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Sturgiss the Corrupted (Theorycrafting)

It took me a while to write this. Real life interfered as usual, but now it’s time to take a look at our first cross faction caster. I almost cried when I heard about him, because this almost guarantees that we won’t see eKarchev playing for Cryx. These are sad times, but what did we get then?

Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius

Every now and again something comes along that just blows your mind. It’s been forever since that happened to Cryx, but now it has. The name is Aiakos and he’s a Journeyman Warcaster, which is something I’ve been wanting since my very first day with Cryx.

Terminus: WTC post 1

Terminus came out of retirement tonight. I had my first game against Jet Black Joe and his Old Witch list, but I can’t reveal his list in detail. If someone sits down and goes through all my coming posts to put it together, he’ll have earned it.

WTC Strategy meeting

Last night we had our first WTC Strategy meeting. Naturally there are some things I can’t reveal (I have promised to be uncharacteristically serious about this event), but I can tell you that my Captain has been insisting I bring Terminus out of retirement, and that I have finally given in.