Butcher3 – a completely serious review!

I find it perfectly reasonable, that Privateer Press released a super solo of a magnitude that makes every other super solo caster resemble that slightly retarded kid from kindergarten. When you think about it, it’s really a bit underpowered that he needs help achieving a 24″ threat range, and 18″ unaided seems 22″ threat range, and 16″ unaided seems a bit on the low side. You also have to consider the fact, that he can only hit everything with reach and sight about six or seven times after he arrives.

This is not so bad!

I also find it a bit annoying that you have to move around between the different spells and abilities in order to destroy the entire enemy army with Butcher3. It’s a mess with all that Vengeance, charging, and Energizing when you have to stop and cast Flashing Blade between each of them. Privateer Press really should have made it easier to annihilate everything without all the bother.

Ha, only two abilities… fail!

It also seems a bit weak that he only has 4 WJ points, considering that he only brings two other models worth about 2 points each in his Warcaster Unit. This is especially evident as a problem when you consider his spell list, because Silence of Death is really not that good in a faction with as much infantry as Khador, and Impending Doom really isn’t the most broken spell ever.

Ha, he can’t even cast it all in a single turn!

I also think it’s a bit sad that you have to bother with all the different sequences of pulling in models when you combine Impending Doom with Red Haze to win the game. Seriously, the ability to automatically break the entire enemy army should be less fiddly, and expecting players to move models in a simple order is way to hard.

Loser feat… pAsphyxious gains 7 Focus!

The inconsequential little doggies he brings along are pretty pathetic when you think about it. You can just kill them, and activating Vengeance on Butcher3 is a small price to pay. You can also simply ignore them, because a couple of POW 17 charge attacks won’t mean much in a game, and all their running and Terror causing is pretty lame as well.

Can’t even boost their attacks…

Really, Relentless charge to the unit… what a let down.

All in all this is a fairly average release, that I can’t see changing much in the way we play this game. The release most certainly won’t affect the use of super solo casters, and generally won’t really matter in the greater scheme of things. I could be wrong about this, but I don’t think we’ll see this guy in any serious tournaments.

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  1. And don’t forget how Gang only really works with the other dog because if the Butcher is enabling Gang, what’s the point? Truly a weak ability.

    In all seriousness though, you can’t count both Reach and Impending Doom in his threat range. Impending Doom doesn’t care whether or not Butch has reach, so it’s more like 16″ unaided. True, it’s still useful for Flashing Blade and all those turns you’re not casting Impending Doom, but you can’t use it for total threat.

  2. Finally, a Khador caster I’d actually like to see! This guy sounds like an absolute pushover. I bet he’s even afraid of the Sea Dogs without solos and UA. I can’t wait to play against him.

  3. Impending Doom is also a nice little spell for scenario-play (if you ever want to with this Butcher-incarnation) and could be nice in Killbox-scenarios as well.

  4. on threadranges
    5 (SPD) + 2 (Reach) + 3 (Charge) + 5 (Impending Doom) + 3 (Energizer) = 18″

    with a little help:
    18 (see above) + 3 (Corbeau) + 3 (Vengeance) + 1 (Push) = 25″

    If there are so many enemies that he don’t have them all within his reach after the 5″ push, he simply could push again.
    Not that bad for 2 FOC. ^^

  5. Ah, I’m wrong.
    You can’t add the 2″ for reach to that.
    So 16″ and 23″ should be correct.

  6. I’m never going to leave home without a Deneghra to counter this guy, and it should probably be pDeneghra in order to break through the camping and keep him away for more than one round.

  7. You know if they gave him or any other warcaster less than 3 warjack points you’ll see lists with zero warjacks (you don’t have to use them all in Steamroller–just have to be within 2 points of the maximum). Unlike Hordes where they can give warlocks like Makeda3 2 beast points and she’ll use them plus many more, many warcasters can do just fine without jacks.

    Butcher3 can do just fine without any jacks. He just needs an army to deliver him.

  8. Man this guy sucks. I bet even Gunnbjorn could take him.


  9. It seems like some of the guys in the Khador forum took this article completely serious. It’s not like Deneghra2 is his hard counter, or that Deneghra1 will wipe him, and there are most certainly not a whole bunch of Cryx lists that will look at his infantry spam and giggle… :D

  10. Although im sure he’ll do well against ecaine :P His million and one spellstorms which get stronger each time until they hit like heavies

    Although in all seriousness im quaking in my slippers because of this. At least butcher2 can overextend and roll low focus and butcher1 is only one of the scariest melee casters in the game

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