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Player requirements: Faction

I had an interesting question from ‘theurge’, which I feel requires more than a comment to answer. Back when I quit Circle, I stated that Circle didn’t require creativity but flawless play, which are two very different things, and this prompted theurge to ask the following question.

Bane Riders: Spoilers & theories

They’ve finally hit the ‘spoil’ button on Bane Riders, and some people were disappointed. I for one am not amongst them, and I’m very happy with what we got, to the point of me thinking Privateer Press might have overdone it slightly.

Bane Riders: Art & Fluff

Astride their undead mounts, these malicious thralls can become wraith-like to move through trees and buildings until the moment they strike with their bane blades to cut down enemies their leader has marked with unholy curses.

Here’s where you ask your question

As per popular request, here’s a place for you to ask questions. I can’t promise speedy answers, or even good ones, but I’ll do my best.