Iron Grudge

About a year ago a couple of us were talking (on a Danish forum) about the issues we had keeping track of our games and statistics. Two of the guys volunteered to learn a bit more about programming and make an application to handle it for us.

The application is now in it’s final stages and can I just say… I wish they were allowed to make some dough on this thing, because it’s a fantastic piece of work.

Jestor’s Mini Playhouse wrote a detailed review so I don’t have to, but do yourself a favor and check it out. I had no hand in making this happen, beyond going ‘you guys should definitely do that!‘, but if I had I would be proud.



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  1. Thanks for the link back and for pushing them to make the app. I love it. It has already caught on in my group after like 3 days of being released in beta!

    If you talk to the guys who made it tell them I owe them a beer if they ever hit state side :)

  2. Will it be realeased for iOS as well? looks stellar, but I ain’t going android :D

    • I’ve talked to the guys, and for now there will be no iOS version.

      This is mainly because neither of them have Macs to make it or iOS devices to test it on, so I asked them to check if it would be legal to start a collection to buy them some gear (a sort of kick-starter). It’s illegal to make money on a product like IronGrudge, but it might be legal to accept donations for gear (probably not, but here’s to hoping).

      There might also be a way around that of course, where The Overseer accepts donations and I give them some gear (and donate anything in surplus to PP’s own foodmachine program). Options will be explored and legal teams will be contacted, but for now it looks like there will be no iOS version.

  3. Sad to hear (that some people don´t have the privilige of owning iPhones and) that it won´t be coming my way. Thank you for asking though.

  4. On a similar tangent, this doesn’t seem to be available via the Amazon App store for Kindle devices. Is there a chance they could get it uploaded for that platform? It’s basically still the Android platform.

  5. A usefull app to be sure.
    Sadly the guy at my local club that would benefit the most from it is an iPhone user.

    Any plans for supporting other games? Malifaux or any of the GW behemoths?

    • I’ve programmed this app mainly for my own benefits. As I neither play Malifaux or any GW game and I don’t earn any money on this app, I’m pretty sure the app will not evolve in that direction :/


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