The great Influenza epidemic

In her annual new years speech my employer said ‘instead of asking you how your vacation went, I’m going to ask you all if you managed to avoid the Influenza?‘.

For the past two weeks I’ve managed to sleep, watch bad TV, and occasionally play some video games, but it seems I’m over the worst of it now. Time to get back to the important things in life, like moving little metal men around and spending money!

I received a fair booty at Christmas, and it was promptly turned into Sea Dogs. Mr. Walls is ugly as sin so he’s in for a makeover, and if all goes well he’s going to take on the appearance of a certain Pirate bad guy. I wish I had the time to convert every pirate into crew, but I’ll have to settle for a dirty paint job and a great looking Davy Jones Walls (Hopefully).


Hopefully I can get in a few games soon, because there’s a major tournament in a month that I’m not ready for, and then of course on in late February.

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  1. Would I damn myself if I brought a pDeneghra/eDeneghra setup to tournament?

  2. No. No you wouldn’t.

  3. Also you have damned yourself in so many other ways already, just go ahead and play what you like as long as you are having fun :)

    • True as that may be, I own a couple of actual souls I can bargain with. I bought them for a beer each on a night we were out drinking…

      If there’s no afterlife I’m down two beers, but if there is I can use them to bargain my way out of eternal damnation, but not if I keep raising my ‘worth’ :D

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