The Flying Circus: 1

If you’ve been following the Overseer from waaaay back, you might remember the Flying Circus of Doom. Several people have copied it with a fair amount of success, and in a fit of nostalgia I brought it to last nights game, in which it took me all of ten minutes to beak Calandra to death through a transfer and Star Crossed.

The core of the list is a bunch of Bonejacks, with a few heavies to draw attention. The core leaves twelve points to play around with, and that’s what makes it really interesting. I’ve tried Bane Thralls, Satyxis Raiders, and several other builds, but Blood Witches remain the most effective addition because of the Hag, as Tough really bloody annoys a Mortenebra list.

 Master Necrotech Mortenebra
– Helldiver
– Helldiver
– Scavenger
– Scavenger
– Stalker
– Harrower
– Harrower
Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren

The current status of TFCoD is: three Scavengers lost and seven casters beaked to death. The reason I brought it out, beyond simple nostalgia, is because the WTC time limits make me nervous, and this list is extremely quick to play because of the low model count. It also wins or loses most games in 20 minutes or less, leaving plenty of time on the clock.

I am thinking about making some changes, because the meta has changed quite a bit since this list was last active, and while it could play attrition in the old days, the release of Colossals has made that almost impossible. I’m not sure what those changes will be just yet, but I’m sure I’ll need another Stalker in there somewhere.

The Kraken

To answer all those questions in the comments. Let me begin my saying, that I consider the Kraken a bloody strong model, and one of the best Colossals in the game. This begs the question ‘but why don’t you own/use one then?‘, and there is a perfectly good game-play reason for that (as well as a financial one of course).

One of my earlier articles (apparently from before I was taught how to proofread and spell the word lose), is about the Deathjack. In that article I talk a bit about water theory, and how a massive points investment in one model conflicts with the whole idea. The article more or less explains my issues, if you substitute the word ‘Deathjack‘ with ‘Kraken‘ while reading.

The Kraken encourages an attrition approach, and Mortenebra has never done attrition well. The Kraken simply feels like a trap with her, taking precious points away from the assassination game to give you a poor shot at attrition.

The thing I’m currently considering, is actually removing a Harrower (reducing the attrition potential even more), without adding another heavy to the mix, simply because the second Harrower was there in case of a super squishy list, and they very rarely show up these days.

  • The Kraken is an Attrition piece with an Assassination caster.
  • The Kraken conflicts heavily with the water theory concept.
  • The Kraken conflicts with the fluid nature of a Mortenebra list.

Then there’s the whole activation sequence nightmare, but not having played the Kraken with her that’s speculation. It’s not a bad piece, and 14″ free charge Kraken with boosted attack rolls WILL kill a lot of players when they’re not paying attention, but I feel it’s taking away from Mortenebra while adding something half-baked.



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  1. What do you think about a Kraken instead of the two Harrowers? It’s something I am looking to try out once my scavengers come in.

  2. While it is really nifty to use morty for a quick assassination attempt I really think this list would have issues in a post colossal world.
    If you still want to pull an attrition style list with a flying circus I recommend you look to pskarre or deneghra on tier.
    As a matter of fact Denny is probably best thanks to tier.
    Think about it.

    • Nobody except Mortenebra, and maybe The Coven, can run the FCoD. If you read below the Mortenebra image, you’ll find that I’ve already come to that conclusion, and I’m mulling over the options already ;)

  3. I am considering a kraken instead of 2 Harrowers.
    Put the scavengers on the opposite side of the Kraken. Most people will focus on the Kraken, send in the Scavengers for the kill.

  4. I played it with kraken instead of Harrowers and it worked really well. It’s quite good at triggering overrun and it’s a cute large base to hind morty behind. Kraken loves his Morty like a pregnant woman loves her chocolate and licorice.

  5. Working on adding something about the Kraken in the post, but the site is misbehaving today.

  6. Lamoron,

    Interesting chats over on the Cryx forums of late on running Morty Non-Tier. I guess my first gut reaction when breaking tier anyway with Morty is why not take Nightmare?

    Overrun for a ridiculous threat range (21″ assuming you overrun into Prey Range, and should be plenty far away from most things capable of killing him) is evil alone, but throw in TV and the feat and very little can stand up to that kind of punishment. Even if you never reach a caster, Nightmare can still do a decent number on most heavies (esp if they are the Prey) and gives you more Reach, Open Fist and heavy jack trampling goodness. He can even Imprint for Ghostly too if need be to save focus on needing to cycle Spectral Steel.

    Malice is usually my other favorite choice for a non-tier heavy, as Drag factors nicely into the Overrun and assassination focus of the list, and Malice generally can stay further back and help screen if need be.

    Anyway understand completely on the Kraken, and usually when going non Tier I like the bonejack swarm as well so been very happy with that setup.

    • I’m currently debating Nightmare in the new setup. In the old setup the extra Harrower was more important, because it could power itself up by using Thresher, if I was trying to win an attrition war while sending in low odds assassination attempts every round.

      I’m still not sold on Nightmare in this setup either, as he needs to be pampered and kept safe down back, because Spectral Steel will be elsewhere almost every round. Nightmare is squishy as hell, and I’m not sure I can play this list using late game pieces.

      • I think that depends. In the games I’ve played Nightmare can easily out threat most non-caster targets (usually other heavies) and take them out, and if I’m really worried I can Overrun him back out again much like Vayl’s use of Refuge in the odd case where I don’t want him committed. That isn’t likely to keep him safe from shooting, but in that sense he really isn’t much more squishy than any other Cryx jack would be in the same slot.

        In fact given the setup above, I would say that if Nightmare really did take that much attention to bring down you’ve probably already won, as the remaining bonejacks will still be able to make mincemeat out of an opposing caster, and Nightmare will likely have only gone down in a piece trade with the biggest heavy on the board.

        Given that sometimes the biggest obstacle to a Morteneba assassination is crowds of medium/large based models around the caster (small can usually be trampled or sniped away) given she lacks away to move through models like the Coven, having a muscle piece that can take out those kinds of models might enable bonejacks to make it to the target more easily.

        • The piece trade is something I’m very keen to avoid, because that means I’ve allowed myself to be drawn into an attrition fight I most likely cannot win anyway.

          You’re spot on with the ‘crowd’ issue though, and I’m considering several possible solutions at the moment, but I feel that the solution to that problem needs to work without a Focus investment, or the actual assassination run will be very weakened.

  7. I think that your dismissing the PDeneghra tier as a
    Flying circus. It may not have a traditional speed buff but crippling grasp is pretty close.
    Plus 4 witch sirens, bigger deployment and advance move.
    I’ve tried it and it does very well usually a t2 or t3 beaking or you go for the feat attrition with massive sprays

    • It just seems so limited. No upkeep removal always makes me question a build, and it seems very vulnerable in general because you have to be so close. Are you using the feat to keep the Scavengers safe while running them in close?

  8. I only started following this blog 3-4 months back but coincidentally I ended up reading all about the flying circus on the old site last week to pass some time. At the time I was thinking “I wonder if this floats in the current environment”.

    Good to see it getting a guernsey – looks like a lot of fun.

  9. You can use the feat to protect the scavengers. It’s not entirely necessary however. No upkeep removals is a universal cryx issue because the wsc can’t be everywhere. Luckily its.not reliant on upkeep removals to work.

    Gimme a min and ill explains it more after this meeting.

  10. With Pdenny on tier the key as always is timing. There absolutely never should be a time where their movements are not dictated by you.
    Im gonna skip the obvious explanation on what to do against a melee army becuase seriously, if you are playing a melee army with denny you already are winning.
    Pdenny cannot engage in a piece trade war when she is playing on tier with her jacks. She just cannot. attrition is going to lose you the game. You can do it, but there will be a time it sorely fails you.
    Luckily you can bring an insane number (4) of one of the most broken solos in the game in the warwitch siren. I really dont need to explain how good denny’s feat is when you have 4+ sprays right?
    Ghostly scavengers, right then. Hopping battle lines is boss.
    Not sure why you need upkeep hate? There is literally no real upkeep i can think of you cannot get around to prevent the assassination beyond an admonition. IFlesh = arc a scourge that cant deviate. High arm= apply stalker, immunity to charge, fine fly in to BTB.

    Yes the feat plays a huge role but when has it not in any game when you play pdenny.

    • I still don’t see how you avoid having your Scavengers shot, and your Stalkers bogged down, when you’re limited to 10.5″ threat with the lights. Do you happen to have a couple of pictures from games in which you pulled this stunt?

  11. you flyng circle is a list very fast, i have tested yersterday, now i test versus my favourite nemy “Menoth”, for use the kraken my opinion is make a list around him, for all caster it’s the same

  12. My two cents:

    The problem I can see with your list is your lack of heavy hitting power. In my opinion, playing a caster kill list in the current meta depends very much on the skill lvl on your opponent, if he’s good , he normally wont let you kill his caster. That brings you very much back in a attrition game wich you will have a hard time winning. Imo, you need factor at least a minimum of attrition if you want to succeed in a tournament. I think Mortenebra can be played attrition, altough not in tier list cause you’ll want at least on unit of infantry. I’m thinking either Bane Thralls or Boomhowlers. Bane Thralls will help with the hitting power a lot with their W. Matser and will also help your jack hits harder with the dark shroud.

    On another subject, love your blog, I check it regulary and always love your inputs on my favorite faction. Keep it up the good work!


  13. Lamoron I sadly do not but I can anser your questions.
    Dealing with 10.5 threat is still a significant range. I avoid stalkers being bogged down by having them go on extreme flanks. Scavengers can play hide and peek behind my heavies until assassination run presents itself.
    Using the withering as a defensive measure to drop stats isn’t bad.

  14. Tried a variation of your list:

    Desacrator x2
    stalker x2
    scavenger x2
    siren x2

    I thought it helped hold up their infantry abit…allowed my lighter jacks to get wide find cover. Just a thought.

  15. How about a different tact to the FCoD:

    2x Helldiver
    2x Scavenger
    1x Stalker
    2x Wraith Engines
    2x Warwitch Sirens
    Withershadow Combine
    Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
    Blackbanes Ghost Raiders; Blackbane + 9 Ghost Raiders

    I love confounding opponents by tying up their troops from behind with the Ghost Raiders. Morty can alternate hiding behind whichever Wraith Engine is Corporeal while the Blackbanes benefit from Unhallowed. A whole different kind of of attrition while allowing your Bonejacks open season every turn slam their way through enemy lines.

    • That is an interesting take on it, I must admit. The Wraith Engines with rerolls and tokens could be interesting, but I think I would go with Blood Witches instead of Ghost Raiders with that setup, as Ghost Raiders won’t allow the WE to harvest tokens.

      Master Necrotech Mortenebra
      – Scavenger
      – Scavenger
      – Stalker
      – Stalker
      Satyxis Blood Witches (Leader and 9 Grunts)
      – Satyxis Blood Hag
      Gorman di Wulfe
      Ogrun Bokur
      Warwitch Siren
      Warwitch Siren
      Wraith Engine
      Wraith Engine
      General Gerlak Slaughterborn

      Still, it’s very vulnerable to bad match-ups, WEs are not battlegroup models, and it would require me to buy two Wraith Engines if it works :D

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