a year. My bet is edenny and snoreshade3. Despite my protestations that it should be venethrax and snore shade1

    * I just realized I really enjoy the casters you find hideously boring.

    • Hmm. The Skarlock Commander just doesn’t really fit. He doesn’t bring anything particularly useful to the units he can lead, and if I have a point left over we have better options. I hope I’m proven wrong at some point though.

      2. I’ve never liked skew lists, and being Cryx they usually just lose to Biles or Banes anyway. I’m sad to see them go, because they were generally easy pickings, but I think you may be right.

      3. I also think you’re right about Horshade / Deneghra2, though I’m catiously optimistic about Asphyxious1 as this years answer to the remaining skew lists (Deneghra2 Satyxis spam can bring it!).

      I’m also keeping an eye on Witch Coven lists, as I think the combination of the Kraken and Bane Riders might make them see major tournament play, but hot stuff will most likely be Horshade / Deneghra2 as you say.

  25. Ever done the asphxious flying teleport trick? It’s rather silly but fun.

  26. I’m guessing it involves throwing him over terrain or models, him standing up and doing his movement or action, casting his dank spells, then woop wooping backwards with teleport.

  27. has PP stated a reason other than making money with their 10 model repackaging that is still metal? For example, they repackaged bane thralls a year or two ago as a 10 man unit with a new pose at 80 to 90 dollars. I just saw that they finally released the same 10 man unit with the same poses but in plastic this month. This practice strikes me as a disservice to their customers, both removing the ability to only buy a min unit without at least a decrease in price by means of plastic conversion.

  28. It’s essentially what you guys were imagining but in the in correct order. You do something like make a gaspy kill run, fail, teleport backwards, then double hand throw gaspy for another significant difference.

  29. Your not bringing DJ with gaspy1? Wow. Ouch.

  30. I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on a second tournament list to go with my Primary Gaspy3 list. Do you mind us posting that sort of thing here or would you prefer we kept that to the forums?

    • Sure, let’s have a look :)

      • So I want to start this off with.
        I live in quite remotely in Australia, so there is only a couple of people for me to play, therefore my experience is really really limited.

        3Gaspy 50pts
        Stalker or scavenger
        Max Bane riders
        Max Soul Hunters
        Max Blood witches + UA
        Min Biles

        I’m open to changing the biles and Aikos (also haven’t playtested Aikos yet) This list does lack screening models for Gaspy. I was using min gorgers with gerlak but they were always only a: amazing or b: useless slow and in the way. If I have to I guess I could change the pistol wraiths as well

        I’m thinking a good second list would be WCoG with kraken and bane riders but I have very little experience to base this off, really only choosing it as it’s the opposite to this list in terms of model count and design.

        Moving my family to a capitol city soon and would like to purchase some of the second list before I get there but dont have enough experience to base my decisions on

        • Sorry about that my daughter was “helping” me type.
          For the witch coven I was thinking.
          Max bane riders
          Max blood witches + UA
          Min biles

          I think everything but the witches and biles need to be there but that’s just me guessing. I have all the other caster’s as well if you think eDenny for example would complement 3Gaspy better.

          • I think your lists look very solid. Your Asphyxious3 list looks solid, and your proposed WCoG list looks exactly like the one I was considering (but haven’t tested).

            The only thing in your setup that worries me, a bit, is armor skew lists, as neither of your lists can really work through it. I would probably consider switching the Bile Thralls in A3 to WSC, so you can remove armor buffs (the Hag is unreliable at best) and add to the camping potential of the list.

            I don’t think you need to change much, but if you find that WCoG isn’t for you then Deneghra2 isn’t a bad idea (she never is).

  31. I think I remember you mentioning the Boarding Party before, but I would be interested in a full article. Theorycrafting Scavernous, for example, I rather liked them instead of the Bloodgorgers, but what do you think?

  32. Thanks mate, appreciate your feedback. I haven’t really had the opportunity to go up against anything that really takes advantage of armor skew, one of my main opponents runs khador but I just tend to use speed and go around them or hold down jacks with the PW’s. If it becomes an issue then I’ll have to swap out the biles, bloodwitches+Ua and aikos for the combine and banes+Ua.

    Thanks again for the feedback and good luck with the new job.

  33. Lamoron- I’ve been testing Aikos pretty hard I’ve had pretty awful luck with using him with a lot of Jack’s.
    -stalkers seem cool until you run into the same problem that they have always had.( die or tied up)
    -scavengers were excellent until I hit the stalker problem
    – all crabjacks were a,waste of table time.

    The winner(?) Has been fielding a reaper and john stamos (our local nickname for Aikos, due that’s the name of an American actor that shills out Greek yogurt called oikos)

    A single reaper has been absolutely nothing but pure win, drizzled in awesomesauce.

    Double drags on speedy bodies, yummy!

    Do it. Do it now.

    P.S. its embarassing with eskarre or edeneghra.
    EDeneghra teleport.hit, drag drag. Oh the joy.

  34. If you play it with WCog or Horse shade you can get obscene threat ranges.
    ow often does 16+ inches happen for cryx? Answer every turn you do it right

  35. Damn you are right, regardless. 14 inches is substantial, escort ends up being a pseudo assault at that point.

    Aikos + reaper is still embarrassingly good with edenny and eskarre.

    Anything to take focus load of edenny is great.
    I count john stamos and reaper as a second lesser warlock.

    Her feat and drag effects are ridiculous, but you knew that.

  36. I forget what casters you liked pairing with Terminus and why. Could you remind me lol? Thinking of playing a 50 pt tournament on the 16th and I am pretty rusty in terms of actual game play.

    • I would pair him with a support and control caster. This could be a Deneghra, WCoG, or even something like Scaverous. I usually pair him with a range oriented build as well.

  37. I want full details on the Aikos kill! Did you use a reaper?

    • I did use the Reaper, and it saved the day. I was being pushed extremely hard because my Trollblood team mate was a newbie (nice guy though), and I was facing most of a Menoth tank build. Finally Kreoss had to advance up in order to feat, so he could nuke my Soulhunters when they were KD, and he got within range of the Reaper.

      First I had to clear a lane, and this is what HAD to happen. Asphyxious moved up (nothing to fake charge), and threw a BoC that HAD to scatter in direction 1, so it did, and then HAD to scatter at least 3″ so it did, and the crowd actually went wild (we had spectators).

      The Reaper being KD and having to shake, only had two Focus, and spent one to charge, so I had to gamble and landed the hit without boosting. Bought another attack, and Kreoss was left with one box (I had popped Scything Touch on it with Asphyxious).

      I had one remaining Soulhunter so I tied down what I could, and moved up Aiakos for a Hail Mary if he survived. The Soulhunter tanks like a boss, and he doesn’t have models left to kill Aiakos because of a few tactical mistakes. He does however leave me with only Aiakos and Asphyxious on the field, and runs down behind a linear object granting concealment.

      The Circle player tries to save Kreoss by putting up a forest (Baldur1), but it’s really hard to cover all available angles and in the process he forgets that I can also jump into the woods.

      Aiakos activates, moves up, jumps into the woods, measures LoS and there’s 2.9″ of wood between them, but I only get one chance because the obstacle will prevent the actual drag, yet I hit and inflict the final point of damage with the Harpoon, taking the otherwise almost intact Menoth battlegroup out of the game.

      The Circle player had moved down to kill what was remaining of the Trollblood players offensive force (he left the Axer alive due to a mistake in threat range), but in the process he had moved his Stalker (his only remaining Warbeast) withing range of Asphyxious. Asphyxious had spent his feat wiping out the Trackers, but dispatched the Stalker without any trouble, and destroyed the final couple of Trackers with a BoC.

      The Menoth player, now with just some Bastions left, wipe Aiakos out (booooooo!), and the Trollblood player fails to wipe Baldur. We weren’t allowed to coach each other during turns, so the Trollblood player fails to realize that he has to kill a Shifting Stone, or Asphyxious will get Baldur to the face.

      I get Baldur to the face and die, leaving me completely wiped out, but the remaining trolls then manage to take down Baldur for the win. It’s honestly one of the best games I’ve had in Warmachine, not because of the tactical decisions or anything, but simply because the game was so much fun!

      I’m sold on the Reaper though, but I’m still going to have to check out the Stalker and Leviathan for myself :)

  38. Aikos with Reaper its the new black. I take all the credit for it :) having the extra possibilities it affords is priceless.

    I am glad it worked out for you. Thanks for the report.

    I will share my own experience.

    I was using the Aikos+reaper combo in my Edeneghra list.
    I was down in CP and had to prevent a win on scenario
    I use Denny to charge a fully functional centurion, and teleport the edge of zone. And feats
    Reaper moves, shoots and drags it further to the other zone. reaper halves the jack boxes. Aikos moves and jumps past the centurion and snags the ironclad forward into the zone.
    WSC activate charging the Jack’s, trashing both creating new seethers inside the zone.
    WE&S move forward and block LoS to deneghra
    Laugh as my opponent.realizes he now has almost no way of preventing my win and concedes
    First game I’ve ever won with more points on the table than I started with.

    Far too many optionss with jump and drag combos.

    Oh god. PGaspy makes it a a lot worse..ouch. secret tech go!

  39. Oops, would have been one less seether than, don’t.think it would have changed anything here.
    Still having the double drag options opens up.whole new worlds for assassination runs.

  40. Lam-Deneghra 2 vs legion/Cygnus gunlines is a bad match up anyway, but always bring a bokur and give edenny a ranged threat herself, its really all you can do.
    And of course Snapjaw shenanigans.

  41. I’ve been trying to fit aikos into a bunch of my old lists but been getting nowhere. Then I started thinking about your old edenny you can’t shoot me list. Drop the helldivers, MW’s and GSB for aikos stalker and DW. Aikos combined with edennys spell list is disgusting thought I would drop the idea here as im stealing your list idea

  42. I was hoping for clarification… madelyn CAN move terminus? I am told in my meta that i cant because it says worrior model on the card? I have only played one game with her and I’m a new player.

    • Terminus IS a warrior model, so there’s that to consider :D …

      • I still won the matchup against my buddy, but it could have ended much sooner. Every single article of yours on game theory and ways to think while building lists……gold. all giving me a more complete view of my faction(cryx) as a whole. I went to flinging things out there to some seriously hard hitting synergies. I have had 5 people concede in the last 6 games! Thank you.
        Ps.i cycle my casters every game. There are so many options!

  43. I still won the matchup against my buddy, but it could have ended much sooner. Every single article of yours on game theory and ways to think while building lists……gold. all giving me a more complete view of my faction(cryx) as a whole. I went to flinging things out there to some seriously hard hitting synergies. I have had 5 people concede in the last 6 games! Thank you.
    Ps.i cycle my casters every game. There are so many options!

  44. So this might be a too big a question for this section but here goes. What casters and what list choices would you say you need to have sufficient practice with to be tournament ready with cryx. Im not talking a big international tournament because that takes years of practice against nearly all the different casters. But if you had never played cryx before and you were starting off with the alt pgaspy battlebox. What gives you a good grasp over the majority of cryx and why.

    Im not asking for specific lists but something like, Start with pgaspy move onto eskarre with heavies to learn this then egaspy standard because he teaches this etc.

    I hope I’m getting my idea across. ..

    • Interesting question. I don’t know if there’s an actual answer though, because we also have to consider what models people have available since few people own everything.

      It might be easier to make a list of the actual skills, and then recommend options were one could learn that specific skill.

      It would be a massive project though, and my track record with massive projects isn’t great, but I’ll think about it :)

      • At least I managed to get my idea accross. You put it better though with listing the skills and what teaches you the skills. If you were to attempt it you could kinda cheat by refering to game theory articles you have already written or linked to. Then include a basic generalized or standard caster list that would suit the skill.

        • Not a bad idea. I’ve been playing aroubd with an idea about writing THE article for new players, walking them through everything, but I don’t think it’s realisticly going to happen.

  45. Hey Lamoron,

    First; i’ve been a long time follower of your blog and its a fantastic addition to the Warmachine community so thanks!

    How do you feel about the skarlock commander? Originally it was not enthusiastically greeted by main boards. However ive noticed you seem to mention it in a more positive way a few times. In a list with any sort of def debuff it could do some pretty good work in melee with Mcthralls.

    Do you have more detailed thoughts on it?

    • I just had my first game with them last night so it’s a bit early to say for sure, but I think they might be a really solid addition to Cryx after all. I’ll write something about them when I’ve had 10-20 games and know what I’m talking about.

  46. Warning big post, I plan to put this on the PP forums but wanted to discuss it here first.

    So I spent a rather large portion of my life in the military, most of my career, and the most interesting part was concerned with tactical warfare. A lot of it was based on terrain. This has almost no use in our game, but sometimes I do get to apply my past career to my hobby.

    One such case is bane riders. Lamoron has already covered the advantages of arm 18 troops in our faction but I want to take it further and discuss Concentration of Force (CoF) if your not familiar with the principle you should do some reading. Very simply its about concentrating your forces to maximum effect and applying pressure at critical points. The same principle also wirks in physics with armour piercing rounds and weapons. Bane riders are imo a superb unit to use when applying the principles of CoF, they are semi durable good enough at many roles to be flexible or excell at something given the right buff/debuff.

    If we use the principles of CoF and include a unit that can help us avoid a loss through attrition (mech thralls) we start to get the the beginnings of a list.

    If we combine CoF and a caster that can hamper the enemies turn we can start to control the game and with mech thralls maintain this hold. Add in some assassination threats to take advantage of the situation and we have most of the list. Trouble is my actual playing experience is limited so I need help to finish it of. These numbers are based off eDenny but eSkarre or the Coven would also suit wuth some minor changes. pDenny or pSkarre are also possible.
    The bloodwitches due to the minifeat and other abilities are a multi role unit. Minifeat works extremely well with CoF as you can apply pressure wherever you need to, clouds add another control method and they add to the mech factory which is crucial.

    Swapping Deathjack for nightmare and a skarlock is an option.

    Bane riders
    Min mechs with skarlock commander
    Min mechs with skarlock commander
    Aikos with a stalker
    Blood witches with ua

    Please let me know what you all think and do I need to cover CoF more. And Lam sorry for adding a wall of text without asking. If this is not the place for this please delete this post.

    • Well I’d rather not the site turn into another forum, but I think you should post this on the PP forums, as there’s some merit to the idea. I usually call it force application, since I was never in the military, but the concept remains the same :D

      It’s the delicate balance between having too many heavy hitters that are great at CoF but vulnerable to attrition, and having the numbers to grind an opponent down while still having enough CoF to seal the deal. I think the Bane Riders are a great ‘middle of the road’ unit in that aspect, so of course you should post it :)

      • Sorry about that, was a bit worried my lack of game experience would cause it to become lost in comments on the ppforums, was hoping a discussion with the world famous blogger first might prevent that ad I think it could be helpful to people.

        But I’ve already realized it lacks a point or objective, what is it about? Tactics, list building, one particular list? I think it could do with a couple more example lists and a lot more examples of CoF covering the use of bane riders in conjuction with other units.

        Not sure why I couldn’t see this before I posted it here.

        • Hjelmens ‘world famous blogger’ comment just never goes away… I’ll have to beat him with a raw salmon one of these days :D

          The point of the post could be ‘how to attain the attrition/concentration balance’ with a walkthrough of our different casters and how they attain said balance (or why they don’t need to in the few cases that don’t), and how the Bane Riders fit into those lists.

  47. Hey Lamoron,

    You’ve put up a lot of interesting ideas and this site has been very useful food for thought for my growth playing Cryx. I’d like to ask your opinion on a particular topic which the PP forums have not been particularly forthcoming with constructive advice. What are possible benefits of taking 2Gaspy as a pairing with either pDenny or Terminus as opposed to just pairing Terminus with pDenny? Also, in your opinion, which caster would be the best pair with 2Gaspy?

    The reason for this query is that for the last few tourneys that I’ve played with the 2Gaspy & Terminus pairing I’ve noticed that Terminus tends to get played more than 2Gaspy. Also it does not answer the seriously difficult anti-Cryx lists like Saeryn or pHaley. It appears to me that pDenny and Terminus pair better than 2Gaspy pairs with either of them. While 2Gaspy is still very powerful (even after all the nerfs), he appears to me to occupy a strange position in list pairings because his style of play is a hybrid of the p/eDenny and Terminus/pSkarre lists.

    Thank you for your thoughts on this topic. Would it help to see the lists that I’ve been playing too?

  48. Hey Lam, note sure if you remember an email I sent you a while ago about running 2 WE’s. We talked very briefly about how it had some merits but would take a lot of testing and would also be an expensive list to build, well this list was taken by the guy that came 2nd (I believe) in the Australia team champs, it was in fairness his second list and didn’t get much table time but I thought you might find it interesting, if you haven’t seen it already. To make it doubly awesome it also has 2 scavengers, I think I might be a little bit in love with it’s quirkiness and its awesomeness.

    – Reaper
    – Skarlock
    Wraith Engine
    Wraith Engine
    10 Blood Witches
    – Hag
    Aikos, Scourge of the Meridius
    – Scavenger
    – Scavenger
    Raider captain
    Gerlack Slaughterborn
    Darragh Wrathe
    3 Scrap Thralls

  49. Miss your theory articles man. Are you going to have an opportunity to voice your thoughts after hands-on experience with the new models anytime soon?

    • Problem is, that Warmachine became serious business. It’s hard finding room to experiment, with a limited number of games per month, and a need to create a killer list for the big tournaments coming up.

      On top of those issues I find that Character Restrictions are hampering every interesting build I come up with. In most lists it’s the lack of one key model who just happens to be in my other list, and it’s so incredibly frustrating.

      I’m really looking forward to writing a piece on Aiakos, but I’m just not there with experience yet. Maybe if this Scaverous list I’ve been cooking up turns out well, I’ll feel comfortable talking about Aiakos in a couple of months.

  50. Lam- what are you dropping against emorv?
    Neither list you have been testing.seems like a good drop.

    Purification is so hard to get around.

    I’m seeing either WCoG or Scavernous as the correct drop.

    • Skarre1 absolutely destroys her. I just love their faces when they ask ‘you have anything that removes from play?’ and I go ‘well these 21 models do’ (Ghost Raiders and Blood Witches).

      Last time I fought her she had a feat round consisting of one tree and one dog. If it’s the Gargantuan version then Skarre1 still wins, because unlike every other caster she doesn’t care about the spell ward because she’s a buffer.

      It’s not an automatic win, but it’s an easy match-up. The only real problem I’ve encountered in Circle is Krueger2.

  51. Hmm I’ve had nearly the opposite happen when I ran Skarre into emorv. Granted the list making the rounds here is not the same as most

  52. What’s making the rounds here is the stone shrimp x 2, druids x , 2 gargantuan, stones x 2.

  53. Crud hit enter on accident.

    I’m having a comedy of a time with Venethrax right now. Bane knights were exactly what he needed to go to 11.

    He’s not boring anymore.

    • He is… he might have a fun list though, but candy in a litter box is still candy.

      • Venethrax is so not litter candy more like a plate of bacon and a stein of beer.

        + bane knights
        + satyxsis pod
        + assorted solos

        It’s my new anti dude spam list.
        You don’t have to remove the board just enough to win the alpha and retaliation war

  54. Lamoron- Do you Feel that cryx is still an alpha punch army or are you moving towards control matches or something else entirely?

    In my meta, dude spam is dead as dead can be.
    Jack walls/ MMM(SCREW FIST OF HALAAK) / colossal shooting
    Are dominating

    Alpha punching those do very little, IF you can pull it off.
    (Incorporeal isn’t totally protected)

    I’m moving mote towards a control/scenario game now days.

    Scaverous and ESkarre have become my go to drops.


    • Fever brain might influence the quality of any answer! I’m currently fielding one alpha list and one control list, because I’ve had much the same thoughts. I’ve not reached a conclusion yet though :)

      • It’s been my personal experience that ESkarre fixes so many of the bad matches that I want to give her a cookie.
        I am currently testing out several variants trying to find one I’m entirely happy with.
        So far the stand outs lists have been based on the following core

        Boomhowlers (full)
        Wrong Eye and Snapjaw

        I want to run Aikos here but he’s more comfortable with PDenny gunlines, another jack seems to be what she needs but she just can’t fuel one (where’s the inflictor when you need it)

        I may give throwing in a wraith engine a shot.


        • Skarre2 never sat right with me, but I tried building her with limited options and like everyone suggested. Your setup looks really interesting though.

          I did theorymachine some lists that look a bit like yours, but with Aiakos + Leviathan instead of Wrong Eye, and Bloodgorgers instead of Boomhowlers.

          After the WTC I might give it a try.

  55. Lamoron- the synergy with WE&S, and boomers with Skarre is just hard nuts. So many turns of untargetable threats.

    Aikos + levithan is what’s missing for sure.

  56. For something completely secret tech.
    I’m bringing this ugly to a tourney

    Full Steel Head Riflemen
    Dougal McNaile

    In testing its just punishing over and over.

  57. Reroll CRA has better odds then a higher RAT.
    Hunter is an advantage that ill give Nyss

    Range is largely irrelevant. Stealth from caster.
    Pathfinder see caster.

    Cylena can be singled out and well we know what happens then.

    Fyi I went 3-1 losing in final tie breaker round to harkevich tier list
    Finals I had to swap to pGaspy

    Round 1: EMorv. Cleared the shrimp dropped the stalkers and gorax CRA emorv for win
    Round 2: PGaspy takes PHaley. Soloing stormwall is awesome, took scenario.
    Round 3: Fist of halaak. WCog fuels up kraken. It clears out Cetrati. I lose kraken but carry it on scenario grab because speed 9 is the bomb for running
    Round 4: Double Konquest. I bring one down but other dirt punches pgaspy cause I didn’t teleport far enough because I was worried about being out of control…

    • Nifty. I’m so looking forward to half a year of playing some new things every now and again :D

      • If you had to take a stance on the most under rated /under used caster in cryx who is a secret powerhouse who would it be and why?

        I think its a tie between PShade or Esturgis.

        • Venethrax because that guy is a god, and he ends up near the bottom every time there’s a popularity contest. I’ve got Sturgis2 on my list for post-wtc fun as well, though at the moment I still think he’s crap (might change if I have a eureka moment).

        • Goreshade1 is one release away from awesome, but until he’s allowed a round of ‘both his important spells’ I’m leaving him in the box.

          I tried melee, I tried ranged, I tried tricky teleportation, and he’s a 1.5 trick pony. He can camp pretty well, but so can a lot of casters, he can attrition pretty well but not as good as his epic version, and if you want to actually do anything with him you’re hard pressed for resources. I don’t like him at all :)

  58. I think anyone who doubts lord Venethrax is an outright fool.
    My god does he like desecrators

    PShade is a two trick pony but my god its a good trick.
    I’ve consistently beaten phaley thanks to his trick.

  59. Lam- Common mistake. Haley is one of those casters that its often easier to focus on all the stuff you are losing and can’t do and lose sight of the goal …
    Just kill haley.
    I can’t count the number of times if gotten her by just getting in range aspawning bane thralls behind the storm wall.
    Only really need one to get in Btb and then its goodnight if she is not on full
    The other trick is to use Gate to get jacks in much closer than and shoot her to death the following round.

  60. Hello Lamoron,

    I’m a new player who wants to start his adventure in this game with Cryx :). I have found your blog by googling about double Leviathan list. I’m list looking for my first list what will be started at 15 points and later expanded step by step. So here are my two main questions:
    – Do you think it’s possible to play deneghra + leviathan at 15 points?
    – Second list i was thinking about was Skarre Theme list Skarre Ships in the Night with Press Gangers and Revenant Crew. I’m still newbie but it looks like great list for 50p games with Press Gangers being 10 tough models just for 5 points. Still when i looked for info about this kind o list i only found 1, from last year. Do you think that this theme list has any competitive potential?

    • Deneghra1 + Leviathan + Arc Node will do very well indeed. Skarre1 theme force is… problematic. You should probably play some games before deciding on 50 point builds :)

      • I will play some games before adding more points for sure ;) Just want to make sure that i start with something that later will be still viable option with just adding 1-2 more things each time i expand it. Could you please elaborate on this problematic thing of the theme list? :P You got me very interested :)

        • Might require more than a comment. The main thing is, that the models you purchase for that list will be of little to no use in any other build.

          Try going to my WTC Cryx builds article (up now on the front page) and check out the Skarre1 lists. That should give you some ideas. I will aldo recommend magnets for your Helljacks, so you can switch around without buying even more models :)

      • So i’m thinking about something like this:
        System: Warmachine
        Faction: Cryx
        Casters: 1/1
        Points: 15/15
        Warwitch Deneghra (*5pts)
        * Deathripper (4pts)
        * Leviathan (9pts)
        Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 5 Grunts) (7pts)

        ps i just saw that next WTC is here in Poland.. :P

        • The only reason not to run that list, is the immediate lack of friends/opponents. Even if you play poorly there won’t be m(any) 15 point lists that can touch you.

          I would bring a backup list where your opponents actually stand a chance… like Asphyxious1 :D

  61. The PDenny starter is actually pretty decent start to cryx.

    Deathrippers are awesome, Your going to field them. A LOT.
    Don’t glue together the slayer yet, leave off the arms and head.
    Defiler is… Mediocrity leave off the head and bits order a Deathripper head and card.

    I think a good buy for new players is to pick up the erebus or malice upgrade pack for the slayer.

  62. Lam- You should do A collaborative “getting started with cryx guide” for tota new people.l

    • I tried once… it got so complicated that no rookie could benefit :D

      • I’ve done up a REAL basic guide.

        So you bought the Battle Box?
        Congratulations you chose wisely.
        The cryx battle box is one of the best Value for your dollar purchases you can make

        So in the box you will find
        Deathripper x 2

        Deathrippers are absolutely critical to a cryx player coming with the fantastic rule: Arc Node. Arc nodes allow you to extend your range on your spells if you have not engaged in melee combat.
        Their other fantastic ability is sustained attack. Once you hit one time you can spend a focus to automatically hit with other attack only limited by the 3 focus on it.

        Slayers are a solid middle weight jack. As a heavy hitter it is solid in output but is easily damaged and destroyed. It’s also a focus hog. Necessitating at minimum 2 focus to operate.

        Defiler- another arc node but with a spray attack. Useful but at 5 points its solidly mediocre. Not necessarily a bad option but not required. Protip: don’t glue the head on and photo copy a Deathripper card to use as a proxy.

        Your first purchases

        Bane Thralls box set
        Bane thrall officer and standard bearer
        This unit is notorious for a reason. Stealth weaponmasters with dark shroud kill everything they touch. The UA makes them more ridiculous with tough and a standing up ability.

        Bane Lord Tartarus
        One of the strongest solos in the game. He speeds up your banes, makes them more accurate and creates more as he kills. An absolute must have.

        Mechanithralls- cheap hard hitting cannon fodder. Possibly the cheapest unit in game. Denny1 fixes every problem with them.
        Also have a fantastic recursion mechanic with….

        Neurosurgeon and stitch thralls. This solo keeps your mechanithralls coming back turn after turn. Very cheap unit.

        Warwitch siren- one of the best solos you can own. A magical highly accurate spray is great, but power booster helping your spell slinger get more mileage is golden.

        Skarlock Thrall- an attachment to your caster that provides a huge benefit by being able to cast your warcasters spells! With this guy its possible to use the same debuff 3 times! Upkeep it, caster recast, and Skarlock casts!

        Your first thirty five point list will look like

        Warwitch Deneghra
        – Deathripper
        – Deathripper
        – Slayer
        – Skarlock Thrall
        Full Bane Thralls + UA
        Bane lord Tartarus
        Full mechanithralls
        Neurosurgeon and stitch thralls
        Warwitch siren

        This list has literally hundreds of games by hundreds of players under its belt. You can feel confident that you can hang with anyone at this points and decimate once you get practice games under your own belt.

  63. I miss reading your spotlight articles man! Specifically, I’d love to see one on Goreshade 3.

  64. Hello again,

    I’m starting my adventure with Journeyman League with pgaspy alternative BB.
    I’m still big fan of your denny gun lists. I want to ask how can i expand it, staying true to the gunline idea :).

    For 15 points i have:
    Iron Lich Asphyxious
    Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thral

    So question is what should i do next for the 25 and 35 points? For 25 was thinking about adding full unit of Nyss :)

  65. Nyss Hunters are always lovely, though with Asphyxious1 they can suffer a little from a lack of accuracy. The upside is that both Scything Touch and Parasite can help them out, turning them into crazy armor cracking as well.

    At 35 I would look into taking Satyxis Blood Witches + UA and Saxon Orrik, both of which are excellent choices for Asphyxious1. Are you planning to stick with Asphyxious1, or are you going to change him to Deneghra1?

  66. Croak hunters? Any experience with them?
    Two running as tandem harassment or another light warbeast instead?

  67. So are you sold on Denny 3 or are you still running her to get a feel?

  68. Are you feeling any love at all for Barathrum? He’s just appeared on the shelves here in Melbourne and I’m looking for another heavy (contemplating Deathjack or Wrongeye & Snapjaw).

    • I’m feeling like the people who designed it should be dunked in liquid manure. The thing is – currently – useless and insanely expensive (in real money). We&SJ is pure gold, though tricky at first, so get them instead :)

  69. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope you have a great 2016. Oh, and Deathjack and W&S are on order!

  70. Good day.
    I have a question about your old Terminus list. What steamroller objective would you choose for it? I am torn between Effigy of Valor (fearless Madelyn, maybe even cover for her for a turn) and Stockpile (steady Terminus + stand-up in 4″ for everyone). But maybe there is even better alternative?

    • I would probably choose bunker. You really want to force a confrontation with the ranged lists, and being unable to shoot your objective is a good step, and has synergy with the general ‘cannot shoot me’ theme.

      In addition a Madelyn with immunity to blast damage needs a direct hit magic attack to kill, which is a bit harder to accomplish.

  71. Hi,

    Thinking of trying some ESkarre games. Her feat has the word target in it. I’m aware that something can be slammed into me, thrown into me, or electroleaped into me, or people can run their own models and shoot those with AOEs or something like scourge.

    However, my question is if I feat on Eskarre and she gets knocked down, can she be shot or attacked in melee?

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