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State of affairs

The last couple of months have been very intense for me, and that goes double when we’re talking Warmachine.


NIFCON: Preparations

I’ve been juggling NIFCON lists for so long, that actually having them done is a relief beyond words, and I’m also nearly done with actually painting them.


Wraith Witch Deneghra: 4

The game I had last night was probably the most lopsided game in years. The list performed exactly as planned, and even an Old Witch list couldn’t really hurt it. Cygnar would be able to deal with most of it, but the combination of Wrong Eye & Snapjaw with two Helldivers is brutal.


Wraith Witch Deneghra: 3

After a very interesting game against Kris in last weeks tournament I have my eye on eDeneghra again. Every time I play her I find myself doing almost nothing except feat (or something stupid), but against Kris I began seeing her potential.

Tournament report (YARR!!!)

This weekend I participated in a 24 man tournament in Aarhus. I brought a pDeneghra list I’ve wanted to run, since Sepher from Muse on Minis planted the idea of using the Sea Dog Crew with pDeneghra.