World Team Championships

This is where you can ask questions about the WTC 2013 as it’s going down. The Twitter feed will be active, and I’ll try to check your questions here whenever I can.

Scores are continuously updated here:

Jan D’Souza, Simon Sørensen, Stephan Garmark, Laurents Rønved, Paul Bridge.

Jan D’Souza

Simon Sørensen

Stephan Garmark

Laurents Rønved

Paul Bridge

And finally Bitmatic/Jakob made a new team presentation for us. It’s short but entirely accurate!

Stephan Garmark

Simon Sørensen

Laurents Rønved

Jan D’Souza

Paul Bridge


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  1. It’s the Winter Guard spray attack!

  2. How did you both get Tartarus in your team?

    I thought it was character restricted?

  3. Is there a direct link to the twitter stuff your posting in case the talkie box gets full? :) I’m not that much into twitter, so I need some help xD

  4. Min raiders with no UA? Everything I know is wrong!

    (Also the army has no pathfinder besides the Kraken, so… other list vs inhospitable ground?)

  5. Combine with eSkarre over eShade? Hmmm seems odd?

    • I’ve never played either of those casters, and Jan usually knows what he’s doing. That said, I asked him and he said ‘because it’s awesome’ and elaborated with ‘making sure Black spot hits on the important round’.

  6. … wife drunk calls me in the middle of the night. Well, time to get up and catch a flight down to the land of beer and dice.


    Runde 1: WIN (3-2) vs Team France Blue
    (W)Terminus vs Damiano
    (L) Caine2 vs Skarre
    (W) Saeryn vs Lylyth2
    (L) Butcher3 vs Harbinger
    (W) Goreshade2 vs Zaal

    Runde 2: Loss (2-3) vs Team America (World Police) Red
    (W)Butcher3 vs Feora2 (Mike Puryear)
    (L) Haley2 vs Gaspy2 (Keith Christianson)
    (L) Terminus vs Krueger2 (Craig Conroy)
    (W) Goreshade2 vs Madrak 2 (Chad Shonkwiler)
    (L) Vayl2 vs Caine2 (Billy Robin)

  8. Runde 3: vs Team Epic Sweden

    pDenny vs pHaley

  9. words from Lamoron the Netless in Belgium:

    Team Epic Sweden in the third round. pDenny vs pHaley
    Amazing game. I lost, leaving pHaley on 5 boxes and doing two attacks on dice -5 with sustained attack. Shitty matchup but fantastic game. The team lost again (2-3).

    Team America Red lost to Germany.

    Ireland is winning the booze contest! A bit sad ive lost two close games, but apparently I played Sweden`s second best player, so its alright :)

  10. more words from Lamoron the Netless:

    While losing is never fun, the games are so close, and the opponents so good, that it`s a great experience being here.

  11. Net at dinner! Feeling slightly demoralized by losing 2/3 games, but the games have been so close, and both rounds we’ve lost have been decided by dice in the very last seconds.

    In my game against Craig I moved Darragh Wrath left instead of right, and that single mistake cost me the game. I knew the second I moved him, but little good that did me.

    In my game against Jeppa from Sweeden I decided, that with pHaley/eHaley to pick from, I might as well lose with pDeneghra so I have my options open tomorrow. It’s a match I could probably have won against a lesser opponent, but not here.

  12. Well done guys, it’s a good showing against the best opposition in the world! I am rooting for the England teams but following you guys too so best of luck tomorrow.

  13. Internet is up and running at the venue… for now.

  14. Just keep your spirits up, and give em the best run for the money ;)

  15. Terminus redeems me and takes down the Butcher of Italy :)

  16. Team Poland wins the WTC!!!

  17. Terminus beats Deneghra2 in a slugfest, and our team is 2-1 against Ireland with two games left running.

  18. I am a happy man. The Americans got to prove they are bad-asses, and the Europeans got to prove that we can compete with them. Everyone wins in the end! :)

  19. The WTC 2013 is over. Team Poland beat Team USA Blue in the finals, making everything as it should be, and despite our shaky start we finished 14th out of 32 teams, which is not the top10 we were aiming for, but still in the better half.

    The other Danish team finished 22nd which was awesome for us (we get to rub it in a bit), and the swedes that beat us finished 18th due to a rules error *something we also suffered, but our team captain pulled yet another golden egg out of his arse and we won the round).

    I won three games and lost two, with one game lost due to being outmatched in skill and suffering on scenario, while the other was lost due to a horrible match-up :D

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