Vayl, Consul of Everblight: 4

Time for eVayl to shake her money maker! I was under the impression that last nights game was going to be against Peters Cygnar, which my list happens to be perfect against, but instead Peter turned up with a genuine nightmare matchup: eMadrak.

If nothing else, I was going to find out exactly how big a problem ‘massed tough infantry that out-threats‘ me was going to be. As always we ended up playing Incursion, but I should really get around to playing some other scenarios instead of defaulting because no one has any better ideas.

He won the roll and elected to go first. That was a big problem because he was going to rush up and completely lock down any movement on my part, so I picked the side from which this picture was taken, hoping that I could use the linear obstacles to my advantage.

Madrak Ironhide, World Ender
– Troll Impaler
– Dire Troll Mauler
Trollkin Runebearer
Krielstone Bearer and 3 Stone Scribes
– Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder
Pyg Burrowers (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Trollkin Fennblades (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer
Trollkin Long Riders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Fell Caller Hero
Horthol, Long Rider Hero

Vayl, Consul of Everblight
– Shredder
– Angelius
– Angelius
– Angelius
Blackfrost Shard5
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (Leader and 9 Grunts)
– Captain Farilor & Standard
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Sorceress and Hellion
Gatorman Witch Doctor
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker

Trollbloods Turn 1: This land is not your land, this land is my land!

Fuck fuckedi fuck fuck! Everything he has runs up except for the Burrowers who… burrow. I do a bit of math and realize that I can walk 4-5 inches out of my deployment zone in safety, and if I go further than that it’s troll party time with extra pig sticking.

I also can’t shoot the Fennblades or I’ll be swamped in angry MAT 8 Trolls. This was exactly the right play from Peter, and there’s only one thing I can do: Play like a pussy!


The mighty advance! The left Angelius gets Refuge and puts some damage on a Longrider with a shot. The middle Angelius gets Admonition and puts a single point of damage on Horthol. The Legionnaires get Tough and four of them bravely volunteer as bait.

Mistakes in round 1.

  • I shouldn’t have used my Refuge on hitting a Longrider for 3-4 damage, and that REALLY cost me in the game. I should have kept the Refuge so I could upkeep it and have two Refuges available for the second round. (EDIT: Reading the card and noticing that it does not expire on use would have been a better idea)
  • I forgot to put Tenacity on the Angelius with Admonition, but that turned out to make no difference at all.
  • I ran one Legionnaire out of coherency, but again that turned out to make no difference at all.

All in all I don’t see what I could have done differently. I considered popping mini-feat on the Legionnaires and trying to block the Longriders with high ARM and Tough, but it most likely wouldn’t work and I would have thrown away a much needed attrition tool for nothing.

Trollbloods Turn 2: Is we supposed to be joggin’ or fightin’?

One of the advantages of having a 16″ control area is that you get to measure just about anything, so I was confident that I was out of range with the exception of the Legionnaire bait.

The first Longrider tries a slam but is just out of range. The next Longrider fails to kill a Legionnaire because of Tough. The rest of them are out of range.

This is not going to end well! The rest of his army jams me like crazy and every one of them is Tough. The Burrowers manage to kill two Legionnaires and activating Vengeance which I though might give me a chance of clearing some lanes.

The middle flag disappears which was fine by me, and now it was time to see how much of this disaster I could salvage… and by salvage I mean crush, kill, destroy, and pray he didn’t tough it out.

Legion Turn 2: You sunburned sicklemen, of August early, Come hither!

God damn Pyg Burrowers! Not only did I have to roll sevens to hit them, but every single one of the bastards I did manage to hit then toughed it out.

The BFS manage to put Kiss on the Longriders but due to my Vengeance moves and (again) the pile of Burrowers I couldn’t reliably  get Icy Grip on them.

The left Angelius kills two Longriders and this is where I should have had my Refuge (Edit: and would have if I had read my card right), because I have nothing that can get up and hold that flag so he’s going to get way ahead in points.

New plan then. Since I couldn’t get my Legionnaires to charge because of the field of knocked down Burrowers I would have to clear them out.

eVayl shoots three Burrowers!!! The Shredder eats one and puts Tenacity on one Angelius. The Sorceress sprays two and kills one, but my Legionnaires are still fucking locked down because of one Burrower blocking Farilor.

I make the third plan of the round, and decide on getting behind 0-2 but hang on to the right flag for dear life while counter jamming my left flank with Legionnaires.

The Legionnaires mini-feat, get tough, and charge the Longriders + Burrowers, easily killing the Longriders and FUCKING DOING FUCKING NOTHING TO THE GOD DAMN BURROWERS BECAUSE OF GOD DAMN TOUGH!

At this point the unit of ten Burrowers had taken and made at least ten tough checks, and I was really getting my panties in a bunch about it.

In the grand scheme of things I’m pretty sure it evened out because his Fennblades and Longriders didn’t do well at all on the tough side of things, but those Burrowers wrecked two plans in a turn.

The right flank played out better. The Deathstalkers kill three Fennblades, and the two Angelii with free charges mess the rest of the unit up badly, leaving four of them alive.

I get both Angelii contesting the flag, with one having Tenacity and one being behind a linear obstacle. The plan is to have them survive the round, leaving me at 0-2 on CP, and then figuring out a way to either kill Madrak or get him back on scenario.

At this point I’m actually ahead in the attrition fight due to the spectacular performance of the Angelii, so he has to do something and he does something he shouldn’t have.

Mistakes in round 2.

  • Engaging the Longriders with Vengeance moves instead of simply taking the free strike and losing a Legionnaire. That would have allowed me to spend less Legionnaires on killing one of them and I would have gained in the resource fight.

Trollbloods Turn 3: I see two Angelii stopping me from winning?

He was going to go for it, and that’s always a mistake.

On the right flank the Mauler pops rage on Madrak and the does diddly to the Angelius because he has to boost hits and cannot boost damage as well. The remaining Long Riders cannot charge so they don’t really hurt either.

The Legionnaires are immortal with Iron Zeal and Tough, and he manages to kill just one of them. Those guys are certainly going to get more table time, because even if they were raped by tough they did what they were supposed to.

The Runebearer pops Blood Fury on the Fennblades, the Fellcaller MATs them up, and they do some pretty hefty damage to the Angelius with Tenacity. Then he throws away the game and moves the Impaler in to hit both Angelii because he know the feat is coming.

He runs the Impaler hot and it does no damage, and in the process he parks the Impaler where Madrak should have been in order to hit both the Angelii in one round.

That means that when Madrak comes over and feats, he kills my one Angelius, but he cannot get the other one due to placement. This leaves him with one sacrificial Fennblade and two beasts he cannot transfer to.

Legion Turn 3: I see a Trollblood and I want to paint it flat!

Deathstalkers take out his sacrificial pawn and put two damage on him with Snipe. Then it’s double Obliteration and Icy Grip time, followed by an Angelius taking him down hard.

 Post game thoughts

I would probably have lost this game if he hadn’t thrown it away. If he had kept the Impaler as a transfer target it would have been hard taking him down, and if he hadn’t placed the Impaler where Madrak needed to be he would have had a good shot at bringing down the second Angelius and winning.

I lost three Legionnaires and one Angelius, while decimating his list, but that really doesn’t matter when losing on scenario is an option. If I hadn’t used Refuge had read my card in the first round I would have been firmly in the lead instead of fighting for survival, so that’s something to remember for next time.

The list was amazing and is definitely getting another go. The only thing that bothered me was not having a throw-away lesser to function as Arc Node, so perhaps a minor tweak is in order.

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  1. What’s the issue with using Refuge first round? It isn’t admonition, it doesn’t expire when you move (as far as I can tell).

    • Well slap me up and call me names my wife would never accept! Assumption is the mother of all fuckups. I wonder how that got lodged in my head… probably because of Admonition.

  2. “I shouldn’t have used my Refuge on hitting a Longrider for 3-4 damage, and that REALLY cost me in the game. I should have kept the Refuge so I could upkeep it and have two Refuges available for the second round.”

    Call me dumb or lacking coffee, but I don’t get that statement…

    Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but triggering Refuge (shooting&hitting a long rider) doesn’t make it expire, since it is an upkeep. You pay upkeep tax next turn, activate that angel again, it hits something (triggering refuge) and then eVayl activates and cycles refuge on a second angel…

    That’s basically the Modus Operandi for eVayl in every game…pay the tax, activate the angel with refuge, do something that triggers refuge, activate eVayl, cast refuge or feat&cast it, activate the other angel and trigger refuge. Rinse and repeat…

    • EDIT: Too slow, and one small error

      You can cycle it because it is an upkeep and it doesn’t expire, because there “expire” isn’t stated anywhere in the wording of the spell.

      The only “risk” you have with Refuge compared to Sprint is botching your dice roll, which is why I always boost the angels shot or melee attack…

      • Yup, I’ve edited the article to reflect my inability to read a card! I had somehow gotten it mixed up with the way Admonition works.

        Upkeeping Refuge would certainly have made the entire game a lot easier, but at least I have some astute readers helping me out, and don’t think that’s not appreciated :D

  3. Thanks for a great game!

    I dont think going for it was the wrong move.
    It was how I did it, that made it wrong!
    Grinding it,was also a valid option, but i was a bit tired, so…

    What I should have had done was:
    Activate stone and run it further to get +1 str near the 2 Angelius.
    Rage Madrek with Mauler.
    Use Moses to give Madrek Blood furry, not theFennblades.
    Have used fellcaller to give Madrek +2 mat, not Fennblades.
    Use Fennblades and impaler to try damage the not behind fence Angelius.
    And NOT place the impaler where I did!!!!!
    Madrek with mat 10 pow 18 or 19 weapon master.
    He should kill both Angelius!
    6 attacks +1-2 from feat+1 from Rathroks awakening
    He hits on 5/6+, doing 14-15 damage.
    I fooked it up :(

    Next time I’ll get you!

  4. Bottom of the 4th quarter, 21-21 .. 4th down and 1 – GO FOR IT!

  5. Next weeks list will be trying the ranged approach.

    Vayl, Consul of Everblight
    – Shredder
    – Shredder
    – Angelius
    – Angelius
    – Angelius
    Blighted Nyss Raptors (Leader and 4 Grunts)
    Blighted Nyss Striders (Leader and 5 Grunts)
    – Blighted Nyss Striders Officer & Musician
    Blighted Nyss Shepherd
    Blighted Nyss Shepherd
    Strider Deathstalker
    Strider Deathstalker

    • Raptors+occultation = awesome.. if you can I would swap something for Annyssa…

      you could either drop the stalkers for her or go extrem and drop the striders for Annyssa+Naga.

      • I might end up there, but I want to see how they work without her first, and there seems to be (on paper anyway) some issues with keeping her in their LoS while playing Yo-Yo with all of them.

        I’ve got a good feeling about this list though. Enough fire power to wipe out infantry lists, and enough muscle to take down heavies. It cannot take a hit though, and some Cygnar builds will simply destroy it.

  6. Had a game with the list. It worked well enough but I made an activation sequence mistake and lost even though my army was mostly intact. Striders still underperformed.

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