Another benchmark for TO

The moment passed in complete silence, but The Overseer hit 500.000 Pageviews just before Christmas. It’s been a very tough six months for me, with few truly useful articles (I’ve been busy trying to learn new things), but while it does show on the counter, I’m constantly impressed at the numbers in which you keep dropping by.

In total about three thousand people visit The Overseer, with about a thousand of you being regulars that drop by weekly. Even though I write for my own benefit, it’s extremely humbling to know that so many of you keep coming back, and it’s even more humbling to find you following me through failures as well as success.

The last six months with Circle and Legion has been a lesson in humility for me, for which I owe Roar & Hjelmen a massive thanks. Hjelmen has always been responsible for deflating my ego when it was getting to big, and Roar has been the constant nagging presence prompting me to move outside my comfort zone whenever possible. A massive thanks to all of you who comment on my ramblings as well, because feedback and questions make it all worth it.


Thank you all for making The Overseer worth it.

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  1. Grats! I came here originally based on the PP Cryx forum and their stickied topic, specifically. After that, I just enjoyed the battle reports so I kept coming back.

    Your site is one of appx 8 quick links I have saved when I launch a web browser.

  2. Enough happy-cheery. Write me new interesting article, now get to work! (Read with pretend-angry-asian-boss-voice).

    Id love your thoughts on coven

  3. I come almost daily to check for new articles and interesting comments. Keep it up. I’ve used a few of your lists as starting points for my own list building.

  4. Yes you are indeed the world famous blogger ! ;)

    Now get cracking on a battle-rep for the game you played against Mouse tonite!. I actually played a game myself, so my usual “lounge on sofa and listen to the games”-move was follied.

    If you could be so kind to post the battle-rep no later than 1400 tomorrow id appreciate it, since I can then digest it along with my after-training lunch and a cup of tea! ;)

    • Slight problem with that. Every time I take a picture there’s a 50/50 risk of my phone shutting itself down, leading to a choice between extreme frustration and extreme lack of pictures.

      I did manage three pictures last night before I gave up, but the IT department at work are not popular at the moment :D

    • A prophet is never recognized in his own village! The report is up, and while short I think you’ll like the ending :D

  5. Congratz on you 500k views. You deserve them and I think the fact that you’re always responding to people’s comment allows viewers to share your experience even though we don’t play as much / try as many lists as you do.
    Anyway thank you and félicitations.

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