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Tournament on February 2nd

We have a tournament on February 2nd. I’m in the process of borrowing and/or speed painting a list I’ve wanted to field for a very long time.


Wraith Witch Deneghra: 2

Last night I got in two games with the eDeneghra list. It did not work at all as anticipated, and while both opponents were very concerned about it I could see some issues before the games even began.


Wraith Witch Deneghra: 1

If you search the net there’s preciously little written about using eDeneghra, which seems strange considering how popular she is, but that just means it will make sense for me to write something when I gain some experience running her.


Warwitch Deneghra: 3

I’ve promised Jonesy a report from last nights game, but due to extreme camera related difficulties it will be short. The game was against Husum who always provides the most interesting games I have.


Another benchmark for TO

The moment passed in complete silence, but The Overseer hit 500.000 Pageviews just before Christmas.

Warwitch Deneghra: 2

I’ve had a couple of games with the list now, and I think I’m ready to pass a verdict. I’ve won the games but it’s been way to close for comfort most of the time, and the list just doesn’t have the synergy I expected.

The great Influenza epidemic

For the past two weeks I’ve managed to sleep, watch bad TV, and occasionally play some video games, but it seems I’m over the worst of it now. Time to get back to the important things in life, like moving little metal men around and spending money!