The Witch Coven of Garlghast: 1

These girls have been a thorn in my eye for quite some time. They were among the first casters I bought, and I quickly realized that they were way out of my league back then.  I put them on the table twice, lost both games, and decided they would be better suited for later… much later.

About a year later I brought them out again and didn’t fare much better. I won most of the games this time, but only because people didn’t know about the stupid 28″ Stygian Abyss assassination run, and whenever I met someone who did I lost… badly. Now another year has gone by and I’ve pulled out the Coven again.

Wear some god damn armor you skimpy £#€&%¤§.

This time around they have access to the Kraken though. The Coven has always lacked some durability, speed, and hitting power, so they might actually work with the Kraken. I decided it was time for another adventure in failure! I brought the following list, and found a game against Hjelmen and his pThagrosh Ogrun theme list.

The Witch Coven of Garlghast
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
– Kraken
Bane Knights (Leader and 9 Grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus
Gorman di Wulfe
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren

This was the first time I’ve had the Kraken on the table (or well… a giant cork circle with Kraken written on it anyway). The concept is pretty obvious, with almost everything being either stealth, high defense, or the Kraken (Bane Knights get Occultation of course).


I also got a sneak peak at the now assembled Hjelmen-style Extreme Proteus, and I put a Coven member next to it for size comparison. I think she might have peed herself a bit, because that thing is fantastic!

Not the best image, but I only got the one.

The game was decided rather quickly, when the Kraken stuffed his Carnivean in the furnace on the second turn, thus removing it from play (I can’t believe that rule isn’t limited to Warrior models). It shot his Warmonger War Chief, killed his Carnivean, Shot half his pot members, and then killed Thagrosh in turn three. Really, a 14″ threat Colossal with MAT 8 isn’t fair at all.

The Kraken is everything TWCoG ever wanted in a jack, and their spell list is more or less designed to run it. Now I just have to go build one, because I’ll be damned if I’m buying one just to use them with TWCoG. I dug up a bunch of old GW bits, so maybe there’s something in there I can turn into a Kraken.

I do feel bad about bringing the Kraken though, because I still feel Colossals were a bad decision from PP. They’re not overpowered by any means, but they make list building boring (can I handle the Colossals… no… bring more Banes), and the games often end up being about killing the Colossal, because if it goes down you’ve killed half his list, and if it doesn’t it will destroy you.

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  1. Good game, although I was pretty stymied as to how to manage that Kraken. I made a few errors, but otherwise I felt more or less overrun by the Kraken itself, which just strengthens my view that mirrors your own: namely that colossals end up bending listbuilding into “Can I handle it or not?”.

    After the game you said that the Kraken brings the Coven much of what they need in order to succeed and I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. How is building for a colossal different from building for 2-3 heavies?

    • It’s very different actually. I wrote a long reply detailing all the ways it’s different, but it all boils down to this. The Kraken is a Focus Economy gift from the heavens, with the endurance, punch, and speed to plow straight through enemy lines and survive it, which is something no Cryxian Warjack except maybe the Deathjack can do, and the DJ is much much slower and cannot participate in a shooting match.

    • Lamoron and Jan made some very good points about how colossals are much different to build “against” than a bunch of heavy warjacks/warbeasts.

      Colossals are much more focus efficient, and more efficient wrt. buffs. You’re hard pressed to get, for instance, Infernal Machine on all the ‘jacks that would really like it, but the Kraken just needs that one buff, and you don’t have to be able to put it on more targets.

      Colossals are also individually more resilient, both in terms of ARM and hit points, but also because the most reliable and widespread control measures, such as power attacks, do not work against them.

      With heavy warjacks/warbeasts, I can reliably incapacitate two in a turn with the Thagrosh1 list I played in this game, but I can only dent a colossal. I might take out half its boxes in a turn, after which it gets repaired, if need be, and then trashes the models I charged in. This example might be a slight exaggeration, but it should get the point across, I think.

      As for colossals being a good or bad thing… well, see my reply to Jan below :)

  3. I like it with the coven as well, which you might have guess, having played against it in the weird 42 point tournament :)

    MAT 8 is rock solid, and SPD 7 with 4″ reach and terror is incredible. Just having that thing run 14″ in the first turn puts a fair amount of pressure on the opponent, as it’s going to be in his face in the next turn. It can also reach insane levels of hitting power factoring in corpse tokens, curse of shadows and dark shroud. They also offer it some kind of protection on the feat turn. Effective DEF 12 inside nightfall isn’t super, but most stuff will go from needing 4’s to 6’s, which is good enough for the occasional miss, and then there’s the LOS thing hopefully preventing some charges. Veil of mist and ghost walk can also sometimes help it get around better.

  4. I agree with you, Lamoron and Hjelmen, that colossals somewhat have changed the way lists are made. I´m not sure as to it being a bad thing yet. From what I have experienced, I have seen much less infantry and more beasts in the lists I have played and my opponnents have played. In my opinion, that it a good thing.
    A bad thing about colossals is that the play for scenario is much more simplified as one can position a Colossal and thus negate the oponent scoring objective points. There is no slaming, placing, pushing and so forth, so you have to kill it.
    I guess my conclusion to colossals is that it is a two edged sword.


    • I agree with you that more ‘jacks/’beasts in lists are a good thing, since I dislike infantry with a passion.

      As for colossals bending list-building being a good or bad thing, my take is, as always, that it is a matter of perspective. I personally do not play a lot of cutthroat competitive games, but like to play around with my small lists that might have some weird combinations. This means that if I , for example, build a quirky Lylyth3 list, and my opponent puts down a colossal, then I am, more often than not, set in a very poor position from the get-go.

      This means that if I have an inkling that my opponent will use a colossal, then my options are limited. And that limitation is a bad thing from my perspective, both for running quirky lists, but also wrt. scenario play, because in my tournament lists, I also have to build to be able to take those big guys out, or I lose.

      Good thing/bad thing doesn’t really matter a lot, when push comes to shove, but fun does, and colossals can make the game much less fun. At least for me. YMMV as usual.

  5. If it were me, and this is just a recommendation. I would drop the bane knights and necrotech for bane thralls and UA and then drop the wither shadow combine for bile thralls. The banes are already stealth so occultation can go on the biles. But I get a sort of sick pleasure out of purging half of my enemies army off the board.

  6. Oh look lamoron listens and trys out a kraken and finds out for sure that it is game alteringly busted with cryx. I know I remember something about this in another post.

    Lam hint the kit your looking for is the Dark eldar pain engine kit with defilier legs.

    If you think the coven bust the kraken just wait till you play skarraken

    • I don’t intend to, but I’ve seen Duskern rape an entire army with it, so I understand the potential :D

      • The eSkarre Kraken combo is a deadly one for sure :) I think I remember the game you are referring to, which starred the Kraken and DJ running amok over two rounds removing all but a few models :)

        The Black Spot abuse makes sure the pain is applied where it needs be, taking out what threatens the Kraken, and Seas of Fate helps push focus efficiency to the limits! All while Perdition threatens to shove the DJ down the opponent’s throat. Then there’s the feat that keeps everything that hits hard in check for another round. Combined with two Pistol Wraiths, and you have quite a strong denial game as well.

        I actually enjoy the list very much. It has a lot fewer models than I’ve been used to playing, which I think have been a really good experience for me with regards to getting better at this game ^^ I helps you focus on the rest of the game if you don’t have 40+ models to think about :)

  7. The best part of the kraken is that it lessens the need for MOAR banes. You can almost skip them along with tartarus.
    In fact you can play some interesting things with coven…

  8. Still stuck on my personal jack bullet list with the Coven:

    Nightmare 10
    2x Node 8
    2x Stalker 8
    Scavenger 4
    Max Bane Knights 10
    Min Bile Thralls 5
    2x Pistol Wraith 6
    Skarlock 2
    Siren 2

    Total = 50

    Has the biles to anti infantry, pistols to lock down jacks, multiple bonejacks to threaten assassination (with Nightmare, unless he goes for heavies) and Banes to troubleshoot/jam. Usual support models. Cycling infernal makes any one of those jacks a caster killer without a hitch. Strong denial theme keeps the ladies safe till I can deliver a jack to the face, with backup Stygian as covered above.

    Coven is just so fantastic for delivery with Curse/Veil/Ghost Walk and Feat + Stealth to protect everything on the approach, pushing the bonejacks up to pseudo DEF 18 and much of the army getting stealth.

    Kraken does look interesting although certainly a different kind of list! Will be following these articles to see any interesting gems that another perspective always turns up :)

  9. I’d love to see the eSkarre+Kraken+DJ list!

    • This is my eSkarre+Kraken+DJ list:

      Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast – WJ: 6
      – Deathjack – PC: 12
      – Kraken – PC: 19
      – Deathripper – PC: 4

      Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist – PC: 2
      Pistol Wraith – PC: 3
      Machine Wraith – PC: 1
      Pistol Wraith – PC: 3

      Satyxis Raiders – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
      – Satyxis Raider Sea Witch – Satyxis Raider Sea Witch 2
      Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls – Necrosurgeon & 3 Grunts: 2

  10. Another game with the list, and this time against a Damiano list. He wasn’t the most experienced of opponents, but he did know enough to run down eEiryss on the crucial round, to stop the Kraken from getting Focus.

    Then he ran in the Forge Guard, planning to either push me out of the zone or get a face full of Hammer-Time (with the feat up) on the following round. He didn’t consider option number three, which was to kill eEiryss, power boost and Infernal Machine up the Kraken, and sweep half the Forge Guard since they were withing 9″, and I hit them on 3+.

    Then it got a kill shot and wiped half the Gun Mages as well. The game was over from there, but it took a round to wipe out a Mule while heading toward Damiano. That thing is stupidly brutal with the WCoG.

  11. Faced Duskern and his Asphyxious2 list tonight. It was going well, and I was so far ahead in attrition that I ‘could’ actually still have been in the game after the feat round, but then Asphyxious2 forgot to leave the Krakenarium and got himself stuffed in the furnace.

  12. Yeah, given that the Kraken with the Coven has an 11″ walking threat range with Pathfinder and the ability to walk through enemy troops with Curse of Shadows, clouds and Hellbound don’t look like such foolproof protections anymore.

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