Terminus: WTC post 1

Terminus came out of retirement tonight. I had my first game against Jet Black Joe and his Old Witch list, but I can’t reveal his list in detail (since I promised to take this very seriously). If someone sits down and goes through all my coming posts to put it together, he’ll have earned it (but please don’t post your results).

The short recap. He won the first turn, and the table was swamped in infantry when my turn came around. I figured I could move a grand total of two inches without getting wiped by Doom Reavers, and if I didn’t advance I would be pressed on scenario in the long run, and shot to pieces as a bonus. Being very rusty with this list, I figured I would wait and see, so I moved up a couple of inches and left it up to him.

Erebus died to a Gallows + Doom Reavers, and the Machine Wraiths I had sent in as sacrifices died to Doomies as well, as I figured they would. The ‘wait and see’ approach was rewarded, because the Doomies that killed Erebus looked like a nice snack for Terminus. I missed some range guessing, but Death Ride, Ravager, a few Bane Thralls making contact, gathered me up eight souls on my feat turn.

He couldn’t break an ARM 32 Terminus, but he wiped a serious amount of models of the table and popped his feat. I was way behind on attrition, but I actually had a great shot at killing the Old Witch right there. He was out of my melee range (no charging), but killing two models would allow me a ranged assassination on her. I had 14 Focus, which is enough for:

  • Spray, 3d6+5 to hit (DEF 15), 3d6+14 damage (ARM 14)
  • Hellfire: 3d6+6 to hit (DEF 15), 3d6+14 damage (ARM 14)
  • Hellfire: 3d6+6 to hit (DEF 15), 3d6+14 damage (ARM 14)

With Puppet Master it was a fairly sure kill. I ultimately decided against it, as I found a plan I figured would be safer and wouldn’t hinge as much on dice. I threw Terminus into the Winter Guard, and despite needing 8+ to hit he managed four kills without spending a single Focus, and then for the second time ever I used his spell Annihilation and killed three more models. Having filled up Terminus on souls already, I allowed Wrong Eye & Snapjaw to take out the last few Doomies so they could heal up.

Nom nom, don’t run!!!

This left Terminus on 28 ARM with seven souls, and there was no place for the witch to run (Kill Box). That’s when he almost killed me, because he had to try, and I had unwittingly┬á given him an opening. I couldn’t get models up to block his Gallows (because of the feat), but I really didn’t think it would be a problem. It turned out, that had his Gallows not dragged me a single inch, but 5-6″ instead, I would have lost (we rolled the dice)… go figure. Anyway, it was nice to start with a win, but man was I rusty with this list.

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  1. Good to hear that T-man is back :) What did Simon have left that could kill an armor 28 Terminus?


    • Behemoth… I had no shot at getting to it, since he kept it out of the fray until he had a shot at pulling in Terminus. Luckily I moved Terminus behind an obstacle, so he had to pull at an angle that required a high roll on the drag distance, which failed.

  2. Fair enough. Behemoth eats T-man for breakfast. But at dice minus 7 even the Behemoth has a very hard time breaking the Bad Boy T.
    Sounds like you had a very good game with excitement to the end.


    • Let me rephrase that… Behemoth and eEiryss, after pulling Terminus away from any potential sac pawn targets (not that he had any) and out of cover ;D

      • I always find Terminus’ relationship with Eiryss to be funny. Terminus is really scared of her, but tends to have his comfort blanket of sac pawn targets and armor granting souls. Take his blanky away and he gets scared.

  3. Woooo! I’m so happy to see Terminus back, your write-ups on him are what got me into cryx. Can’t wait to see your list when you’re able to reveal everything.

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