Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championships 2013

In an effort to make this even slightly manageable I’ve decided to divide the WTC article into smaller updates. Hopefully I’ll be posting regularly, because I know you all want the inside scoop on what Billy Robin called “The greatest Warmachine/Hordes event the world has ever seen“. In this article there are several pictures, stories, and videos from the event, and if you are featured in one of them and want it taken down just let me know at lamoron.overseer [@] gmail.com.


Thursday night the team met up at the ferry in Aarhus, and our journey began. We had done a lot of research, and the cheapest way to get there was to sail and drive to Denmark’s capitol (Copenhagen) and then fly from there the next day. The team was all in the car, waiting in line to board the ferry, and joking about the driver in front of us being scared of the ramp.

As we drive up the ramp the line stops, and we’re now parked half way up the ramp. No biggie, I’ve been there before, but when the line begins moving the car stalls. I restart and it stalls again. I keep restarting and stalling, until a bright mind figures out that we’ve loaded the car with half a ton of people and gear, and once they all got out we made it up the ramp!

Bromance on the Ferry

We crashed at a friends house, finished the last details on our models, and had a great time. The entire team was psyched that we were finally going, after all the talking and training, so it got a bit out of hand with the beers and bromances…

Early in the evening

Listening to our team captain…

Early next morning

A bit hung over we got to the airport Friday morning, and even though I had been drinking moderately (being the driver) I was a wee bit tired. We got through customs where we had to explain our cases of little metal men, and the airport security wished us good luck and a great trip.

Airports are for sleeping!

Gil ‘Pedobear’ Surepi who went 5-0 at the tournament (Team Denmark Red)

Touching down in Brussels

We arrived in Brussels airport, and boarded the train. We had to switch trains at Bercham station, where we also had some dinner, but once we were all seated in the train to Tielen station a lot of commotion began. It turns out that the information board hadn’t updated properly, and about half the passengers (including us) were on the wrong train, and just when we had figured it out the train left the station.

Both teams waiting for yet ANOTHER train.

We found a pack of Belgian women willing to guide us to our destination, and we finally arrived at Tielen station, where the awesome organizers picked us up.

Arrived at last!

The venue.

There were no tournament games on Friday evening, so after getting checked in it was open venue with dice games, drinking, pick-up games and “getting to know each other” time. Now we knew we were going to meet the American teams, which presented several hilarious problems we had to nip in the bud.


A while back the online communities featured a lot of commotion about Will Paganis style of play, and a whole US/EU debate raged for weeks. In Denmark this led to a take-back being dubbed a “Pagani”, and we just knew that one of us would slip and call PAGANI on someone when he was actually around to hear it, so we preempted the issue and told him about it.

Pagani took it like a man, and we even caught him calling PAGANI on someone during the tournament which gave him some serious points in our book. In other interesting news Pagani might the manliest man ever, since he was actually on his honeymoon while playing the WTC (that’s some serious man points my friend!).

In front, the best Warmachine player in the world, Jason Flanzer! (intern joke) We have your hat Jason, and you have to come to Denmark if you want it back!

Flanzers hat has a new home…

Team Denmark White also had to get a hold of Keith Christianson, because he had pondered the racist nature of our team in a podcast, which was hilarious because our team captain is black. This caused the other Americans to pounce on him, and good times were had by everyone.

The evening was well spent, and I really feel that a night of socializing before an international event like this is mandatory. A special mention here should go to Mike and his bottle of Whiskey (I think), which vanished faster than I thought possible, and Graig “Glory hole” Conroy whom I hope is now fulfilling his dreams in Amsterdam!

I also met the Russian team, and man they were awesome, but I only really socialized with them on Saturday night, so we’ll skip them for now. Finally I was dry-humped down a ramp by Leif from Norway, who also somehow lost his shoes during the debacle, but I’ve been through worse. This is an important piece of information in order to understand the massive chants of “LEIF LEIF LEIF LEIF LEIF” in one of the videos I’ve recorded, because man that guy got shit-faced.

The dinner area


The venue was in the middle of some woods which some people found problematic, but I thought it was fantastic. We did however manage to get lost in the middle of the night, and spent 30 minutes walking in the pitch black forest looking for our lodgings.

Saturday morning we got up, ate, and it was time for the WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! There’s a lot of useless information in the video, but the interesting things begin at about 3 minutes in, where I also found a place to sit and stabilize the camera.

Then the site crashed because of the overwhelming interest in the WTC, and I spent some time talking to one of the Russian players while we were waiting. Once everything was settled it was time to throw down with the French!

Denmark White Vs. France Blue

In every report I will begin by evaluating skill, lists, and scenario advantages with a score from one to three. I’ve also asked the other guys to write a few lines about their games, but when/if I can expect them is anyones guess. I was matched up against Franck Primaveras mercenaries. I was pretty sure this game would be mine, but at this event it was a deadly mistake to underestimate anyone (every round we played ended 3-2 or 2-3).

  1. Minor advantage.
  2. Significant advantage.
  3. Major advantage

The game ended up being Terminus Vs. Damiano which I personally think is an almost automatic loss for Damiano. I was very surprised to get that match-up, but I suspect the French team threw him to the wolves in order to gain more favorable match-ups elsewhere.

  • Skill advantage: Me (1)
  • List advantage: Me (3)
  • Scenario advantage: None

I picked Terminus because I had some serious first game nerves and Terminus is my comfort pick, but in hindsight I should have dropped pDeneghra and gotten her out of the way, so I could have dropped whatever I wanted the rest of the tournament without worrying about locking myself later.

Franck also won 3rd place in the painting competition.

His list just looked so juicy for Terminus, and with two Machine Wraiths looking at two Marshalled Mules it was just to tempting. I also looked at his list and I just had to kill Gallant and survive his feat turn somewhat intact, in order to be almost unkillable in this match.

Captain Damiano
– Gallant
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
– Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
— Mule
— Mule
Horgenhold Forge Guard Max
Precursor Knights Max
– Precursor Knight Officer and Standard
Gudrun the Wanderer
Rhupert Carvolo

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures, and I drank a lot that evening, so details might be a bit sketchy, but here goes. I won the roll and elected to go first, simply to push him as hard as I could. If I could force him to feat defensively this game would be mine, and so it was full steam ahead!

Notice the Machine Wraiths lining up with the Mules on either side.

His list wasn’t all that fast, so I lined up and dared him to come to me. I was comfortable with his shooting, and whatever he sent in against me would either be a threat to Terminus I could destroy, or souls he could gobble up and tank the feat turn. I was prepared to lose either Snapjaw or Erebus this round, but he couldn’t kill both without feating and if he did I was pretty sure I would win.

Mules with 4 dice to roll a critical makes Warmachine seem more like bowling.

Interestingly enough neither of them died. Erebus survived because Franck forgot that his feat made him immune to the push effect from Poltergeist (I didn’t know that, just thought it was a STR/ARM buff) and Snapjaw tanked like a boss.

BOTH MULES ARE MINE! I even got to hit Damiano with one of them (sadly I missed), since my Machine Wraith managed three checks and stayed in there.

With both Mules being mine, Gallant being dead, and everything being well in hand I completely missed that he could get four Forge Guard in on Terminus, but luckily for me he just sent in two because he didn’t think much of his chances. The two hockey midgets insanely spiked their damage rolls, and had there been another two doing that I would have lost. A Bile Thrall moved up and purged every remaining dwarf, leaving no credible threats on the table.

It’s all over…

It was a slaughter and a complete steamroll after that, but mostly because his list had almost no game against mine. Franck was a nice guy and a solid player, so I did feel a little bad that he had to fight such an uphill battle as his very first game. I felt even more sorry for him because the same thing happened to me later that day.

Result: Win on scenario

Team Results: 3-2

Denmark White Vs. USA Red

I had seriously mixed emotions about this one. On one hand I really wanted to face the Americans, and team Red had been our drinking buddies the night before, but on the other hand I knew this would be a hard round to win.

It got matched up against Craig Conroy and his eKrueger/eMorvahna setup. I couldn’t really drop pDeneghra because we had tested the pDeneghra Vs. eMorvahna setup and it wasn’t pretty. I also figured that he couldn’t drop eMorvahna because of Terminus, but not knowing Craig I couldn’t chance that he would pick her anyway.

Krueger the Stormlord
– Megalith
– Ghetorix
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Gorax
Druid Stoneward and Woldstalkers
Druid Stoneward and Woldstalkers
Shifting Stones
– Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
Blackclad Wayfarer
Gallows Grove
Swamp Gobbers

I decided an eKrueger Vs. Terminus was winnable for me, and that’s what we got. This game was going to be hard. Circle has become an entirely different beast the last year or so, and hist list would take heavy advantage of my low speed and inability to deal with the stones at range.

  • Skill advantage: Craig (1)
  • List advantage: Me (1)
  • Scenario advantage: Craig (2)

I gave him the first turn, and he ran up. I ran up as well, trying to limit the issues I would be having due to his speed and spells.. He popped his feat and pushed me back, while getting into position on the left because the middle flag vanished. In retrospect the plan I had with deploying Terminus on the right flank wasn’t as solid as I thought, because I basically turned his already significant advantage into a huge one.

Craig Conroy knowing this just turned ugly for me! :D

This left me in bad situation, because I had to stall him on the left while pushing up on my right, but I thought I could probably swing it at that point. Then I moved Darragh Wrathe to the left flag and popped Beyond Death. The second I had done that I knew I just lost the game, and I almost face-desked myself right then and there.

The problem was, that without Darragh Wrathe I couldn’t push up into Shifting Stone range of Ghetorix. Ghetorix with Primal and STR Warp is MAT 9 and PS 21, which deals the following damage to Terminus.

  • 5+ to hit, 3+ with Telekinesis turning him around, so no missed.
  • 4 average damage on the Axe attacks (5).
  • 2-3 average damage on the Bite (1).

This deals a grand total of 23 damage to Terminus, killing him unless I tough it out. With Darragh Wrathe and Beyond Death up it would be about 10-12 damage, and he would be forced to try it, thus losing Ghetorix and taking the main threat to Terminus out of the game. Basically I had just given him the game, and I could see that he knew it.

I considered stalling, pushing ahead with my army while remaining in safety with Terminus, but he was already a point ahead on scenario and there was no way I could stall him long enough. I basically had the choice between losing on scenario, or taking my chances with the dice and letting Ghetorix hit Terminus.

If Terminus survived I could still win this, and it was my only real option so I moved up to let him take his shot. Ghetorix warps in, and the first damage roll comes up fifteen with boosted damage. Terminus dies to Ghetorix, but at least Craig bought me a beer and wiped away my tears.

I was really down about making such a stupid mistake, especially since me winning would have won us the round. Instead we lost the round 2-3, and I sort of felt that I had let my team down since it wasn’t even good/bad dice, but simply a brain fart that I couldn’t rectify in time. Despite feeling bad about the whole thing, I had a lovely chat with Craig while we waited for the others to finish, and it was on to the next round.

Result: Loss on caster kill

Team results: 2-3

Team Denmark White Vs. Team Sweden Epic

Grudge match time! Team Denmark White was matched against Team Sweden Epic, featuring the current ‘Danish’ master Christoffer Wedding. Christoffer rampaged through the Danish Masters, beating not one but two of Team Denmark White in the process, so it was time for another shot at him.

Things didn’t quite turn out that way though, and we failed utterly, horrendously, and completely in the match-up phase. Not only did we match Legion against Weddings eKrueger, a match-up Paul couldn’t possibly win, but we got me matched up against a pHaley/eHaley setup which was almost as bad.

The only comforting thing about this is, that the Swedes failed horribly in the remaining games and ended up being 18th while we finished 14th (take THAT Sweden… and don’t you dare mention your other team!)

Now I’ve beaten both Haleys with Terminus so I know I can do it, but I also know that I can’t do it without timing out in a 60 minute game, and at the WTC deployment is also on the clock, leaving me very doubtful about this match-up.

I was also very doubtful about my chances in a pDeneghra Vs. pHaley match-up, but I figured that if I was going to lose anyway I might as well make sure I wouldn’t be locked in the last two games, so I drop pDeneghra and get the very predictable pDeneghra Vs. pHaley game I feared.

Captain Victoria Haley
– Stormwall
– Squire
Tempest Blazers Max
Precursor Knights Max
– Precursor Knight Officer and Standard
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
– Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

I hate pHaley, and Tempest Blazers just makes her so unfair against Cryx (yeah yeah, I know, taste of our own medicin, yade yade…). This was a list I couldn’t shoot to death, couldn’t debuff, and couldn’t fight my way through, so I would have to rely on trickery!


Jeppas was an awesome guy, and as it turns out he was also a very skilled player. In this match I’ve assigned myself a slight skill advantage, since there were rules he didn’t know about his own models, but as a tactician I didn’t feel I had much of an advantage.

  • Skill advantage: Me (1)
  • List advantage: Jeppa (2)
  • Scenario advantage: None

I was incredibly engrossed in the game and didn’t snap any pictures except for the final move of the game. I got a bit ahead when my Kraken gunned down most of his Blazers due to him being unable to retreat far enough, but putting my Kraken on the flank got him stuck behind an obstacle and the flag (no running in Temporal Barrier means no crossing).

Both our Colossals turned up broken when we unpacked them, so it appears they took the whole ‘vigorous handshake’ deal a little to far.

I had to do something because even though I was slightly ahead in attrition I was just one bad round from losing on scenario, and even though I had tricked Jeppa and gotten a Crippling Grasp on the Stormwall there was nothing I could do about his Precursors.

Deathripper chaaaaaaa… wait, walk up and eat her damnit!

I bet the game on Jeppa ignoring my Deathripper, and he did. What he didn’t do was use Temporal Barrier, which sucked so much because I would have won the game if he had used it. His Precursors and Stormwall wreck my Kraken but as everyone else he ignores my Deathripper because it’s locked in melee with the Stormwall and behind the forest.

I’m pretty sure I can reach him with a walking Deathripper, so I power it to full Focus, charge pDeneghra at the Stormwall to get in range, Ghost Walk the Deathripper, walk it up to pHaley, boost to hit, and now it’s dice -5 and sustained attacks baby!

The first damage roll comes up box cars, dealing pHaley seven damage. I had gotten in a few points on her before, which left her at about six or seven boxes. The next attack hits automatically and I deal a couple of damage. Now the final attack hits automatically, she has five boxes left, so I need a 10+ to win the game, but it was not to be.

A fairly shaken Jeppa crushed pDeneghra with the Stormwall and it’s game over, but man was that exciting at the end. I felt I got closer to winning that game than Jeppa should have allowed, but like most people he’s used to ignoring the Arc Nodes when those [A] boxes are gone.

Jeppa actually talked out loud when he had his turn, telling me that my only way of getting him was a spell assassination and that pHaley could simply negate them, but nobody suspects the Deathripper melee assassination (damn shame it didn’t work).

Result: Loss on assassination

Team results: 2-3


I was way down after losing two out of three games on the first day, and even knowing that Craig was a damn good opponent, and that pHaley was supposed to beat me, I still couldn’t shake it. There I was, mulling around in my own brooding thoughts, when team Russia shows up!

Сергей Мышелов – Evgeny

I’m still not sure what was in that bottle, but apparently I was supposed to toast and sip it, not down the glass. It took about ten minutes, and then I had forgotten all about the days failures, and was eagerly trying to learn how to pronounce their names. На здоровье TEAM RUSSIA, you saved my day!

Norbert, the Judge of Judges!

Floating around in a warm haze of Dooleys, Russian home brew, and Jupiler beers I had a smashing evening. I have very few pictures after I downed that glass (or was it glasses) of Russian ‘whatever-it-was” but I didn’t go blind and I met a lot of lovely people.

Team France Blue… I love that slogan.

I got up in the morning with a surprising lack of hangover, but my voice was fucked and I felt like sleeping for a week anyway. The good thing was, that all the pressure was off because we weren’t getting near the final tables anyway, so I decided to just have fun and play some lovely games instead.

Team Denmark White Vs. Team Italy

This time match-ups were more in my favor. I got matched against Khador, and Milo Fuggini had a Butcher2/Strakhov setup I wasn’t the least bit scared of. The Butcher2 list was an armored front, and Strakhov was a classic Jack bullet list, so I dropped Terminus because Jack bullets don’t kill him even if I mess up, and even Butcher2 has to roll well on the round he comes in.

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
– Devastator
– Devastator
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker
Man-O-War Shocktroopers Max
Winter Guard Rifle Corps Max
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Fenris Man-O-War
Drakhun with Dismount Kovnik
Jozef Grigorovich
Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan

Terminus Vs. Butcher2 is a game I’ve never lost, but it was still the right drop from Milo. I was betting that this was going to be a Mexican stand-off so I picked second, so I could force him on scenario, and we were off.

  • Skill advantage: Me (1)
  • List advantage: Me (2)
  • Scenario advantage: Me (2)

Milo moves up his mighty 7-8 inches, I run up my ten inches, leaving about fifteen inches between us. Now I have a longer threat range than he does, so when he shuffled and stayed outside my charge range I simply shuffled and got ahead on scenario while staying out of his. I sent in a couple of models to see if I could lure a feat out of him, and switched time back to him. Milo could see where this was going, and he only really had one choice: All in baby!


During the round in my zombie state of Russian aftershock I forgot to activate Darragh Wrathe and use Beyond Death. This was a really bad move, because I knew I was going to get him in the face, so why oh why didn’t I remember that.

The upside was, Milo got so carried away with his assassination run that he forgot to feat until after he murdered the first couple of models, so in the end it all balanced out neatly. Butcher2 has some sad encounters with Tough Bane Thralls, and when the Great Bears come running down to abuse the feat Terminus is still at full health.

Hello there Butcher shaped hole in the ground…

Terminus takes his 8 damage like a man, but it should have been just two damage if I had remembered Darragh Wrathe, and then Butcher2 is bashed, minced, and chopped into dinner. Snapjaw failed horribly on this one though, and in general he didn’t really do much work the entire tournament, which is interesting considering that he was my MVP at the ETC 2012.

Result: Win on assassination

Team results: 3-2

Team Denmark White Vs. Team Ireland

I get to play Anthony from the Privateer Press forums (IAvian) who also writes Hacking the Cortex. Anthony was a great opponent, and we ended up in an Terminus Vs. Deneghra2 match which I think was a mistake on his part, but to be honest I think this game needed an added advantage, as Anthony seemed way more hung over than I was :D

  • Skill advantage: Me (1)
  • List advantage: Me (1)
  • Scenario advantage: Anthony (1)
  • Hangover advantage: Me (1)

Anthony seemed like a player with a good grasp of what his models could do, and his later thoughts on changes to his list seems valid, but he should have dropped pSkarre on me. Anthony explains it like this on his blog: “I went on autopilot a bit and dropped eDenny reflexively against Cryx – I’d had solid success with her in testing against Terminus and thought I’d have a solid chance at scenario vs. Deneghra.

Wraith Witch Deneghra
– Nightwretch
– Nightwretch
– Skarlock Thrall
Cylena Raefyll and Nyss Hunters Max
Greygore Boomhowler and Co. Max
Satyxis Raiders Max
– Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
Bane Thralls Min
– Bane Thrall Officer and Standard
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
Pistol Wraith
Satyxis Raider Captain
Warwitch Siren

Team Nightwretch (boo!) and a gazillion souls in his list made this seem like a likely win for me. I’ve played Terminus Vs. Deneghra2 many times before and I usually win, but when I don’t it’s always because I mess up waves and placement before his feat. In this game I basically had to avoid losing on scenario and the rest would sort itself out, as his list couldn’t really kill me unless I allowed him to.

Putting the pressure on.

Anthony forgot to activate his Satyxis Raiders on the hill, which allowed me to split my forces into two chunks. I was expecting him to feat on my right flank and try to crush my left, but instead he miscalculated and feated on my left flank, thus missing Terminus and it was game over.

I can spray you… cunt!

Terminus having a bazillion souls and Deneghra2 being out of charge range, gave me something to think about. I decided that instead of running in to her (she has Parry), I would give myself options and place myself squarely in the middle. Then just to see what what options I had, I sprayed her with Terminus dealing more than half her boxes in damage due to some lucky dice.

I decided to press on with the assassination and threw a boosted Hellfire at her but missed. This left me two options, as I could either throw another boosted Hellfire at her, and if I hit her it would be game then and there, but if I missed I would be vulnerable even though he had very little left. I decided on safety first, and concentrated on destroying his army.

Not much left now

I had a couple of Bane Thralls, Tartarus (his charging Nyss Hunter rolled four ones on damage), Wrong Eye & Snapjaw on full health, Erebus on almost full health, and the WSC, Skarlock, Madelyn and Saxon guarding the flag. Anthony contemplated clearing the flag with a Hellmouth, and it was a fairly decent plan, except that he had forgotten that he needed something to score on the flag as well, but he abandoned the plan anyway so it didn’t end up mattering.

Who’s you daddy now!?

In a last ditch attempt at snatching victory, Anthony runs in Deneghra2 to my flag. He has two control points, so if he can survive and somehow remove everything from the flag to dominate it he can win. This is not as unlikely as it sounds due to her teleport stick and Hellmouth, but surviving to use it… not going to happen.

Result: Win on assassination

Team results: 3-2

Another interesting thing happened during this game. For no apparent reason the clock suddenly resets itself so we call over a judge. Since it was the final game, and neither team was anywhere near the podium, the judge just restarts the clock. About 10 minutes later we noticed, that during his reboot he switched it to the wrong player, so when I went to switch the time to Anthony it was already on his time.

The judge still hung out near our table, and summoned by our laughs solved the issue by moving the clock to the other side of the table. About ten minutes later we noticed that he had paused the clock while moving it, and never restarted it. Yet again summoned by fits of hysteric laughter he gave up, and we just finished the game without using the clock (we still finished before everyone else on our teams though).

As Anthony has stated on the forums: “Negating judges through strategic comedy bumbling is some next level tech. You saw it here first.

World Team Championships 2013

The World Team Championships 2013 was over, and Team Poland beat Team USA Blue in the finals 3-2. I was downright ecstatic because that was the best possible result, as far as I’m concerned, when considering the future of the WTC as an international event.

  1. Poland Red
  2. United States Blue
  3. Prime Sweden
  4. United States Red
  5. Austria White
  6. Slovakia
  7. Germany Black
  8. Germany Red
  9. Epic England
  10. Finland Blue
  11. Prime England
  12. Finland White
  13. Poland White
  14. Denmark White
  15. Norway Red
  16. France White
  17. Austria Red
  18. Epic Sweden
  19. Ireland
  20. Netherlands
  21. Wales
  22. Denmark Red
  23. Italy
  24. Scotland
  25. Hungary
  26. France Blue
  27. Norway Blue
  28. Russia
  29. Switzerland
  30. Belgium Red
  31. Belgium Black
  32. Portugal

The Americans proved that they’re bad-asses at Warmachine (and they are), but the Europeans proved that we have teams that are just as good. This not only means that we can shut down the whole EU/US debate, but also that the Americans will be back next year all fired up to win it this time!  Apparently I have my finger on the microphone when filming (and turning the camera sideways might have helped as well), so the sound is not that great.

That concluded the World Team Championships 2013, and people began going home. Team Denmark White was staying until Monday though, and the organizers asked us to help clean the venue so we did. This was a good excuse to work out some of the alcohol and back pains, so we got to it.

Cleaning the venue

I had clearly underestimated the sheer number of tables needed to run a WTC. I was sweating like a horse, and my left leg still hurts a bit because I pulled something, but it was nice adding some physical exhaustion to the mix, allowing for a good nights sleep instead of a sleepless night running virtual games in my head.

Moving the tables.

Underneath each table… was two more tables…

Stack ’em boys.

Almost done

So we bought a case of beers and returned to the lodgings. I’ve never actually seen the guys so contemplative before, and we spent the evening talking, drinking, and dozing off every now and then. The next morning we got up and packed to go home.

Morning lads!

More packing.

The train ride to the airport.

Then we flew to Denmark, drove to Aarhus, and that was the end of one of the most amazing trips I’ve had in many years. I hope you enjoyed following our progress, though we hope to do better than 14th next year.







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  1. Epic. I wish I could have been there.

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    Anyway it looks like you had a great time and that’s very cool. Too bad the tables were so bleak, it’s a bit of a shame :(

  7. I can’t thank you guys enough for staying and helping with the table clean up. As you noted it was a tough job and we would have taken twice as long and been completely worn out if it weren’t for the help of your team!

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  8. Thanks for the cool reporting on the WTC, especially the battle reports. Added the Khador related ones to this blog post. Hope it’s okay?

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