The first day of WTC training

I had two games today, which was less than expected, but some of the guys were still blowing chunks after last nights bender, or trying to cure their hangovers with more alcohol. We also only had two tables available, so we had to take turns.

The first game was Terminus Vs. Saeryn, and he was in trouble when I survived his feat round relatively intact. From there it was a matter of grinding down his three melee beasts, and then it was game over. Wrong Eye finally got to use his Voodoo spell, and for two rounds he kept a heavy warbeast out of the game.


The second game was against eFeora with a Judicator. In the past I’ve claimed that my Terminus build can handle this setup, and maybe it can, but not today. I managed a grand total of two successful tough checks, out of twenty two, and the second successful check was one out of the five I needed in order to survive a Judicator to the face.

You’re up next you undead bastards!

I was completely and utterly destroyed by shooting, when nothing missed, everything aimed at stealth models scattered in exactly the direction he needed, and his damage dice were consistently above average.

Not a bad day, even with the crushing defeat. Tomorrow will be about pDeneghra if all goes as planned…

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  1. Interestingly enough, our ‘coach’ beat every one on the team he played against today. Sure he had unlimited take-backs and no time-limit, but still… that eFeora list is nasty.

  2. The second day featured two games with pDeneghra. The first game was against eVayl, whom I had down as very a problematic match-up.

    It turned out to be easy enough, even though being lit on fire was a constant threat. I’ve now downgraded this match to ‘average’ difficulty in my little black book of match-ups.

    The second game was lost before it ever got started. I volunteered to be punching bag for a team mates pHaley list, and I’m surprised I even made it to actually hitting Haley herself.

    I was almost completely annihilated, but with four models left on the table I actually managed an assassination run that could have worked with some consistently above average dice.

    Sadly the dice were not above average, so I did about 5-6 damage, and it was all over. I just have one thing to say about Tempest Blazers with pHaleys feat.

  3. What list did you use in those games?

    • My standard Terminus list, and a stealth/incorporeal pDeneghra list. I’m not totally pleased with it yet, but its full Blood Witches, Blackbanes, Bane Thralls, and Croe’s.

      • Here’s the complete list (now that I got home).

        Warwitch Deneghra
        – Deathripper
        – Deathripper
        Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
        – Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
        Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts)
        Croe’s Cutthroats (Croe and 9 Grunts)
        Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts)
        – Satyxis Blood Hag
        Gorman di Wulfe
        Pistol Wraith
        Skarlock Thrall
        Warwitch Siren

        • why croe’s over say the nyss? just for the stealth?
          i feel like croe’s only ever make their points back for me with scaverous’ TK shenanigans, and other than that they are lackluster. DEF 13 is just so bad. although, keeping them behind the banes/satyxis should help out.

          • It’s a matter of stealth saturation. In most games against gun line lists I’m going to run Terminus anyway, so the list is designed to be nigh invulnerable to ‘assorted’ shooting.

            The first turn they get in range to fire at me, they’re looking at 20+ Incorporeal models, and 20+ Stealth models. That means I own the initiative in those games, and combined with pDeneghras debuffs the game is on my terms.

            If I bring a unit of Nyss Hunters they will be nothing more than obvious targets for every gun with nothing else to do. Nyss Hunters are obviously a superior unit, but not in this particular list and with Terminus as backup.

          • I actually use Croes and Nyss in my denny list. Each unit goes up a flank while Raiders go up the middle with bane knights right behind. The croe’s are money against any sort of living medium-heavy infantry, warbeasts, and knockdown living casters. I typically position them across from other ranged units to make the most of stealth , even if I don’t plan on shooting their ranged unit, the threat of charging is enough to keep em back. They also have AD which is super nice.

  4. I’ve been thinking about getting Croe’s for using with Scaverous and maybe some other casters.

    • I’m just not sure they are worth the investment, but I haven’t tried them, so I don’t really know.

      • I’ve only used mine with pDenny and my Hordes opponents actually see them as a priority target. In every game I’ve played with them they have at least taken out a heavy, and since my first game with them have always been a consideration in my opponent’s deployment/advance.

        I hear that TKing your opponent to turn them around makes Croe a very happy man.

        • I am considering using them with pDenny as well, and most likely other casters if I decide to buy them. Atm I’m a bit frustrated about playing against cygnar gun lines, so I’m considering using a lot of stealth models as well as maybe we&sj. I hope that might change it up a bit :-)

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