Pirate Queen Skarre: 1

While working on the final part of the WTC report I got a little distracted. There were a lot of pSkarre players at the WTC, and I’ve only ever played her once or twice, so I got to thinking about her and what I could do to make her interesting. Now I’ve seen several players run her with a Kraken, but I got to thinking about running her with two.

Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion!

I admit that maybe I’m also looking for something that is really unlike the WTC lists I’ve been running for the last six months, but while I was unpacking my models and putting them back in their drawers, I noticed my painted and lovely Soulhunters which I never use any more.

Pirate Queen Skarre
– Kraken
– Kraken
Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls
Soulhunters (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Darragh Wrathe
Skarlock Thrall
Machine Wraith (or Necrotech & Ike)

This is a 50 point list with fifteen models in it (and three of them have no attacks), which is about as far out of my comfort zone as I can possibly get. The Krakens supposedly shoot whatever present the greatest threat, and the Soulhunters do their best not to get shot in return while hanging back to counter charge.

… yes I went there…

If an opponent is out-shot, which is perfectly feasible with two fully powered Krakens shooting him every round, his only option is to come to me. This allows me to use my feat offensively, and a unit of Soulhunters with incorporeal can charge in some strange angles, negating a lot of the troubles with two huge bases blocking everything.

The Kraken is armor 19, and with Skarres feat they’re armor 24, while Darragh Wrathe can hide behind them using Beyond Death, effectively making them ARM 26 against living melee models which is what almost every Hordes faction relies on when killing a Kraken. In addition the Soulhunters will be 14/20 which is damn solid, and depending on the setup they can benefit from Beyond Death as well, making them seriously hard to remove.

The list will have a bazillion bad match-ups (in theory), but it also uses just a single character so if it works I might make it my secondary list at tournaments. Now I’m just looking forward to actually playing it, because we all know that theory and reality don’t always match.



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  1. For true low model-count fun why don’t you try:

    Wraith Engine
    Wraith Engine

    Five models at 50 points. Awesome. Also rubbish. But mainly awesome.

  2. Why not drop the soul hunters and add 20 mc thralls? Get the best of both worlds, infantry spam and armor skew

    • First of all because I don’t like Mechanithralls. Secondly they have nowhere near the speed or flow needed to effectively counter a threat, and finally because I don’t like Mechanithralls :D

  3. Trouble with charging soulhunters through Krakens is they still need to be able to see their target – incorporeal doesn’t get that particular rule of flight. Also I’m not at all sure that 2 fully fueled Krakens wins a shooting war – indeed, it seems like they lose to one arcane shielded Stormwall, who has 3 more armor, the same total number of big guns, and 1 more pow on said big guns.

    • I meant that they can charge through parts of huge bases, not all of it.

      • http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/1989/gn17.jpg

        As you can see, despite my poor paint skills, the Incorporeal status of the Soulhunters allows them to charge models as long as they can see them. With a 11″ move they can charge straight through huge based models, which no other model in the game can.

        I’m not saying it will work, I’m just saying that you ‘can’ charge through the models, you just need LoS to the target :)

        • Hey Laurents. Enjoyed your updates from the WTC. Shame we didnt get to make it this year, but there is a chance we will be back next year.

          pSkarre is my favourite caster in Cryx, and in the same way that you found Terminus just unbeatable, I had similar results with pSkarre. I havent lost a tournament game with her since…. well, I dont think I have lost a tournament game with her, put it that way. I went 3-0 with her at last years OETC.

          Anyway, so here is a blog post of mine you may find interesting:


          About the games I did with twin Kraken with pSkarre. I had a similar list. I went for Raiders instead of Soulhunters, and added Ragman. Worked pretty well actually.

          Also, Soulhunters can in fact charge through the Kraken without LOS, because its a cavalry charge, and you ignore intervening models for LOS… :)

          All the best!

  4. Had some thoughts:

    Firstly – Necrotechs? I think when you have a point for the Machine Wraith, I’m wondering if the value of repair might pay off in this setup? Particularly when it makes the Kraken(s) very difficult to cripple and thus keeps them working nearer full capacity until destroyed. Now obviously the Necrotech is hardly the most reliable model out there, but it could pan out nicely enough, and you get a Scrap Thrall into the equation too for backup Rit Sacrifice or just general amusement

    Second, I wondered if to help even the numbers a bit, Bile Thralls might be a super solid purchase in this setup. Being outnumbered on the field really only makes the little tubbykins extra happy when they get to purge, and the Krakens being so durable means they really don’t care about any of the resulting splash damage either. This helps keep the Krakens from getting bogged down too heavily and is wonderful for all the usual reasons (high DEF, clearing zones, infantry removal).

    Finally, I thought about having Pistol Wraiths in the setup (or at the very least, Gorman). Given that very few things can actually break a Kraken outside of a powerful melee heavy hitter, Death Chill (or Blind) seems like an obvious choice to bump up survivability, and they can always work spot removal solos if they get bored.

    Now obviously most of this is particularly helpful when you wanted to get Soulhunters in the list, as there simply isn’t room, but just some general thoughts?

  5. Would Aiakos become a consideration once released?

  6. Hmm, a minimum unit of Soulhunters, and nine Scrap Thralls to screen the Krakens… now if I could only get a game in.

  7. So what were the typical Skarre lists like from wtc?

    • A couple of Helldivers, a mix of Bane Knights, Satyxis Raiders, and Blood Witches. Spice it up with some Mechanithralls and the pSkarre support system, and you have most of the lists :)

  8. Why not?
    Wraith Engine
    Wraith Engine
    Pistol wraith
    Pistol wraith
    Machine wraith x 3

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