Archangel, the other side

The spoilers have been out for a day. Initially I wasn’t very enthusiastic, but I did find some places where I think it might work. I also wish it looked like this, but the one we got has it’s own creepy Dragon thing going.

  • Price: 20pts
  • Health: 46 Boxes (M – 13, B – 18, S – 15)
  • FURY: 4
  • SPD: 6
  • STR: 14
  • MAT: 6
  • RAT: 5
  • DEF: 11
  • ARM: 18
  • CMD: 7
  • Melee attack: PS 19 Bite with Consume
  • Melee attack: Two PS 17 Claws with Open Fist
  • Ranged attack: RNG 10 Dragon’s Breath with AOE 3 POW 14, D3+1 Strafe, crit fire
  • Animus: Draconic Aura, 2 cost, SELF, Any enemy model that ends its activation within 2 inches of a model with Draconic Aura suffer the fire continuous effect.

This will cause some serious heart attacks in my local meta, but I’m going to look for the good in this thing. I really think it might work with a few Warlocks, and if it does actually have Ride-by attack as previously spoiled, a few more. If it doesn’t have Ride-by attack:

  • Absylonia

This was the first option most people thought about and it seems alright. With Forced Evolution and Tenacity the angel will be 14/19 and PS 21/19/19 which is brutal. It suffers the same problems that most other super heavies do, and making it worth twenty points will require some effort. It can be part of Absylonias tier list as far as I can tell, and the infantry clearing shooting is welcome with Absylonia.

  • Bethayne

I think I might like this. I’ve bought Bethayne and I’ve been playing around with lists for a while, but there’s always just a little punch missing and the Archangel might be the answer. Gallows can fix his threat range issues against heavies, Ashen Veil/Tenacity will make him DEF 14 vs. living melee models, and Blood Thorn could be really good with 1d3+1 three inch AoE attacks. Bethayne is already about ‘that turn’ but the luck factor involved when rolling strafe attacks is a bit sad.

  • pLylyth

A huge base means she can keep a big melee piece in her control area without exposing herself as much, and she can be 16.7 inches from the target the Archangel is hitting in melee. Parasite and Field of Slaughter allows the AA to assassinate a lot of casters from about 16″ away.

If it rolls four shots with everything up, it can do four boosted attack rolls hitting DEF 19 on average with FoS and doing POW 17 hits with Parasite. If it’s easier to hit the damage potential goes very high, and even someone like Karchev would need to camp a few Focus to ensure survival on average dice.

  • eThagrosh

An ARM buff makes him pretty much immune to shooting. There’s very little in the game that can seriously damage ARM 22 with shooting, so Spiny Growth him as well. He’s big enough that eThagrosh can hide behind him every now and then, and manifest destiny is a great spell with the AA. I think those extra boxes might be enough with ARM 22, to turn him into a two round melee piece, as long as he has no way of removing them of course.

And then what?

There were a lot of rumors about Ride-by attack which is not in the spoilers, but that might be because the poster assumes we already know it. PP themselves said it had it, but there’s no guarantee it still does after testing.

If it has ride by attack I’ll go ahead and call it a useful model, because in many cases Ride-by attack means +2-3″ RNG on the gun, when we’re talking about keeping the hell away from enemy models. I can walk up 2-3″ and shoot the hell out of a SPD 6 unit with Reach, and then walk back out of their charge range. This would add to the list of Warlocks I would consider the Archangel with.

If we add Ride-by attack, Bethayne will enjoy it a lot, because it won’t be nearly as vulnerable to one bad roll of the Strafe dice. pLylyth can use it and Parasite to devastate heavies as well as trying for assassinations, and pVayl joins the line of casters that might like it.

  • pVayl

So her feat won’t work on it, but Ride by attack is a mini version of Cat & Mouse anyway. It’s a really really bad idea to run in anything to engage the Archangel against pVayl, and especially if she’s standing right behind it.

Heavies: The Archangel might only get one DS hit, and it might not be able to move, but that is a fully boosted PS 19 attack if an enemy heavy comes for it and triggers Dark Sentinel. That might be enough to make Spiny Growth a nightmare if the enemy heavy is getting a charge in as well. ARM 20 and 46 boxes means making a lot of attacks, and if your spirit (Hordes) or main hitting arm (WM) took a boosted PS 19 hit first, it could get ugly really fast.

Infantry: If an opponent runs in something then Incite & Chiller + Swipe will annihilate them completely and the Archangel will walk away afterwards. With the Archangel pVayl would have an extremely heavy hitter and a great skirmish model, which is something I’ve been missing. I tried the Seraph but it’s just not good enough, but the Archangel is like an epic Seraph.

Shooting: With Incite up, the AA is RAT 7 and POW 16, with 1d3+1 shots doing POW 9 AoE 3 shots which might even light people on fire with a little help from a Ravagore. I’m actually a little bit excited about that one, and with Cat & Mouse setting up a screen should be easy enough after the round.

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  1. No, what causes a serious heart attack is your needlessly verbose use of hyperbole, at least in this reader.

    C’mon, if you’re “going to look for good” in something, don’t start with such a loaded “summary” of the model. This just comes across as a biased rant; you’re a better writer than that, and you know it.

    Yes, I read the whole thing, but all your analysis was drowned in profanity and exaggeration.

  2. I considered pThagrosh, but there are so many things that won’t work on it. Sure it can get to ARM 22 with Spiny Growth, but so can double Scytheans.

    Those Scytheans can also benefit from FoW, come back with the feat, be two places at once, kill tough models, and manage infantry with slaughterhouse and a lot of attacks.

    With eThagrosh it makes sense because his ARM increase is a spell that can only be on one of them at the time, but with pThagrosh it’s a stretch. pThagrosh also seems more like a bully and the Archangel seems more suited to skirmish caster.

    • Sure. I can see your points.


      Double Scytheans will be better in many cases, regardless of the ‘lock. Or Ravagore + Seraph, or Carnivean + Seraph, and so on and so forth.
      Personally, I think that in order to find some merit in a model such as this, comparing it to all the other options that you could have taken is a road to disappointment. You and I have so different takes on how to approach the game, so that’s just my opinion. Your Milage Will Vary ;)

      I’ll be playing it with Lylyth1, Thagrosh1 and Absylonia. Those are the ‘locks that I want to play, so if it works with them, it’s just gravy.

      • With Lylyth1 I think it will be really good if it has Ride-by attack. It gives her some really fancy moves, a great way to force people forward, and a solid ranged assassination option to boot.

        With Absylonia it should be acceptable, but won’t really do anything to alleviate the match-up problems. It might make it a bit easier to deal with infantry, but it requires more care because 14/19 with 46 boxes is still in ‘nuke’ territory (a debuff caster and weapon master infantry or heavy hitters will one-round it).

        • “(a debuff caster and weapon master infantry or heavy hitters will one-round it).”

          You say that about almost everything, so while it might be true, I’m starting to ignore this statement. Of course it’s a risk, but now I’m getting obstinate.
          I’m looking forward to playing it (if that’s ever going to happen), but moreso to painting it. It is a beautiful model!

          • Everything IS killed by charging weapon masters with a bit of backup. That’s why I hate expensive models, and the Archangel is really expensive.

            Every time I see a Colossal on the board I go ‘thanks for the basket of eggs mate

            I think it needs a list built around the way it plays, but in the meantime you fell for my cunning trap! Now you have to write about it when you do field it, or nothing will be valid! Caught with your hands in your pants!

          • I think Abby big problem is the rising amount of upkeep hate PP has handed out in the past…

            Not that I minded the bit of vitriol in the stats section, but I do agree with Hjelmen that with title isn’t something you would associate with a little bit of a rant.

            Anyway, I managed to get some sleep and calm down too…

            So here’s my new verdict, until I can manage to get my hands on a NQ copy and we get a clear answer if having a non-arc weapon makes any difference to sweep power attacks…

            If the AA could manage a MAT6 POW14 180° tresher, I would buy it… not that it wouldn’t emphasis the fact that PP dropped the ball when it comes to the animus.

            So far it looks like a fun model to me… it looks great for sure. It may work with a limited amount of warlocks, but I wouldn’t say that it neither increases the viability of those warlocks by more than a small amount, nor does it hurt them.

            If you like one of those few, play them a lot and either don’t mind spending 130bucks on a fun model or have the painting skills and ambition to make it a showpiece of your collection, buy it….

            If you can’t spend that amount of cash without a blink, fear your paint-job isn’t good enough for the model and prefer those warlocks, that get spanked by the Garg/Col movement restrictions, it is not a good buy.

            What I still don’t get after those 8h of sleep is the animus… it just makes not sense…

            It doesn’t saves you from getting charged by (low-armor) infantry like the Stormwall or Conquest gun abilities. It doesn’t cleans model jamming you and since it is both reactive and a self animus, it emphasises the AA fury problems.

            Sure, it is a hell of a fluffy animus… big great dragon beast, surrounded by heat that builds up if you stay too long in his vicinity. But could have pulled of the same fluff theme with a active (still self) animus… like emulating the “set everything on fire” spell pFeora has.

            It would have still cut down into the amount of boosted shots the AA could deliver each turn and range self would have stopped it from getting cast on each and every legion heavy. But it would have been useful to free him from jamming stuff, still allow the enemy to charge and possibly one-round him, and still be a hell of of a fluff-animus.

  3. I think it needs a list built around the way it plays, but in the meantime you fell for my cunning trap! Now you have to write about it when you do field it, or nothing will be valid! Caught with your hands in your pants!

    Curses! But you know, as well as I, that it’ll take months, so don’t hold your breath ;)

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