Danish Masters 2013

The Danish Masters are over, and we have a new champion… Christoffer from Sweden… the shame is unbearable. Not only is he from Sweden, but he’s also a Circle player, which should be grounds for ‘on the spot’ execution, but instead we sent him home with a trophy!

First, a little list of the results, with Factions as I remember them (02.09.2013 – now with help, they should be accurate). The Swedes are marked with an (s), and they were a marvelous bunch of chaps. There was a fairly high number of Cryx players in attendance, and the results speak for themselves.

1. Christoffer Wedding (s) – Circle Orboros
2. Benjamin K – Cryx
3. Laurents – Cryx
4. Jan D´Souza – Cryx
5. Stephan – Cygnar
6. Martin J – Cryx
7. Polle – Legion
8. Anders Holm (s) – Menoth
9. Mikkel – Mercenaries
10. Søren Husum – Skorne
11. Bom – Cryx
12. Christian Aas (s) – Legion
13. Thorbjørn (s) – Legion
14. Andreas Holm (s) – Cryx
15. Simon – Khador
16. Tage – Trollbloods
17. Finn – Skorne
18. Cornelius – Cygnar
19. Søren K – Cygnar
20. Jakob O – Khador
21. Tomas Høg – Legion
22. Peter K – Retribution
23. Ulf – Khador
24. Martin Kvolbæk – Menoth
25. Thomas Dreyer – Menoth
26. Morten AK – Menoth

The Swedish WTC players are ranked 1-8-12, and the Danes (Aarhus) are ranked 3-4-5-7-15. The second interesting thing is the stupid number of highly ranked Cryx players, which we all agreed had absolutely nothing to do with Cryx being broken, and everything to do with us all being awesome!

Edit: Also, Menoth got run over real bad, which is interesting considering all the hype about them.

Cryx… it’s awesome!

 I ended up in third place, and tomorrow after I’ve had some sleep I’ll write up some reports, because as of Saturday evening my ban on talking about WTC lists was officially lifted!

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  1. Congrats on the nice finish, a shame you couldn’t beat that gorramn swede!

    Looking forward to more activity on your blog

  2. “The first interesting piece of information is (if I understood the Swedes correctly), that the top15 includes the entire Swedish and Danish (Aarhus) WTC teams. ”
    Not quite. We had only two players from my team (me and Christian) and Andreas Holm plays in the other team.

    I’m really looking forward to the reports, I will try to put something together as well. We’ll see how that works out…

    Also, take that Denmark :P

    • Consider it taken!

      I’ve edited the post, and the reports should be done in a couple of days, but painting and training means I’m a bit behind in my job hunting (which has priority) :)

  3. Congrats on your third place finish. Sometimes even the best plans can t work when lady luck is involved. Good luck with the Job search.

    • No luck involved really. I lost the matchup phase, and Christoffer outplayed me as well.

      I’m looking forward to facing him again in the future, as I would like a go at him on a day where I wasn’t kept up all night by a crying baby (really can’t afford to be tired against a player like him).

  4. Hi, I think I should present myself. My name is walter, I’m from argentina, and we have a nice little group (16 to 20) of players here, a mix of hordes and warmachine. I’ve been following the blog for some time now and I found it extremely helpful to change the way I play.
    Now, I’ve had some trouble, for some time now. We have a circle player here, who is known to run kromac lists. I run cryx, and the only lists I’ve had success with are eSkarre lists, for the turn of semi invulnerability (we usually play 35 points, I’m trying to get the people to start playing 50 pointers).
    Any advice? Usually I can’t get close enough with other casters to do their stuff, and scavvy and dhenegra are very difficult to work with their ability to cast spells shut down for good. He basically out threats me (stalker + warpath), and at such a low points game, he basically one shots one of my heavies and it’s game over.
    Any advice on how to take it?
    Plus, as I read, skarloc and dj can’t cast inside his ctrl area, right?

  5. Yup, always, since we found the guy could just stay in his deployment and wait until we decided to go for him.

  6. Well, actually, I always tried to make generalist lists, and I lacked nyss hunters (I expect them to arrive at the end of this month), so, my lists kinda lacked that element.
    I suppose i should post a sample list I use, so you get an idea.
    Epic skarre
    Warwitch syren
    Min banes + attach
    Saxon orrick.
    Necrotech + necrobomb

    Those are 35 points, it went really well, but my biggest problem is the lack of spells against his list. He usually runs a stalker, the woldwyrd to set warpaths going, and then another heavy, usually megalith or a gnarlhorn, or even a warpwolf alpha, druids, and some support (totem, wilder, etc).
    Basically I have no range superiority against him.
    I think i should trade the banes + saxon for a leviathan and a necrotech, perhaps that would work, but I lose 8 models plus a lot of attacks.

    • I think there are two main reasons you lose (a guess at best, considering the limited amount of information and me never having seen you play).

      The first is the lack of a ranged game against a caster that dominates melee (while locking down spells), and the second is a lack of bodies on the ground.

      In an eSkarre list I would really consider the Blood Witches, as with sufficient spacing most Kromac lists will struggle with their mini-feat. They have Gang so they can reliably hit the high defense wolves, and they have tools against a lot of the problems you face.

      There’s not much you can do against the Woldwyrd triggering Warpath, but with your mostly Stealth list he should be limited to doing that once, and with a bit of shooting you should be able to take that thing out.

      The last thing is what I usually tell people that have problems with Kromac: Fear is the killer. If you’re afraid of losing half your list to Kromac then you won’t press him hard enough, and he will have room to hit and run, which means you’ll lose.

  7. Hmmm, I should give them a try, honestly, the truth is that we used to play 25 pointers, and that list, without the banes, worked like a charm, given I plactically had 2 turns in a row with eskarre’s feat.
    Now, on 35, adding the banes and saxon went pretty well, but the feat doesn’t escalate so well, so massive bodies are a problem, as well as someone who can trade pieces well with me. Kromac shutting magic down hard, while having lots of movement tricks for getting my jacks where they can be killed without retaliation is an issue, not being able to put the dj anywhere 16″ near a druid, and the models with stealth having to be al least 11″ from the woldwyrd is an issue too, plus, as you said, I lack bodies on the ground to trade for them. I’ts not the hit and run the thing I fear, is the fact that if he kills my dj, even if I kill his stalker, I am far behind because the canker can’ kill a heavy on his own.
    I suppose the problem is, as you said, having no ranged game against a caster who can send a wolf and kill every infantry 2 inches from his final position on a charge, then move 3 and kill everything, then go back, without spending too many resources on that.
    The main reason for my question is that we are having a tournament in a month, and I’m having headaches trying to make my lists work.

  8. I have every cryx model but the satyxis raiders (don’t like how they look) and cephalix drudges.
    Gorman, madelyn, ogrun bokur, orin, ragman, and, as I said, I hope I’ll have the nyss hunters by the end of the month.

  9. Forgot about saxon orrick and wrongeye and snapjaw.

  10. Hey there.

    I have played Skarre2 a lot and are playing her at the WTC. She´s my favorite caster because of her versatility and all her small tricks.

    I would try this list against Kromac:

    Death Jack
    Pistol Wraith
    Necro Surgeon and Stich thralls
    Satyxis raiders (max)
    . Sea witch

    If you dont want to play with the raiders, then switch them for the blood witches and bring a warwitch Siren.

    Try it out and tell if it worked for you.


  11. How would you play it? Press forward without getting upkeeps on your heavies? Since the woldwyrd would basically do a lot of damage against them if you do so, even with death ward on it.
    Or just go for it, deat ward the dj, run the nightmare behind, hope he doesn’t get enough damage to take systems out and then feat and strike him where it would hurt the most (I usually do something like that, I run the dj forward, then feat on second turn to clean an objective or make it difficult for them to position themselves without losing a valuable asset).
    Given it has very little shooting, I think it play similar to my list, just without banes and satyxis (less damage but a semi aasured first strike).

  12. It depends how the Kromac list is designed. Whats in it?

  13. Stalker/ghetorix, gnarlhorn, woldwyrd, druids, wilder, totem hunter, I thinks thats basically it. Sometimes he changes the gnarlhorn for megalith.

  14. Okay. If you start, you move aggresively forward, and stop just beyond max threat range incl. Warpath.
    Turn 2: Your Satyxis raiders move in to engage the druids and generally jam his army.
    If possible, you run your arc node and cast perdition through it, to move nightmare or death jack, to get the alpha strike and then feat. I know it is tricky because of bestial, but if he positioned his druids or his totem hunter so your arc node could be out of Kromacs control area, but in range if the spell, you are good to go! The you obviously feat, charge your focusloaded jack and take out an important piece. Remember to feat on your opponents pieces as well as your own, if its favorable.
    Your next turn is about taking as many pieces out as possibly – or assasinate Kromac.
    If Kromac starts your should still be able to perdition druids in your turn two. If not – then feat and be as agressiv as can be in turn two.

    I hope it works for you.


    I hope it will work

  15. Argh sry. Thought that you could channel at druids, but I now see, that you can´t target within.
    You can possibly still cast perdition through the node if he positions wrong. Otherwise it is feat and run..

    • You can shoot the Druid leader with something, then the bubble goes down for a round. Nyss Hunters are pretty good at it, so again a problem that your future arrivals will solve.

      Druid (14) +2 Concealment +2 Camouflage, but Nyss Hunters ignore Concealment (16) and Cylena +3 Nyss Hunters hit that on 5+ from 19″ away. Once the bubble goes down, put a Black Spot on them, and from then on his bubble goes down to a two man combine fairly easy.

  16. Two questions regarding the druids.
    If cylenna ignores concelament and cover, doesn’t she ignore camouflage as well?
    Plus, if I kill the leader, doesn’t the anti magic aura remain active, but now centered on the new unit leader?

    • Nope, you ignore concealment because it says so on the card, but Camouflage is an ability activated by concealment. Ignoring concealment does not make secondary effects of it vanish, since by that logic you should also be able to ignore prowl.

      The leader is the only model able to cast it, that means it’s on the model, and when that model dies a new model becomes leader. This does not mean that the new model is considered to have cast the spell, simply that a new model now has the “leader” tag :)

  17. Well, the khador book says that if you ignore concealment or cover, you ignore camouflage. ( the ability actually states that you have to benefit from concealment or cover to get the def bonus).
    On the other side, prowl states you have to be within a piece of terrain that provides concealment, or the area of a spell, etc. Not that you have to actually benefit from it.
    But, the part on the druids leader actually makes sense, I read the field promotion rules again and the new leader gets the effects the previous miniature had on it, so, it makes sense.

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