Spotlight: Wraith Witch Deneghra


I’ve barely begun scratching the surface on this impossibly complicated Warcaster. Wraith Witch Deneghra is a caster that only becomes interesting when your game goes to shit, and a game with her where everything works is actually pretty boring.

This better be the making of the first cross faction Warcaster in the game. I bloody ‘need’ Lich Lord Karchev, so don’t you dare rescue him.

The first time I picked up eDeneghra was in my very first game of Warmachine. I had read a lot about her, though mostly on Battlecollege, and everything made her sound like a complete win button with no skill required, as all you had to do was walk up and feat in order to win. I thought that might be nice for a complete rookie, which meant that my very first game was with our second most complicated caster (Scaverous having dethroned her since then).

The Queen of Dice and Darkness.

That very first game made me realize how the game worked, how the rules supported certain styles of play, and how eDeneghra was about as @£$#¤%& far from a win button as they come for a complete rookie. Sure she’s almighty and devastating, if you know what you’re doing, but rookies should most certainly run away screaming. For years I hated her with a passion, but then I ran out of casters that seemed both interesting and powerful, and here we are.

The first couple of games I tried running her as the all-knowing Internet seemed to suggest, moving her up and feating aggressively in order to maximize my feat and win on scenario, but that was a complete disaster, and the games I actually won were on risky assassinations. Then I sat down to really look at her, and designed a new list which is so far undefeated.

Understanding eDeneghra

The most important thing to understand about eDeneghra is, that while many of her spells and abilities seem fairly straight forward, they really REALLY aren’t. I’ll begin the actual guide by giving you an example to illustrate what a scenario win could look like, if an opponent has a Juggernaut and a closed Devastator guarding a zone, assisted by half a unit of Kayazy assassins. I’ll assume that you’ve read up on her abilities so you know roughly what they do, and don’t worry about the details just now.

Think you’re safe now do you?

This doesn’t look like he just lost now does it? In fact both of those Warjacks are in perfect health, and the Kayazy Assassins have Iron Flesh up, making them Stealth and DEF 17, but we’ll win this with nothing but eDeneghra if need be.

  • Deneghra charges the Juggernaut.
  • She feats, inflicting Shadow Bind on everyone.
  • She hits the Juggernaut on 3+ for 3d6-8, and all we need is one damage.
  • Assuming she does a point of damage we can now teleport the Juggernaut 1d6+7 inches.
  • We place the Juggernaut on the other side of the Kayazy.

Hellmouth Mutha@£$€%¤!!!

Now the scene looks like this, and then we cast Hellmouth on the Juggernaut. If you’ve placed the Juggernaut correctly, the Devastator will be pulled out of the zone, and 4/5 Kayazy Assassin will automatically die to the POW 12 AoE. That leaves you enough Focus for a Boosted Venom to clear out the last assassin (10+ on 3d6 to hit), and the zone is yours for three turns, assuming he doesn’t shoot you to death: This is what eDeneghra does, now let’s look at the tools that make the magic.

Tools of the trade

Where to begin… where to begin…  eDeneghra has more abusable spells and abilities than almost any other caster in the game. She’s not as directly powerful as her prime version, because she requires lateral thinking, timing, and the knowledge needed to pick the right tool for the right turn, but if you get the hang of her your opponent will end up looking like this.

What just happened!?

Web of Shadows (Feat)

Web of Shadows is eDeneghras feat, and in the general opinion it’s her most defining feature. I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong (sort of). Web of Shadows is a support ability that enables her most defining feature, which is a downright silly ability to move enemy models around.

Enemy models currently in Deneghra’s control area suffer Shadow Bind for one round… Shadow Bind…. model suffers -3 DEF and when it advances it cannot move except to change facing.

This is a brutally powerful feat against some lists, and a mild annoyance against others if used incorrectly. Web of Shadows can be used in several different ways.

  1. The ‘standard’ way, is to rush up, pop her feat in the second turn, and try to force a scenario win without the opponent ever really getting near the zones/flags/objectives. I tried this, and it was horrible, especially with SR 2013, and against people that knew how she played. There can be no mistaking the power of this move against people that don’t really know eDeneghra, but relying on opponent ignorance is not a winning strategy :D
  2. The alpha strike, where you include lightning fast models that are guaranteed to get the first hit, like Satyxis Raiders, and then use her feat to inflict a lot of damage and lock down whatever ranged models he has with reach models. This worked slightly better, but there were so many variables to take into account that it made me dizzy. In one game I locked down a Skorne player, and his Titans began picking up his own Slingers and throwing them at my Soul Hunters, killing them on average dice.
  3. The late game feater, where you play most of the game as if she has no feat (not that hard as you’ll see later), and save it for a guaranteed win or massive ‘oh shit’ button. This is where I ended up, and it works like a charm. Having your entire army locked down is bad, but having it locked down in the end-game where you have no tools left to handle Incorporeal Deneghra is a disaster. This also allows long-shot assassination runs a pretty good chance at working.

In the games I’ve had with eDeneghra, I’ve been forced to feat prematurely a couple of times, and that’s just the way things go. The good thing is, that if you’ve planned you list and strategy while intending to keep the feat for later, it’s a not a huge disaster.

In every game I have, I find new ways to abuse this feat, and most of them are tied in with her potential to move around enemy models with Hellmouth and Dark Banishment. It’s very rare that I use this simply to inflict damage, as the late game potential is simply huge.

Dark Banishment (Ability)

This is a hilarious ability. Dark Banishment is an ability we find on her melee weapon, and with it we can place enemy models, if we can hit and damage them. Deneghra is MAT 5 and PS 12, so dealing damage often requires help, but with access to boosts, spells, feat, and Dark Shroud it’s easy unless we’re talking closed Devastators.

Dark Banishment – When this model damages an enemy model with this weapon during its activation, after the attack is resolved you can place the enemy model anywhere completely within d6˝ of its current location, plus 1˝ for each focus point on this model.

So if we charge something, hit it, and inflict a point of damage, we get to place that model completely within 1d6+7 inches, assuming we didn’t upkeep anything or spend anything boosting or casting. That’s a game winning ability right there, unless you fail in which case you’re probably going to lose.

This ability is why I said that a game with eDeneghra becomes interesting only when you’re losing, because that’s when this ability comes into play. This ability must win you the game, or it will most likely cost you the game instead.

The upside is, that this ability isn’t limited to once per turn, and as long as you have Focus available you can buy more attacks. The problem is, that every Focus you spend making this work, reduces the distance you can teleport the victim, and rolling poorly on the dice can spell disaster, but here are a few of the things you can do with Dark Banishment.

  • Teleport heavies you cannot kill out of zones.
  • Teleport casters into the loving arms of a Bane Thrall unit.
  • Teleport Warjacks into the loving arms of the Withershadow Combine.
  • Teleport a target where you need it, to kill entire units with Hellmouth.
  • Teleport targets into clouds, so you can use them as charge targets and get whatever is hiding behind the cloud.
  • Teleport targets into lanes where you can slam them with another model.

The list is pretty much endless. This ability derives most of it’s power from your ability to cook up stupidly complex chains of events, and the more you use it the more options you see. Dark Banishment has a crapton of synergy with Hellmouth.

Hellmouth (spell)

Hellmouth is a pretty darn expensive spell, but it’s also one of the best spells in the game, and one proper use of this spell can win you a game. It’s a spell that not many casters have, so it’s not unusual to meet someone unaccustomed to it’s horror.

If this attack misses, nothing happens. If it hits, before making the damage roll, push models within 3″ of the model hit 3″ directly toward it in the order you choose. Then center a 3″ AOE on the model hit. Models hit suffer a POW 12 damage roll. Models boxed by Hellmouth are removed from play.

This has a list of applications so long that it cannot possibly be listed. During the games I’ve had with her, I’ve found that I have two main reasons to cast it, where one is damage and the other is the push effect. Typically the first couple of rounds will see Hellmouth used to wipe out infantry or enable charges, while the late game will typically see it enable assassinations or scenario wins without causing much damage.

  • Damage

The first couple of rounds I look for opportunities to explode some peeps. If you hit a small based model in the middle of a tightly packed group of infantry, you can really blow some shit up, and I once wiped out almost an entire unit of Kayazy Assassins with one Hellmouth. This requires a boost to hit, and Puppet Master if you have it, because it’s a huge investment of Focus so it pretty much has to work.

If you’re using a large based model as you target, typically because they’re easier to hit directly, you’ll affect a much larger area with the push effect, but kill significantly less models unless they happen to stand in a perfect circle around your target (it happens!). Remember that you can boost the damage if you manage to snag a juicy solo, and a boosted POW 12 will kill most of them outright.

  • Positioning

Getting in a charge is often vital, so what do you do if your opponent has a heavy parked outside your threat range? You run up something that’s easily hit, to withing three inches of the enemy heavy, and use Hellmouth to pull it into range. This is why I include Wrong Eye & Snapjaw in every eDeneghra list, since eDeneghra doesn’t have the Focus to both gas up a heavy and pop Hellmouth at once. You could just trash it with infantry of course, but WE&SJ are brilliant with eDeneghra anyway.

Edit (16.10.2013): With the release and use of Colossals and other push immune models, it can be necessary to pull your own models forward instead. This is done by positioning something easily hit (and not tough) about three inches in front of your heavy, and eating the POW 12 hit like a man.

If you target a huge based model you’ll probably end up not killing anything since the 3″ AoE isn’t large enough to hit anything but the huge base you’re targeting, but you’ll affect a humongous part of the table, and move a bazillion models into one big clusterfuck of an activation sequence nightmare. I haven’t actually done this yet, but a man can dream.

  • Pulling

Removing an enemy heavy from a zone can be a really powerful move, and if there’s something easily hit in range (or you can run something up there), you can do it very reliably. There are many ways of engineering this scenario, and often you’ll see games where both players have heavies with toes in the zones to contest, but scared to come closer because they’ll eat a charge if they do. Pulling can also open charge lanes while pulling a caster in range of something nasty.

  • Double-hitting, by Blue Claw

This requires you to bring Scrap Thralls, but it’s interesting if you do. The core concept is to run in a Scrap Thrall and Hellmouth him in the back. The Scrappies are DEF 11 so hitting them is easy, and after you pull everyone in you get to hit them with a POW 12 Hellmouth and a POW 8 exploding Scrap (Corpse Bomb activates at Disable, which is before Boxed). It’s an added bonus that the Scrap Explosion is AoE 4, so you might get some hits in on guys that would be outside of the AoE Hellmouth.

Wraith Walker (Ability)

Wraith Walker is eDeneghras only real defense, and it’s not all that great. If you had asked me a couple of years ago I’d have said it was one of the stronger defensive abilities, but these days it’s pretty lackluster.

At the end of your Control Phase, this model can gain Incorporeal for one round unless it gained Incorporeal during the last round.

I’ve almost never used this in the first round, but there are some lists that can reliably gun you down on their first turn if you go first and play very aggressively. Since I like hanging out with a toe in the kill box, this is not a big concern for me.

In the second turn it’s tempting to go Incorporeal, and occasionally you’ll be forced to do it in order to survive. In my lists I’ve included Gorman di Wulfe and an Ogrun Bokur, just so I can avoid going Incorporeal to save my bacon, because this ability is best used in late game as well, and that’s usually turn three.

If you’re going to feat early, then go Incorporeal that turn as well, because you’re going to end up somewhere really unpleasant, and I suggest camping heavily, having Cover/Concealment, and having a Shield Guard nearby as well. Up until the point where you feat, I’d suggest hiding down back and keeping Incorporeal ready for the opening.

Now when you go Incorporeal you can go anywhere, through models and obstructions alike, and since you’ve also got Parry which grants immunity to free strikes, you can also go through enemy models, but remember that you still need LoS. This leads us to her next spell, because obviously she needs a way around that as well.

Cursed says: You didn’t mention the trick were you go Incorporeal, charge one of your own models (that you ran forwards the same turn), feats, and use venom to kill it so you don’t lose your Incorporeal. You get a solid 3″ more when you need a 1st/2nd turn feat.

This is a neat trick, but it does cost you a model and at least two Focus to do, so you better need those three inches badly. You can measure the placement of the model using eDeneghras control are so you’re sure she’s in range, gain back strike bonus, and then pray it dies (don’t use a tough model). If it doesn’t die you have to swing at it, and then you’re no longer incorporeal…

Marked for Death (Spell)

This spell has a bazillion applications… wait… let’s just assume I’m saying that about everything she can do or cast for the rest of the article unless otherwise noted, and this will be a bit shorter.

Target enemy model/unit suffers -2 DEF and loses Incorporeal and Stealth and cannot gain those abilities while affected by Marked for Death. Friendly Faction models can target an affected model regardless of LOS.

This obviously requires an Arc Node in position, but luckily our support team can handle that. We have a Skarlock that uses Ghost Walk and a Warwitch Siren to power Boost, so having an Arc Node in position should be easy. Then we pop Marked for Death on a target, and we can happily ignore anything on the map except being out of range.

The spell also handily solves the problem with Cryx having no ranged game against enemy Stealth lists, because god forbid she had a weakness, and of course it also applies a DEF penalty so we don’t miss those precious attacks either. This spell can also be combined with Ghost Walk, to send Bane Thralls charging through woods and obstructions, and if you get it on an enemy caster you get to cackle and rub your hands together like a maniac.

Now with Ghost Walk and Marked for Death you still cannot actually get there through enemy models, which handily leads me to her next spell that solves that little issue.

Curse of Shadow (Spell)

Good to know that Privateer Press thought of everything. This spell enables her to play attrition if she brings Bane Thralls and Gorman, and while she’s not killing heavies with Swamp Gobbers like pDeneghra could, she can hold her own in the ARM debuff department.

Target model/unit suffers -2 ARM and cannot make free strikes. A model can advance through an affected model if it has enough movement to move completely past its base.

Curse of Shadows also comes with an interesting little play that few people think about. I’ve written about it before, but if you happen to mess up your activation sequence, you can have the Skarlock debuff your own unit so you can move through it. Then when it’s Deneghras turn she can cast it on an enemy model/unit, and it vanishes from your own.

Pursuit (Spell)

This is a spell I have never really gotten the hang of. In theory it’s a fantastic spell, but the few times I’ve used it my opponent simply removed it, but I guess it’s really nice against an opponent with one heavy and no upkeep removal.

If target enemy model/unit advances during its activation, immediately after ending this movement one model in this modelʼs battlegroup that is in its control area can make a full advance.

Fantastic spell if you’re up front and your opponent has a single melee heavy and no way to remove Pursuit. This has not happened to me yet, and she has so many fantastic spells to spend her Focus on. If anyone of you have some neat Pursuit tricks then leave a comment and I’ll work them in.

Venom (Spell)

Standard issue infantry removal. I rarely use it because I think she has better things to do with her Focus, but when you need it it’s one of the best spray spells in the game (funny how one of the best spells in the game is an afterthought with eDeneghra).

Venom causes corrosion damage. Models hit suffer the Corrosion continuous effect.

That’s what makes all those single wound ‘shield wall’ or ‘defensive line’ units wet their pants. In most games a well placed Hellmouth is better than two sprays, but there are always exceptions to a rule, and attacks that ignore cover/concealment are handy tools to bring to a fight.

Seduction (ability)

I’ve never actually used this. It’s nice to know that you can walk up to a High Paladin of ‘holierthanthou’, give him a smooch and have him leave the zone, but since she has to walk in there’s rarely anything in range.

Take control of a living enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior model B2B with this model. You can immediately make a full advance with the enemy model followed by a normal melee attack, then Seduction expires. The enemy model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

I don’t use it with Warwitch Sirens either, and since eDeneghra can move people with her Dark Banishment as well, at nearly double the effective range, that’s what I usually end up doing. It’s still worth noting that this ability requires no roll and cannot be resisted.

Ghost Walk (Spell)

Because no caster is complete without the ability to make any model/unit ignore terrain and free strikes. You all know this spell, and if you don’t you should not be running eDeneghra. This also concludes our tour of her most important spells and abilities, leading us into the scary territory called list composition, better known as…

What I brought to kick your face

Now here is where it gets really complicated (no no, everything up to here was clear and simple!). With Terminus it’s pretty obvious what works, but with eDeneghra I’ve seen some seriously weird lists do extremely well, so we’ll begin by introducing a couple of sample lists.

Wraith Witch Deneghra, by Jonconcarne
* Nightwretch
* Deathjack
* Kraken
* Nightmare
Skarlock Thrall
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Warwitch Siren

It has access to double Hellmouth shenanigans due to the Deathjack, which is huge. The Kraken can actually attack with it’s four inch reach, and then remain outside melee reprisal range when eDeneghra feats. Nightmare is Stealth with her, and the list has almost no infantry, making it less vulnerable to many feats and abilities (Field of Talons, Harbinger, Covering Fire, Excarnate Purges and the likes). This build doesn’t think outside the box, it lives there, and as so it gains Lamoron approval.

Wraith Witch Deneghra, by Lamoron
– Deathripper
– Deathripper
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
The Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus
Darragh Wrathe
Gorman di Wulfe
Ogrun Bokur
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

This build works by denying an opponent any relevant kills at range, and then using the feat to deny him any kills in melee when the lines have closed. It’s obviously not as powerful against a heavy gun line with the ability to ignore stealth, but there are still a few key pieces that are impossible to remove by shooting (Helldivers & Wrong Eye). The list hits like ten freight trains because it loses very few models on the approach, and because it can line up perfect lanes without getting in to much trouble, allowing you to apply a lot of hard hitting attacks where you want them.

Wraith Witch Deneghra, by Trent
– Deathjack
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Gorman di Wulfe
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Skarlock Thrall
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

Trent says: It excels at infantry removal thanks to giving the Biles a free turn to get into position. Blackbanes work great against debuffed targets, giving you a free round of collecting more little dudes. The Pistol Wraiths tag heavies in later turns, giving you almost another round of feating. Denny plays forward, aggressively camping all her focus, hitting heavies and teleporting them around so that Bane Thralls can chomp them.

It’s an interesting build which also allows a round of double Hellmouth, or plays the Deathjack like an Arc Node. There’s nothing wrong with the choices and almost everything has some form of special defense (Stealth/Incorporeal/Submerge) which is great synergy with Web of Shadows.

Wraith Witch Deneghra, by Pryokon
– Nightwretch
– Nightwretch
– Kraken
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
Bane Lord Tartarus
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren

Pryokon says: The list hits hard of course, but the real thing about it is the battlefield control it offers. You can engage the enemy on your terms swap between attrition, assassination, and scenario as things progress. While I’m not a fan of Nightwretches, eDeneghra might be the exception. With her feat she can set abuse the high powered shot without investing Focus to hit, and saving them from melee retaliation.

More tested builds will be added when I find them. An Honorable mention should go to Sanctjuds eDeneghra build with 30 Bane Knights, but I don’t endorse skew lists as a matter of principle, so you can go here if you want to know more about it :D

There are actually very few key elements to an eDeneghra list, but there are some similarities if you look close enough. Her lists tend to focus on denying the enemy kills, by picking models that are hard to remove, and models that can lock down enemy shooting.


That being said, there are some models you shouldn’t leave home without. I find these models in most eDeneghra lists, and with good reason, so let’s look at the support models. These are the ones I think you should consider first.

  • Arc Node

If you don’t bring at least one Arc Node, you better have a damn good reason. Wraith Witch Deneghra has one of the most impressive toolbox spell lists of all time, and without an Arc Node you’ll have no flexibility. Personally I’d never go without two of them, because one is easy enough to take out and it makes it obvious where the threat will come from.

  • Skarlock

If you don’t bring one you should sell you miniatures and go jump in the river. This little guy has access to some fantastic spells through Deneghras spell list, and everything that saves Deneghra some serious Focus should be jammed into her list. The Skarlock is a god with eDeneghra, and on her feat round he can debuff Nyss Hunters on below average dice.

  • Warwitch Siren

I’ve gone with just a single Siren because Power Boost on my Arc Node is my primary reason for bringing one. eDeneghra can actually go entirely without Warwitch Sirens, but why would you? bring two if you have the points, because they never really disappoint anyway.

  • Withershadow Combine

I think eDeneghra needs them. A great many of her incredible tricks require a bunch of dice rolls that must not fail, and Puppet Master is essential to ensure that success. The WSC also goes well with both Dark Banishment and Web of Shadows, making it a lot easier to set up Dark Industries. Finally they’ve got ranged attacks with a good POW, which is something eDeneghra really likes, and a free upkeep never hurts.


Your choice of heavy/heavies is less obvious. There are many choices that work well with her, but I find that a heavy needs a little something ‘else’ in order to make it. These are the ones I think you should consider first.

  • Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

These are complete darlings with eDeneghra. Submerge is so unfair when combined with Web of Shadows, and you can ‘sneak’ a self-reliant heavy in on any target you like, and set it up so he has a couple of debuffs or abilities to help him out. Combined with Hellmouth, Curse of Shadow, and Ghost Walk shenanigans, you can get Snapjaw in on any target you like and there’s very little your opponent can do about it.

  • The Kraken

Not having experience with this combination makes me rely on theory, and the testimonies of others. The Kraken can engage with superior reach, and Deneghra can keep it safe from melee reprisal. It’s pretty damn hard to kill a Kraken with shooting, and it’s no slouch when it comes to returning fire. Several people run the Kraken with eDeneghra and do well.

Pryokon says: Marked for Death interactions. Shooting with Marked for Death is great. Faction shooting with Marked for Death is eGoreshade’s Phantom Hunter with a -DEF kicker. When those shots are d3+1 POW 12′s and a POW 14-17 (depending), you can pull out a surprise assassination even without any support. Combining this with the feat makes the Kraken fire at effective RAT 10 (12 when aiming) and being in melee doesn’t affect that a bit because it’s a colossal. “But I’ll just screen… oh, right, no LoS”. It’s a perpetual threat that sometimes just scores free wins.

  • Deathjack

Normally I avoid the Deathjack like a plague, but with eDeneghra he has access to Hellmouth. The ability to pop two Hellmouth spells in one turn is beyond awesome, and the short threat range of daddy DJ is less of a problem with Deneghras spells and feat. The Deathjack is also a hard target to bring down with nothing but shooting, and the self healing aspect is brutal when the opponent is locked in position by Web of Shadows.

  • Nightmare

I see the attraction. It’s damn quick, Stealth with Deneghra, and deadly. I don’t use it because I find Wrong Eye & Snapjaw a superior choice, but it’s not a bad choice. If you bring it, I would treat it more as an assassination piece, because with Ghostly and Prey on an enemy caster it becomes a real threat when Web of Shadows locks him down.


Like her prime version, eDeneghra makes almost everything better. Unlike her prime version however, she doesn’t turn Swamp Gobbers into Juggernauts, so I find that eDeneghras infantry needs to hit extremely hard, or have something special to offer. These are the ones I think you should consider first.

  • Bane Thralls + UA + Tartarus

You know what’s better than Bane Thralls with eDeneghra? The answer is ‘nothing’, because these guys are silly with her. First of all they allow her an attrition game simply by being Bane Thralls. Secondly they bring Dark Shroud which combined with Curse of Shadows takes your heavies into the stratosphere of damage potential, and thirdly they just make people cry foul, when they’re stuck in a Web of Shadows, and staring at Stealth Bane Thralls lining up for the charge, just outside of five inches.

  • Satyxis Raiders + UA + Captain

Not a favorite with eDeneghra, but still very viable. The ability to Alpha strike with Web of Shadows up, and run in reach models to lock down shooting models, can be pretty impressive against many armies, and damn near useless against others. I don’t like options that becomes useless in some matches, so I usually don’t look to Satyxis Raiders when there are so many other options.

  • Nyss Hunters + Dougal MacNaile

Now we’re talking. These guys have a huge range with Extra Powder rations, and with Web of Shadows they’re deadly accurate. You can apply Marked for Death to their target as well, allowing them to kill that model/unit with deadly precision and ignoring Stealth/Incorporeal. RAT 11, RNG 14, Hunter, and CRA is not at all fair.

Solo characters

There’s a huge gallery of options here, and many of them are great with her. She’s not as mercenary friendly as her prime version, but it’s close enough to make most of them work as well. These are the ones I think you should consider first.

  • Darragh Wrathe

That additional inch does a lot for eDeneghra both when feating and charging. Darragh Wrathe also increases the range for the WSC, the Skarlock, and Bane Thralls if you bring them (and you should), and of course protects your heavy from living things with Beyond Death. He’s also a high powered ranged attack when you need it.

  • Gorman di Wulfe

eDeneghra will often end up in the middle of nowhere, camped in front of an entire enemy army with nothing better to do than shoot at her, because they can’t move. Concealment is a really nice bonus in that situation, and you cannot always rely on terrain to help you out. Gorman also offers an additional damage boost against Warjacks, and of course the ever awesome Black Oil.

  • Ogrun Bokur

This guy turns up for much the same reason as Gorman. In several games I’ve had Deneghra camped out in the middle of nowhere, with only the Ogrun Bokur standing vigil against the single high powered enemy attack threatening her life. If there’s nothing for him to do, he can always go bash in some heads.

  • Pistol Wraiths

What’s more fun that locking down your opponent with a feat? Death Chilling his main heavies the round after, and watching the steam venting as he stomps around in frustration. Pistol Wraiths are fun, but I can never really find the points for them with eDeneghra, though I see many others do.


Despite being eight miles long, I feel this article barely begins to scratch the surface of eDeneghra. I’m constantly amazed at the way this caster has the tools to make anything happen, as long as you can formulate a plan that’s crazy enough. I hope you guys will throw in some comments, list examples, or good old fashioned war stories, because I’m not even close to understanding this girl completely.


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  1. Excellent write-up, on one of the most subtle ‘casters in the game.

  2. Pursuit trick one apply to colossal. Remove colossal from melee assassination.
    Pursuit trick two apply pursuit the turn prior to feat to extend your range and to usr normal move to go back to safety.

    I’m running @35
    Full bane thralls + UA
    Wintershadow Combine
    Bane lord tartarus
    Warwitch siren
    Ogrun bokur
    Pistol wraith
    Pistol wraith

    To go up to fifty include wrong eye and snap jaw and min bile. Thralls.

  3. Hey Lamoron

    Here is my OETC tournament list. I played eDenny at pretty much most tournaments over the year leading up to the event. I won three events and all bar one of my games at the OETC and leadup events with her.

    I think its a different enough list to include in your breakdown of armies:

    Points: 50/50
    Wraith Witch Deneghra (*6pts)
    * Deathjack (12pts)
    * Skarlock Thrall (2pts)
    Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
    * Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
    Bile Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
    Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
    Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
    Pistol Wraith (3pts)
    Pistol Wraith (3pts)
    Wrong Eye & Snapjaw (9pts)

    It excels at infantry removal thanks to giving the Biles a free turn to get into position. Blackbanes work great against debuffed targets, giving you a free round of collecting more little dudes. The Pistol Wraiths tag heavies in later turns, giving you almost another round of feating. Denny plays forward, aggressively camping all her focus, hitting heavies and teleporting them around so that Bane Thralls can chomp them.


  4. “The Skarlock is a god with eDeneghra, and on her feat round he can debuff Nyss Hunters on average dice.”

    Also on below average dice, since he would only need 5s to hit. I never like using him for offensive spells, but I suppose that it could actually work with eDenny since she helps him hit so well and maybe even keeps him alive afterwards (but probably not).

  5. I’ve been going through a lot of little change lists with eDenny recently, but I think the one I’ve settled on is the following:

    eDenny +6
    Nightwretch 4
    Nightwretch 4
    Kraken 19
    Skarlock 2

    Max. Cylena’s Nyss Hunters 10
    Max. Bane Thralls w. UA 11
    Siren 2
    Bane Lord Tartarus 4

    A couple caveats: If I pair this list up with eGaspy or Terminus at an event, I drop Tartarus for Dougal and another Siren. I find she doesn’t need Tartarus as badly (though he’s always awesome) because she fixes the Bane Thrall speed/MAT weaknesses on her own pretty nicely.

    The list hits hard of course, but the real thing about it is the battlefield control it offers. You can engage the enemy on your terms swap between attrition, assassination, and scenario as things progress.

    Just a few tricks about the Kraken specifically, since you haven’t used one with her. There are 3 major tricks that make it definitely worth bringing along:

    1. 4″ reach on the feat turn. This one fact means that you can charge the Kraken into a heavy target even without much focus and ensure that you can’t get hit back if you fail to kill that target. This adds massively to the Kraken’s survivability and you can finish it off next turn (with a parting shot if it’s a warbeast).

    2. Marked for Death interactions. Shooting with Marked for Death is great. Faction shooting with Marked for Death is eGoreshade’s Phantom Hunter with a -DEF kicker. When those shots are d3+1 POW 12’s and a POW 14-17 (depending), you can pull out a surprise assassination even without any support. Combining this with the feat makes the Kraken fire at effective RAT 10 (12 when aiming) and being in melee doesn’t affect that a bit because it’s a colossal. “But I’ll just screen… oh, right, no LoS”. It’s a perpetual threat that sometimes just scores free wins.

    3. The Hail Mary scenario win. You mentioned how “a man can dream” on the positioning havoc that Hellmouthing a huge base can cause. Solution: Bring your own! It’s a bit corner-case, but I can envision scenarios where you can pull tons of models out of a zone for the win. Or just follow up with a few venoms from Sirens/Skarlock on the resulting tightly-packed mess.

  6. You didnt mention the little trick were you go incoperial, then charge one of your own models that you ran forwards the same turn, feats and then use venom to kill it so you dont loose your incoperial.

    You get a solid 3″ more when you need a 1st/2nd turn feat.

  7. I’ll try and get the info worked in tonight, but the Danish teachers are on strike, which means that everyone and their grandmothers are parking their kids at the library, making my life pretty damn hectic.

  8. Updated with more lists and suggestion. Hero, I haven’t included you list in the examples, because it works exactly like mine does :)

  9. Nice article.

    Though I am missing another big friend of eDenny: Malice.

    The combination of Malice and WSC is always good, but eDenny’s tricks make it even better. Also, Malice offer even more movement tricks to the army.

  10. Fantastic article mate I have always wanted to try E Denny but found her abundance of rules far too intimidating.

    This wonderful breakdown has now given me the confidence to buy her and give it a shot cheers :).

    Absolutely love the idea of a list immune to all but magical shooting very nasty indeed. Think I might finally get my colossal painted and give it a whirl too.

  11. Cursed says: You didn’t mention the trick were you go Incorporeal, charge one of your own models (that you ran forwards the same turn), feats, and use venom to kill it so you don’t lose your Incorporeal. You get a solid 3″ more when you need a 1st/2nd turn feat.

    Isn’t Venom an offensive spell and therefore an attack?
    Wouldn’t she lose incorporeal immediately when casting it?

  12. I’ve been looking at playing some eDenny with Nyss hunters. I can’t quite figure out what to put in the list besides the most obvious. 2x arc node, wws and a Skarlock. I’ve been thinking about putting wsc in it as well, as you have a point regarding the importance of an expensive spell hitting. Do you find a bokur to be necessary to keep her safe? I’ve been trying to fit in the kraken, but it seems almost impossible to fit in everything else :-)

    • Well, here’s a few variations of the list I’m working on at the moment.

      Wraith Witch Deneghra
      – Deathripper
      – Deathjack
      Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      – Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
      Bane Riders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
      Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
      Bane Lord Tartarus
      Skarlock Thrall
      Warwitch Siren

      Very low on support, but extremely powerful on the offense instead. The upside is that the list uses few characters, leaving a lot of interesting options open for a second list.

      Wraith Witch Deneghra
      – Deathripper
      – Deathjack
      Bane Riders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
      Bane Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts)
      – Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
      Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
      The Withershadow Combine
      Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
      Skarlock Thrall
      Warwitch Siren

      Low Bane Thrall count and no Tartarus makes me queasy about this setup. I can’t fit what I want in the list without removing the Deathjack, which is probably what I should do, but I never get to use him elsewhere :D

      • Deciding to use something can also be a good way to find stuff out. Being stubborn and refusing to give up regarding a model/unit often has some unexpected benefits. I see you are playing with bane riders in both lists. I have thought about trying them out, but for some reason I’m not too happy about playing with stuff that’s not out yet. None of them feature a bokur, but I guess that’s not a problem in those builds. I’m really fascinated about using the DJ with her, but I’m also really fond of the idea with the Kraken and some PW’s. Could prove to be a very nice combo with several turns of the opponents stuff not charging. I also need to figure out a second list for her, just in case I end up liking her a lot :) I’ve been thinking about the eSkarre list I usually run, which could be kinda nice I think, but then I have to drop using DJ in the eDenny list…

        • I feel uncomfortable without the WSC, Gorman, and a Bokur, but perhaps playing without safety net will prove my game :D

          • I can’t really find room for them all, but I really like the idea. I want to try her out with the kraken, but I’m not sure if I can’t fit in both wsc, Gorman, a bokur, 2x node some infantry to pack some punch and a wws… What to do what to do…

          • I found the Kraken a bit disappointing with her. Its not bad, but other models just give her more.

  13. DJ? Seriously bro. You know better. WE&Snapjaw all the way. Throw in that second node you always need and I think you’re getting there.

  14. I also think that he’ll divers are very appealing…

  15. Save DJ for morty. Leave the EDenny for scenario play where untargetable models shine.

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