WTC Strategy meeting

Last night we had our first WTC Strategy meeting. Naturally there are some things I can’t reveal (I have promised to be uncharacteristically serious about this event), but I can tell you that my Captain has been insisting I bring Terminus out of retirement, and that I have finally given in. I’m pleased that I’ll get some more table time with the model I made for him, but I very much doubt I can keep my 20-1 score intact during training and the WTC which is a bit sad.

Hello little ladies!

I’m getting very little gaming done these days, so I’ll need a caster I’m familiar with in order to do well. I also freely admit to a bit of curiosity, because this list took a power hit with the release of Colossals, but I’m not sure exactly how big a hit it was (it handled Stormwalls just fine at the ETC, but back then Stormwalls were new, and the only Colossals in town). I also need a game or two with the Kraken in his list, though I’m 99.9% sure it won’t work.

Terminus’ traditional backup has always been pDeneghra, but I’m not sure I can run the ranged list very effectively after a long day, presumably in an extremely hot and noisy environment, and with deployment being on the clock. This means an opportunity to try something new though, but it has to be simple, intuitive, and fast to play.

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  1. I think Win/Loss (and, by extension, keeping them) are misleading, both for you and others, so I wouldn’t worry about that one too much.

    I agree on playing something you’re comfortable with for such an important event, it takes away stress and thusly improves game play. :)

  2. I look forward to reading more about your progress with Terminus in 2013 vs Collosals!

  3. Yay for bringing out Terminus again!

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