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Pirate Queen Skarre: 2

I finally got in a game with the pSkarre double Kraken list. The list operates on the idea, that very few lists can shoot two Krakens to death before they get in charge range, and that few heavies out-threat them.

Breaking the flow: Evolving as a player

Every so often someone comes along and tells everyone that losing is the best way to learn, and most people agree with them. Now personally I think it’s a statement lacking nuance, and instead of losing we should be focused on gaining and traumatically losing a flow state.

Pirate Queen Skarre: 1

While working on the final part of the WTC report I got a little distracted. There were a lot of pSkarre players at the WTC, and I’ve only ever played her once or twice, so I got to thinking about her and what I could do to make her interesting.

Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championships 2013

The World Team Championships article will be updated periodically, to make this mammoth project even slightly manageable.

World Team Championships

This is where you can ask questions about the WTC 2013 as it’s going down. The Twitter feed will be active, and I’ll try to check your questions here whenever I can. Scores are continuously updated here: And finally Bitmatic/Jakob made a new team presentation for us. It’s short but entirely accurate!