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Warwitch Deneghra: 1

Every now and then you get to fight something completely new. It’s not often and it’s mostly joke lists, but last night I faced something that I think might actually become a power build with a few tweaks. I don’t know if Jan invented it or borrowed it, but here’s what I was facing.


Charnel Flames: 2

Peter from last week challenged me to a rematch with some revised lists, so last night Venethrax had to face eStryker. I really don’t like eStryker, and being a tank caster is a nightmare against him, so I prepared myself for a game spent hiding from a Velocity + Overload related perma-death.

Charnel Flames: 1

I brought Cryx to the club last night, and in the words of Mr. Salad Fingers: It’s almost orgasmic. I decided on going with Venethrax this time, and Kris said it well ‘I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen that model before’.


I’m dreaming of an undead christmas!

I need a little break from all the Hordes hogwash. I originally set out on this project to become a better player and to get away from Cryx for a while, and I do feel I’ve grown a lot as a player, though certainly not in the areas I was expecting to.


Spaying Warpwolves, a guide to beating Circle Hit & Run lists

It’s source of constant amazement that Circle players end up in the top of so many major tournaments. Then I had my little flirt and had every bigot opinion about Circle confirmed by actually playing them.


Vayl, Consul of Everblight: 5

I’ve managed to annoy some form of dice deity. I played almost flawlessly for the first time in six months, and so very little did it help. I understand why the Neutralyze version of eVayl is so good, but I think I’ll give non-tier eVayl some more game time instead, as I’ve enjoyed those games with her more (and won more).