Wraith Witch Deneghra: 5

The WCoG and Kraken combination obviously works, and the addition of Steelheads to the list seems like a keeper. It’s time to branch out a bit with the Kraken. I’m also currently considering bringing eDeneghra to the WTC, so I might as well experiment a bit before everything becomes serious business.

Wraith Witch Deneghra
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
– Helldiver
– Kraken
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Bloat Thrall
Bloat Thrall
Gorman di Wulfe
– Ike the Scrap Thrall
Warwitch Siren

This is not a power build, and considering that my first game with it will be against eCaine tonight, I’m not expecting to win either. The reason I have for running this list a couple of times, is a silly drunken promise, that one day I will kill a caster with Jelly-Belly and Butterball.

Jelly-Belly & Butterball

In theory eDeneghra feats and/or pops Marked for Death on the enemy caster, after which the Helldiver boosts a slam or Headbutt to knock him down, then maybe, just maybe the Bloat buddies will get the kill.

The Kraken with eDeneghra seems like a nasty combination though. It can beat up enemy Colossals and remain outside retaliation range due to Shadow Bind, though tonight I suspect that it will be shot to pieces. Actually I’m hoping it will, so Deneghra won’t be crushed beneath the metric ton of bullets she’ll be eating otherwise.

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  1. What about:

    Max Banes Thralls+ua

    It seems pretty good to me :)

  2. That and Lamoron doesnt like the DJ since its the (even in this case IMHO) biggest threat on the board and gets targeted early. Although I suppose that with a kraken the enemy might try to split attacks between the two and not kill either in the process. *shrugs*

    • I’ve considered the Deathjack with eDeneghra because of double Hellmouth shenanigans, but I think I might have overestimated the Kraken with eDeneghra a bit.

      • I came to the same conclusion after trying to fit Kraken into pretty much every caster I play. I thought that edenny would be good and feat turn +curse +mfd worked great until I was playing someone who knew I could do it. Then the Kraken was just a sub par 20 point heavy.

        I want to take DJ with edenny badly, but I don’t want to give up we/sj and nightmare. Extra hellmouth seems so good but it only gets cast in maybe half the game and even then it is one a turn for movement shenanigans. The more I play edenny the more of her subtlies get revealed. She has quickly become my favorite Cryx caster.

  3. I have run a fairly similar list to that one and the kraken preformed reasonably well, I didn’t find the fatties did a lot, but in reality between nyss, the kraken and hellmouth how much infantrys going to survive?

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