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It’s impressive how quickly a workload increases when you hand in your notice. This week is my last before I’m a free man, and then I might have time to move around some minis again. My twitter account got hacked, and while I regained control of it, the site now refuses to update the feed, which is just another one of those things that will have to wait for next week.

I did get around to watching Man of Steel with a bunch of friends. I had declared before watching it, that no matter what it would be the best Superman movie to date, because all the others were so incredibly bad, and it was the best, but fairly disappointing as well. The first 20 minutes were wasted, and the promises it made in the trailer were not fulfilled.

I had hoped for a movie where they really went into detail about his upbringing, and the trailer promised some heavy moral conflicts about saving people vs. staying hidden, but the entire issue was presented in flashbacks, and poorly at that. I could have lived with an entire movie without at epic battle, but what we got was an epic battle without a movie.

Yet again, a movie about me sucks!

There were plenty of easter eggs for the hardcore fans (me being one of them), which I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen it yet. There were some seriously impressive battles though, and the audience really got into them, flinching and shouting when people got hit with trains or destroyed entire buildings, but in the end this just makes it a beer and buddies movie. The trailer promised a Superman version of the Batman reboot, but it almost completely lacked the darkness and conflict it needed to succeed.

Man of Steel does sort of vindicate itself at the very end, with a twist to the hero we know (seems like every superhero movie needs one these days). I absolutely hated the ending of Iron Man, but this particular twist is one that I’ve been wanting for more than 20 years, and I had no idea it was coming. I won’t spoil it, and for non-hardcore fans it might not be something special, but for me it was a twist that could lead to something special if there’s a sequel.

Now I’m of to work again…

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  1. Good to have you back man, looking forward to your posts as always when things get more settled :)

  2. New stuff is always awesome ;) Hoping to see you back at the tables soon sir.

  3. As a non-hardcore fan, I’d sure appreciate some larking on about the easter eggs and the twist at the end! I tried really hard to “get it” when I saw the movie after reading this, but alas, no. Enlighten us! :D

    • Well, some spoilers ahead then… The easter eggs were plenty. Some of them were obvious like the LexCorp logo, and the Wayne Enterprises satellite, but others were fairly subtle.

      1. Empty Cryotube. In the Scout ship there’s an empty cryotube, hinting at the presence of another active Kryptonian on earth (in some storylines the Kryptonians are effectively immortal under a yellow sun, so the age shouldn’t be an issue). I just hope it’s not supergirl…

      2. S.T.A.R labs. This has been hinted at earlier as a possible Justice League connection, and/or Cyborg from the Teen Titans. Goyer could just be messing with the fans, but if so then he’s doing it intentionally. Somehow I can’t see a Cyborg movie being any good, but who am I kidding… I’ll watch it anyway.

      3. Booster Gold. One that I missed. At one point there’s Blaze Comics logo barely noticeable in the background. This could hint at Booster Gold, or just be ‘one for the truly hardcore’. I got the reference when I was told about it, but I didn’t notice it during the movie, so I guess I’m not truly hardcore!

      4. Jax-Ur. In one scene on Krypton, there’s a destroyed moon visible in the background. If you were the autistic messiah of Superman lore, you could have guessed (I didn’t) that one of the escaped Kryptonians from the Phantom Zone would be Jax-Ur, who happened to blow up that moon.

      5. Captain Carrie Farris. The army Captain who thinks supes is ‘kind of hot’ is probably the superhero ‘Star Sapphire’. I can’t imagine this ever turning into a movie, but it’s a good reference anyway, since it also ties this universe in with Green Lantern (who dates ‘Captain Carol Farris’ in the comics).

      6. Cassidy Pub. Another one I missed. The pub Superman works on, is most likely named after Paul H. Cassidy, the artist that more or less defined how Superman looks. The scene appears to have been filmed in Cassidy, British Columbia, so it might be a coincidence.

      7. The Sullivans. A sign in Smallville hints at the Smallville series character Chloe Sullivan.

      Finally there’s the ending, in which Superman does something that breaks his character so bad that I didn’t see it coming. In the 75 years Superman has been around, he has killed exactly two ‘people’ with his bare hands, and both of them in 2013.

      He has killed ‘things’ before, like Doomsday, and he has ‘destroyed’ things before, like Kryptonians from another dimension (using their version of Kryptonite), but actually breaking Zods neck was seriously unexpected.

      I love that he did it, and I loved that he didn’t actually save the city, divert falling buildings, or save random falling victims (because he was damn busy not dying).

      I guess there are more of them, but either I didn’t see them or wasn’t told about them afterwards.

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