On the first day of DM…

I’m writing this on my wife’s iPad, so any errors are obviously not related to any amount of beer I might have had with my brother in law.

The first day of DM featured so many epic moments that I don’t really know where to begin, but the story of Duskerns amazing win must be told.

Duskern was down and pretty much out, and Saeryn just had to reach the flag to win. The Saeryn player happily announces that he can transfer all three free strikes (and indeed he could) so he would just run down there. He moves Saeryn past Terminus, and follows the edge of his base around, thus exiting Terminus’ threat range within range of the claw.

Terminus has an unused Puppet Master, so Duskern announces that he will do the free strike with the Claw. He has to roll a double, and it needs to be 6+ as well, and the roll comes up 6 & 1. Duskern decides to reroll the one, and amazingly it comes up a six, making it a successful crit pitch.

The roar of the spectators drew in every other player in the hall, and soon we had to force people away since they were annoying the players. There was about two minutes left on Duskerns clock, Saeryn was thrown away and knocked down, so Terminus flew in for the kill.

The only person over there was the TO, and he informed me, that the final attack was rolled as Duskerns clock hit 00.00 and Duskern took the game. There was lots of back patting and probably a prize for weirdest in game happening as well.


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  1. It was the single most fucked up thing I have tried in all the time I’ve been playing this game, as well as the most awesome for sure :-) I’m still a bit wtf by the experience, but in a good way :-)

    • Ending as number six was pretty damn decent as well, and winning two games with 0 left on the clock is hilarious.

      • I’m very pleased with placing 6th AND winning the most memorable moment award for the crit pitch situation :) That was far beyond my expectations for this years DM. I went to this tournament with hopes for winning two games, or maybe three. Ended up winning three games and almost a fourth.

        Your right about the clock. Two of those games were a little bit too close :D I’ll have to start working harder on playing faster!!!

        • It’s fairly easy. You should avoid dilly-dallying the first half of the game away, and stop panicking when it’s getting close :D

          • I’ll work harder on reducing the dilly-dallying in my play :) Seems like that’s my biggest problem atm as all of my games featured me with less than 2 minutes left on the clock in the end ^^

  2. I’m a bit lost here, aren’t you supposed to use a weapon for the free strike that actually has the enemy model on it’s melee range?

  3. Was it the attack roll that happened at 00:00 or the damage roll that did?

    If it was the attack roll he shouldn’t have won. You don’t get to finish resolving the attack in Deathclock like you do in times turns.

    That is an epic story regardless. Very nicely done going for the pitch! I never would have thought of that.

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