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Spotlight: Wraith Witch Deneghra

In the absence of anyone both willing and qualified, I’ve decided to write this spotlight on eDeneghra. I’ve barely begun scratching the surface on this impossibly complicated Warcaster, but I’m constantly amazed at the way she can make anything happen, as long as you can formulate a plan that’s crazy enough.

Flying Circus of Doom: 3

I brought out the FCoD 2.0 on Monday night. The game was against the same Calandra player as last time, though this time he was better prepared and knew about the Scavenger missiles.

Flying Circus of Doom: 2

I’m going to try a version of the FCoD without Helldivers. It hurts my shriveled blackened heart, but with all the Colossals in the current meta I need something to lock them down and clear lanes.

Know your enemy: Winter Guard Death Star

The Winter Guard Death Star is a major problem for many factions, but not for us. If you’re not ready for it though… bad things will happen to your doods.

Didn’t we conquer this last week?

Jonesy and I got asked to set up terrain for a game, and we took one look at each other and decided on doing something a little different.

The Flying Circus: 1

If you’ve been following the Overseer from waaaay back, you might remember the Flying Circus of Doom. Several people have copied it with a fair amount of success, and in a fit of nostalgia I brought it to last nights game.